The 7 Best Tin Whistles Available To Buy Online (2023)

The tin whistle is a beautiful instrument that offers a distinctive tone. It’s easy to pick up the basics. In this article, we show you 7 of the best ones that you can buy online.

If you like Celtic music, search no more. A tin whistle (also known as a penny whistle) is definitely something you should try. Its simple design guarantees pretty quick learning, even if you don’t have any experience playing music.

If you learn to master the tin whistle, you can really play some fantastic music. Check out this old video below by Mary Bergin from RTE, Ireland’s main TV network.

Our Pick of Top 7 Tin Whistles

1. Clarke Whistle (CWD)
Editor's Choice - One of the most popular whistles. In the Key of D (The most common tuning)
2. Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle
Super affordable and decent quality. In the Key of D - Great for Beginners
3. Cocobolo Penny Whistle in Key of D
High quality professional grade instrument – Made by Erik the Flutemaker
4. Feadog Pro Tin Whistle in Black
Good quality and warm tone from a renowned Irish manufacturer
5. Waltons Irish Tin Whistle CD Pack
Complete starter pack, perfect for beginners
6. Clarke SBDC Pennywhistle
Well designed whistle In the Key of D - Unique tone
7. Generation Nickel High D Whistle
Bright toned whistle made of nickel

1. Clarke CWD Celtic Tin Whistle, Key of D

This Clarke CWD Tin Whistle is a very popular tin whistle and definitely a very good one. It offers plenty of quality for the price. In terms of base design characteristics, this is a pretty common penny whistle, which comes in the most common tuning, the key of D.

It comes with its own fingering, as well as with five traditional Celtic tunes. Another great thing about this tin whistle is that it comes with a beautiful green gift box decorated with gorgeous Celtic patterns. The product is made in England.

2. Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle

If you’re looking for a nice budget option, the Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle is the one for you. Although an affordable price is definitely its strongest point, this tin whistle actually offers pretty good quality too.

A nice look and decent sound is a combination that ensured very good customer ratings. It is a pretty common whistle which, due to its affordable price, looks like a natural choice for beginners.

Not only do you get a decent instrument, but the instruction booklet is included as well. The Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle could also be a nice addition for all those woodwind players who want to expand their sound.

3. Cocobolo Penny Whistle in Key of D

Some of you are probably skilled flute players or professional musicians who play numerous woodwind instruments. If you belong to this group, expanding the range of instruments you play is a natural thing.

Still, you would prefer a professional, high-quality piece of gear, which is appropriate for studio recordings, live performances, etc. The Cocobolo Penny Whistle is the right choice for you.

This one is a handcrafted tin whistle, which is made of exotic cocobolo wood, used for all kinds of woodwind instruments like clarinets, flutes, oboes, etc. This wood guarantees warm but also smooth tones, versatile enough to be used for various kinds of music genres.

It is tuned in D but can also be played in E, G, and B major. To ensure long-term use, it features a mouthpiece made from quality ABS plastics. Besides the instrument, the product includes a nice handmade bag and written lessons.

4. Feadog Pro Tin Whistle

For full four decades, Feadog has been producing tin whistles. This is a renowned Irish manufacturer, which sells its products around the world. This particular tin whistle is one of its most popular products and for a good reason.

This instrument offers great value for the price. It is made from nickel, which is a little bit thicker than usual, making this whistle heavier than most similar products.

Such design definitely leaves an impression of good quality and also provides a very rich and mellow tone, perfect for emotional Celtic tunes. The whistle comes in a nice little package box, which also includes an instruction booklet with explanations of basic techniques and several easy tunes to start with.

5. Waltons Irish Tin Whistle CD Pack

The tin whistle is generally very easy to play. However, if you are a complete newcomer to music, there is no better thing than a good instruction video.

Waltons definitely had this in mind, so it offers a nice package, which doesn’t include just a decent-quality whistle, but also an instruction booklet and CD. On the disc, you won’t just find just basic playing instructions but also a complete breakdown of 27 popular Celtic and international tunes, which are easy to play and perfect for beginners to start with.

Speaking of the instrument itself, you can count on a pretty satisfying quality. The whistle comes in the most common tuning, in the key of D major, and delivers a nice mellow tone, perfect for traditional Irish music but also versatile enough for other kinds of musical genres.

6. Clarke SBDC Pennywhistle

Here is yet another affordable but well-designed tin whistle on the list. The strongest point of this whistle is its well-designed mouthpiece. A wooden fipple definitely has a positive effect on the sound, which is a little bit more flute-like.

It is rich, transparent, clean, and warm – a combination suitable for various kinds of genres, not just for Celtic music. The rest of the instrument is made of tin. The whistle comes in the key of D. A common tuning in combination with the manufacturer’s reputation guarantees customers’ satisfaction.

After all, you can find hundreds of positive reviews on the network. The only disadvantage is the fact that this whistle is a little bit more complicated to play, so I wouldn’t recommend it to you if you are an absolute beginner.

7. Generation Nickel High D Whistle

The Generation Nickel High D Whistle is another very affordable tin whistle that looks like a perfect choice for newcomers, as well as a perfect St. Patrick’s Day gift. Despite the cheap price, you can count on pretty good quality.

The whistle is made of nickel, which may not be everyone’s cup of tea due to its mellow and super-bright tone. On the other side, if you like such tonal characteristics, this is the product for you.

The whistle is simple and pretty comfortable to play. A nice plastic mouthpiece makes the playing even more convenient. The product is made in England and is becoming more and more popular these days.

How to Play the Tin Whistle

The Tin Whistle is an easy instrument to learn. However, like any instrument, it requires some practice. Check out this great video to learn the basics!

Which Tin Whistle to Choose?

As you can see, the market is full of tin whistles, and such a wide choice could be confusing if you are a beginner. My advice would be to go for an affordable one for starters, a package which, besides the instrument, includes some kind of instructional video, either on paper or on a CD, which would make the learning easier.

Then, if you want to play it long-term, you could invest in a better one. However, if you have the budget right away to invest in a more expensive one, then it would be worth doing.

If you do already play another instrument, such as a flute or any other woodwind instrument, this is a perfect way to get some new tones and expand your playing. A tin whistle could be a perfect gift as well, for either the winter holidays or St. Patrick’s Day.

One of the best things about these instruments is the price. A decent-quality tin whistle is often very cheap. Of course, you can find professional instruments as well, which would cost you hundreds of dollars.

A tin whistle is actually nothing more than a type of fiddle flute, so it likely originates from ancient bone flutes and similar kinds of instruments. A modern tin whistle dates from the 1800s.

The first factory-made instruments were produced by Robert Clarke. Another common name for these instruments is a penny whistle. The reason probably sits in the fact that the usual price for the instrument at that time was one penny. Others would say that’s because a tin whistle was predominately used by children and street musicians.


That’s our round-up of the best tin whistles that you can buy online. The tin whistle is a very rewarding instrument to play. You can very quickly get going and start playing some beautiful songs. To get started, make sure to check out some great instructional videos online, or if you’re lucky, there might be a tin whistle teacher in your local area!

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