The 7 Best Radio Headphones (FM/AM) (2022)

Radio headsets eliminate the hassle of setting up wires and cables, they’re comfortable to wear, and they’re incredibly portable.

Some of them also function as hearing protection radio headphones, which make them great for construction work and DIY. Also, anyone that wants to listen to the radio without having to pair up their headphones with a phone or another device will love these.

Some of these essential characteristics and features include the headset’s design, FM/AM compatibility, hearing protection, comfort level, weight, and battery life.

The 7 Best Radio Headphones (FM/AM)

1. 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector With Audio Assist Technology (AM/FM)
Editor's Choice - Great quality, very good hearing protection, trusted brand
2. Retekess TR101 Headphones (FM radio)
A stylish, versatile, and very comfortable headset
3. COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones
Bluetooth Headphones - Listen to the Radio through your phone or other bluetooth compatible device
5. Walkers Radio Muff with Digital Display (AM/FM)
Digital, High-quality sound, and excellent hearing protection
6. Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital Radio Earmuff (AM/FM)
High visibility safety, comfortable, and heavy-duty headset

1. 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector With Audio Assist Technology (AM/FM)

Let us start with a high-quality, excellent performance radio headset: this 3M WorkTunes headset provides a 24 dB noise reduction. It also features excellent radio performance for both AM and FM that enhances your listening experience with the option of bass boost.

Furthermore, audio assistive technology has a separate set of advantages. These benefits include setup and operational guidance without taking it off and programming 50 FM and AM radio stations. Plus, it gives you a low battery notification. The auto scanning feature quickly identifies and saves stations that you like best.

To make this headset operational and easily usable, you can plug it into your mobile gadget and enjoy any entertainment you want. The controls are straightforward to use, and navigation is a breeze. Plus, you can also use it while wearing gloves!

2. Retekess TR101 Headphones (FM radio)

This stylish pair of radio headset is battery-powered, extremely comfortable, and all-black for added aesthetics! It has ten station-presets that you can go through and store five favorite ones manually. The 0 to 9 keys on the side of your headset allow quick selection of the storage station.

Other essential features of the radio headset include mono or stereo selection, 15 levels of volume control, and a favorite button that helps you set a particular listening frequency. Once you “favorite” a frequency, you can listen to it by pressing the M1 button.

This headset also supports an external Aux cable that will help you use it as a computer headset. Plus, you can manually search as well as store radio stations.

3. COWIN E7 Active Noise Canceling Headphones

These are Bluetooth headphones, and not FM or AM receiving headphones, but we’ve added them to this list as they could be very useful for people to listen to the radio using a phone or other Bluetooth compatible device.

Cowin’s noise-canceling, Bluetooth headphones come in seven different color shades, all of which are equally stunning with comfortable protein earpads. These are ideal for traveling, busy offices, heavy traffic, and noisy cabins. You can enjoy the noise cancellation feature with both wireless and wired modes.

Moreover, these Bluetooth headphones have 30 hours of playtime on a full charge at Bluetooth mode, with a built-in 600 mAh battery. Plus, you also get an 18-month warranty with this purchase. The headset features 90° swiveling earcups for maximum customization and comfort. The built-in high-quality microphone allows hands-free calls and is a cherry on top!

4. PROTEAR Digital Radio Headphones (AM/FM)

With its electronic ear protection and comfortable design, this digital radio headphone is a perfect hearing protector for landscaping and lawn mowing. It has 25 decibels noise reduction rate, which effectively lowers noise input into your ears and protects you from hazardous sound levels. The comfortable ear cushions and wide headband provide a soft-touch feeling that allows for a more extended period of use.

What’s more! These headphones come in four different color options and are conveniently lightweight. Also, they feature digital radio tuning and an LCD for maximum usability. You can quickly scan through stations and adjust the volume using a knob.

5. Walkers Radio Muff with Digital Display (AM/FM)

Apart from the built-in radio, hearing protection, and channel memory function, you get eight preset channels on this radio headset. It features a unique digital display screen that allows you to monitor the battery life and offers an MP3 input jack.

Furthermore, the headset also features a frequency scanning and an auto search function with a built-in antenna. This antenna has a high reception sensitivity that gives you better connections, high-quality sound, and excellent performance.

The headband is wide and comes with soft padding for maximum comfort and convenience. The headset also has a noise-reduction rating of 25 decibels and does its job well! The overall design of this headset is black and high-quality with two alkaline AAA batteries.

6. Howard Leight by Honeywell Sync Hi-Visibility Digital Radio Earmuff (AM/FM)

With its plastic and sponge construction, this headset provides strength, durability, and comfort. It features a digital AM/FM tuning with an LCD that allows easy auto-search for stations and clear radio reception. It comes with a volume memory and ten preset stations so you can easily choose the right frequencies for when you’re at work.

The high-visibility bright green and reflective exterior is a safety feature, especially important for outdoor workers or those who like to stay out at night or in low light conditions. The ear cups have airflow control technology that lowers the sound without magnifying the headset to increase its weight. As a result, the headset stays lightweight, and the padded headband gives maximum comfort.

The ear cushions are of the snap-in kind. They allow easy and quick replacement and require little maintenance. The headset includes two AA batteries, a 3.5-millimeter aux input Jack, and a connection cable for MP3 players and mobile devices.

7. WorkTunes Connect + Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology (AM/FM)

Another 3M WorkTunes headset joins this list. Its Bluetooth-compatible technology and efficient noise reduction rating of 24 decibels makes it worth every penny. The headset has a compact design, which is easy to store and carry. It offers smooth entertainment through Bluetooth connectivity from your smartphones or any other gadget.

The speakers are high fidelity, and they provide good-quality premium sound while maintaining comfort on the ears. You can also attend and make phone calls through the integrated microphone on your headset. Additionally, it does not require you to remove the protective headgear while doing so. Plus, the best boost option offers exceptional listening, and the AM/FM radio comes with clear sound.


Radio headsets have their pros and cons, but the benefits they give outweigh any drawbacks whatsoever. With the tens and hundreds of different market options, choosing the best one can sometimes be challenging, especially if you don’t know much about these technologically advanced products.

Hopefully, now that you have thoroughly read this article and gone through the seven best options on the market, choosing the best radio headphones should be a bit easier!

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