10 of the Best Violin Lessons Websites Online (2024)

Old or young, it’s never too late to start learning how to play an instrument, and when you start looking for a way to learn how to play violin online, you will be flushed with thousands of websites offering you both free and paid ways to learn.

Because of the overwhelming number of classes online, I’ve made this list of best violin lessons online to help you make a choice.

Note: Pricing of these lessons are accurate as of April 22nd, 2022. Please go to the pricing sections of the corresponding websites to get current prices.

1. ViolinLab

Screenshot of violinlab.com

ViolinLab is a website dedicated solely to teaching violin, as the name suggests. On the website itself, you can get more than 550 video lessons ranging from total beginners – people who have never held a violin in their hands before, to advanced lessons for experienced players where you can learn new details and hone your skill some more.

For the website itself, it’s paid membership, with 3 different packages going from a one-month to a one-year subscription. The Basic package is $20/month, you get full unlimited access to the website and all of the lessons. The Premium package is $35/month and has a monthly private lesson with the instructor. The Premium Plus package is $60/month and has a weekly private lesson.

The great thing about this website is that there are no automated renewals, but if you choose to renew your subscription, you will get discounts.

Apart from violin video lessons, you get access to the community forum where you can ask questions and get answers quickly, and you can also purchase Practice and Note Reading courses, which are one-time purchases. Also, they have a YouTube channel on which you can get a taste of what the video lessons look like and get some basic lessons on violin playing.

2. Masterclass

Screenshot of www.masterclass.com

Masterclass is a website that will offer you lessons from A-list masters in their respective fields. For violin classes, they’ve chosen Itzhak Perlman, a world-renowned violinist who has been playing for more than 60 years.

Masterclass lessons are not meant for total beginners and you are expected to know the basics of how to use a violin. These lessons are more for violin players who know the basics of playing the instrument and want to learn some new things and styles.

There are 3 paid subscription plans to choose from. The Individual Plan is $15/month which is billed annually. A Duo Plan, which costs $20/month (annually) for the option to view lessons from 2 devices as well as offline lessons. And the Family Plan which is $23/month (annually), you can connect up to 6 devices, and download and play offline lessons.

You will get 150+ video lessons as well as a workbook and, of course, access to the community hub, where you can exchange experiences with other students in this class. With new lessons being added each month, Masterclass is a good learning platform to consider.

3. Violin masterclass

Screenshot of violinmasterclass.com

Violin masterclass is a website made by famous violin professor Kurt Sassmannshaus that offers you both free and paid lessons and can teach you anything from the most basic stuff to the advanced tips and tricks. What separates this website from other online lessons is the option to have one on one lessons with real-life college teachers from around the world if you need them.

There is, of course, a YouTube channel with free lessons, as well as PDF instructions for independent lessons, but if you want more serious help and tuition, then you can pay for one on one lessons with the previously mentioned professors.

The price for a 45-minute lesson is $70 and you can get lessons from professor Sassmannshaus himself after an audition for a rate of $250. The great thing about live lessons is, of course, the ability of the professor to monitor your progress and correct your mistakes (if you make any) immediately.

4. Online violin education

Screenshot of www.onlineviolineducation.com

Online violin education is run by Heather Broadbent, an American violinist who has 20 years of experience in playing and teaching violin. There are different options on this website, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced player, and special content for anyone according to their skills.

You can find free lessons on her YouTube channel, but if you are serious about learning you can buy access to her own e-books as well as video lessons and even personalized comments from the professor on your technique and playing style with a differently rated one-time payment.

That should help you learn how to play like a pro without paying ridiculous rates to tutors. She has several years of teaching violin courses and is highly praised in professional tutorship ranks.

5. Violin School

Screenshot of www.violinschool.com

Violin School is an online violin course led by Simon Hewitt based in London, UK. They offer different types of courses but since they are in somewhat of a rebuild mode, currently only a beginner’s course is available, and the rest will be online soon enough.

What’s great about this school is that it enables you to start free lessons, with easy and interesting videos, and if you like it and see that you can learn how to play the violin at home, you can buy a full course which includes video lessons, feedback from your teachers, written materials and exercises.

This is a great school for anyone and will definitely help you learn how to become a master at playing the violin.

6. ArtistWorks

Screenshot of artistworks.com

ArtistsWorks is a similar online learning platform to Masterclass. The violin lessons are led by Richard Amoroso who is a former member of the Concerto Soloists and a professional violin player who has performed with the Philadelphia Orchestra since 98′.

