Can You Buy One AirPod? (Everything You Need To Know)

AirPods have quickly become a favorite among tech consumers since it was released in 2016. With no wires and a sleek design, they can be easy to lose. You can, however, purchase just one AirPod in case you lose one.

These small earbuds are a new type of product for Apple, and they have completely changed the way that people listen to music. Let’s talk more about it.

Where to Buy Left or Right AirPod

The best place to buy a left or right AirPod is from the official Apple Store. They offer both online and in-store pickup, so you can receive your Airpod promptly. Buying from the official Apple Store will ensure that you’re getting a genuine product and not a knock-off.

The price of a Single AirPod

A single AirPod starts from the price of $69 in the Apple Store. The price may differ if you’re buying it from a third-party retailer, but I recommend that you buy it from the Apple Store to avoid any problems. It also depends on what version you have.

AirPods Warranty

If your AirPods are defective, Apple will either fix or replace them for free within one year after your purchase. All you need to bring with you are the following:

  1. Official receipt/proof of purchase
  2. Charging case
  3. Your purchased item

Note that they will only fix or replace items that are not tampered with or defective due to mishandling. Other than that, missing or abused items will be charged accordingly.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article has helped answer your question. You can purchase just one AirPod if needed but I suggest you do so from their official store. Not only will you be guaranteed to get a genuine product, but you’ll also receive quality service.

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Brian Clark

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