The 6 Best Music Genre Finder Websites (2024)

This article includes some of the best websites to help you figure out the genre of songs. You can look up artists and tracks and figure out what genres they suit best.

However, these are not fully accurate, so we’ve also included two interactive genre finders to help you pin down subgenres and understand them a little bit better.

1. Chosic

Go to website: Chosic

The first website on our list is Chosic, which allows users to find genres based on songs and artists. All you need to do is enter the name of the song or its music artist in the search bar and hit “Enter.” The website will display the genres and tags of the song/artist on popular music platforms like Spotify.

If you are searching for a specific song, the website will also analyze several relevant factors like popularity, happiness, danceability, and energy in the song for you. Moreover, the website is quite simple to navigate!


Go to website: allows you to search for artists on their website to find their genres.

However, this website is not just a genre-finding platform. Each genre has a separate category, and you can also listen to songs directly on the website.

3. Discogs

Go to website: Discogs

Discogs allows you to find genres by searching for artists and their music albums.

If you want to explore a genre, simply press on the Explore option on the top and select the genre you want to explore. The site will display all the information you need to know about that genre, including its description, top-selling albums, and best artists.

It’s also possible to visualize the popularity of specific genres over the years.

4. Beatport

Go to website: Beatport

This website allows users to explore the genres listed on it. Beatport mainly lists genres related to electronic music, so if this type of music just isn’t your thing, you can jump to the next website we have mentioned below.

When you select a particular genre in Beatport, you can view the featured tracks, latest releases, charts, and staff picks.

5. Music Gateway

Go to website: Music Gateway

Music Gateway is a very interesting site that provides an interactive genre map for the users to find their required genre.

The map is available in the form of circles. Once you press on the circle of your genre of choice, you will be presented with more relevant options. This allows the users to narrow down their search and get the exact results they’re looking for.

However, this website is not a free platform. You have to subscribe in order to use it, but it’s worth mentioning that Music Gateway offers a 14-day free trial.

6. Every Noise

Go to website: Every Noise

Like Music Gateway, Every Noise also offers an interesting genre map to help its users find their required genre in an entertaining way.

It is also one of the few sites that present countless genres to music lovers. Once you press on the genre, your screen will display a wide range of songs falling within the genre. Selecting a song will direct you to Spotify, where you will be able to listen to it without any interruption.


This brings us to the end of our guide on the 6 best music genre finder websites. We hope that at least one of these websites will help you find the genre you are looking for. If you have questions regarding the websites, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.

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