With hundreds of classical violin lessons, the platform also offers interactive violin lessons, sheet music, as well as play-along tracks. With a vast repertoire from something as crucial as the fundamentals, to exercises to etudes.

There are 3 paid plans to choose from that stretch on a 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month basis. The 3-month plan costs $105 with which you get unlimited access to lessons, access to the video exchange library, a music theory workshop, and up to 5 video submissions to the instructor.

The 6-month plan costs $179 and boasts 12 video submissions plus 25 backing tracks. And finally, the 12-month plan costs $279 with unlimited submissions, backing tracks, as well as VIP bonus content for a more immersive experience.

7. Violin Inspiration

Screenshot of violinspiration.com

Violin Inspiration is yet another immersive online violin learning platform but this one is targeted specifically for beginners, even more so for adult beginners. With a focus on implementing smart practice strategies, techniques, and other violin-related content.

The website is run by Julia who offers a step-by-step plan for learning the violin. With over 200 video lessons, free downloadable sheet music, and about 50k students, Julia explains many aspects and useful approaches to learning and playing the instrument.

The website offers a free course but also has paid services like bundles, tutorials, e-books, and many other things. You can also enroll in the Academy program, which is a step-by-step system to learning the violin, taught also by Julia.

There are two paid subscription plans for Violin Inspiration, a 3-month, and a 12-month plan. The 3-month plan is $49 which is billed quarterly and the 12-month plan is $37.50 which is billed annually.

8. Violin Lounge

Screenshot of violinlounge.com

ViolinLounge is run by Zlata Brouwer, a professional Czech-Dutch violinist who started her musical journey at the age of 7. She offers very concise and easy-to-follow video lessons that almost anyone can follow and learn quickly.

Again, this platform is structured toward beginner violin players with a free beginner course to get you started and better acquainted with the instrument. But ViolinLounge is not only for lessons, it offers vast knowledge through articles, reviews, and similar points.

It is a worthy consideration to have in mind if you want to make your first steps into the world of the violin. Also, much like Violin Inspiration, there is an Academy program you can join that offers paid lessons, structured towards more advanced players.

9. Fiddlerman

Screenshot of fiddlerman.com

Fiddlerman is a free violin online learning platform that offers decent content, especially since it’s free. The platform features intriguing content, to say the least. With different approaches to learning the instrument like games, videos, various charts, and more.

The great thing about this website is the accessible knowledge for all levels of students, from beginners to intermediate to seasoned violinists. There is also a forum page to exchange thoughts, and ideas, and learn new things from other students.

The only paid aspect of the platform is the shop which offers where you can browse and purchase an instrument of your liking. With advice on how to stay motivated, learn new techniques, and keep things interesting, Fiddlerman has lots of things to offer, all for free!

10. Violin Online

Screenshot of www.violinonline.com

Violin Online is the final entry on this list, and much like the previous one, it is also free! With a more written content focus, the platform offers a decent yet comprehensive source for violin knowledge. If you learn better through reading than watching, this is a good platform to consider.

The good thing about this website is the beginner-friendly approach which I think is great since it’s in written format and a good starting point for most beginners. From the basics of how to hold the instrument to playing chords and learning the techniques.

Violin Online also offers free songs on the platform, lessons, the basics, and classes you can take. Along with a music store, this is a well-thought-out platform that will not break your pockets.

Honorable Mentions

If you wish to learn how to play but don’t like the general idea of paying for some generic course and just watching a bunch of videos or reading loads of books, then you can always turn to online one-on-one lessons. Websites like Udemy, Fiverr or Upwork offer you a service of connecting you with freelancers around the world who give lessons online.

Usually, this means you will browse through available tutors and choose which one you like and agree on live Skype lessons, which are way better than any video you watch because of the feedback. And feedback is crucial if you’re serious about learning how to play properly. So, you can always look at these websites for personalized training by experienced tutors.

Of course, there is always an option of looking into different YouTube lessons, which can give you some basic knowledge, but those are not usually places for serious studying. However, if you lack funds for paying teachers or lessons, you can always rely on the power of the internet to find free lessons and combine them how you like.


There are many ways to learn to play the violin and I have selected just a few that I consider the best. Of course, there are many other online courses and you can find anything you like if you search for it long enough. But the main thing is you can easily learn how to play the violin by taking online courses and lessons.

Whether you buy e-books and materials, watch online lesson videos, or engage in one on one lessons with tutors online, you are guaranteed to learn how to play this magnificent instrument if you just put enough practice into it and listen to the advice you are given by your instructors.

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