How Much Does a Flute Cost? Pricing Guide

A beginner flute will cost you between $140 and $1000, while intermediate (step-up flutes) will cost you $1500-$2500, depending on the model. Professional flutes can cost you $2,500 or more. 

Student Flutes

Student flutes are the cheapest ones you can get. However, just because it’s a student flute doesn’t mean it has to be of poor quality.

A low-quality student flute is as good as none. A good student fluent will carry a price tag of $140, while a higher-end one will cost you around $500. Investing in a good student flute will quickly take you to an intermediate level. 

Intermediate Flutes

Intermediate flutes are made of high-quality materials. These flutes are used by many bands and orchestras. For that, you need a good-quality flute. As a general rule of thumb, expect to pay up to $2,000 for a good quality intermediate flute. 

Professional Flutes

A professional flute is what you’d use if you play the flute for a living. These flutes are designed with the highest quality materials by skilled crafters.

Professional flutes typically cost more than your common flute. They start at $2,500, but of course, there’s a good chance you’ll come across more expensive models.

Factors That Determine the Price of a Flute

There are lots of variables that determine the price of a flute, which include: 

  • Material: Beginner flutes often incorporate silver-plated nickel materials, while higher-end flutes are fully made of silver or even gold.
  • Manufacturer: Branded flutes use higher quality materials, so they tend to cost more than flutes from unknown or copycat brands.
  • Features: Some high-end flutes have nice features like open holes, a split e-mechanism, a C# trill key, and a Low B-foot, which is one of the many reasons why professional players prefer them.
  • Case: The case of a flute can cost $40-$300. The higher the quality of the case, the higher the overall cost of the flute will be.
  • Condition: New flutes sell for higher prices than used ones. A used but well-cared-for flute will also cost you more than one that requires maintenance.
  • After Sales Service: Some manufacturers offer warranties with their flutes that grant free maintenance and repairs.

How Long Does a Flute Last?

A flute should last you anywhere from 4 years up to 15 years depending on its quality and how well you take care of it. Your usage patterns will affect its lifespan as well. This is why a case and proper maintenance are crucial for good longevity.

Can You Learn the Flute by Yourself?

You can definitely learn how to play the flute by yourself. It’s one of the easiest musical instruments to learn for beginners. However, you might consider taking some classes if you want to boost your skills to an intermediate or professional level. 


If you’re a beginner, going with a student flute would be a good starting point. However, I wouldn’t recommend crossing the 3-figure mark when it comes to student flutes. If you’ve already learned the basics of the flute and got sufficient experience to move to the next level, you should expect an upgrade to cost you upwards of $1500.

Nevertheless, you can get a flute no matter what your budget is. What’s important here is to get a model that suits your current skills and future learning goals.

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