The 5 Best Melodicas for Beginners (2023)

The melodica is a fun and easy instrument to play that can blend nicely with other instruments.

Melodicas tend to be quite affordable instruments and they share characteristics with both keyboards and other wind instruments. The skills learned by playing the melodica are very transferable to other instruments.

My top pick as the best melodica is the Hohner Performer 37 Key Melodica, while my pick as the best budget melodica is this CAHAYA Melodica.

Melodicas are great for both adults and kids to play. When getting one for kids, it’s better to get a smaller-sized one, such as the one I suggest in this list.

The 5 Best Melodicas for Beginners (2023)

1. Hohner Performer 37 Key Melodica
Our Top Pick - Great quality melodica from a well-known brand
2. CAHAYA Melodica (32 Keys)
Budget Pick - A decent quality melodica that won't break the bank!
4. Yamaha Pianica, 37-note Melodica (P37D)
A high-quality melodica from Yamaha (with hard-case included).
5. Hohner Kids Airboard Melodica
A kid's melodica with color-coded keys and songbook

1. Hohner Performer 37 Key Melodica – Black

Compare Prices: Thomann (Europe) | Amazon

Hohner are a well-respected brand for accordions, harmonicas, and recorders. They also make great-quality melodicas.

With the Hohner Performer 37-Key Melodica, you can combine chords with single notes between F below middle C to upper F.

It spans three octaves, and it is an excellent choice for both professional and novice players which is the main reason for its popularity.

It comes with bronze reeds and it includes an extension hose and mouthpiece within the package.

To hear it in action, you should watch the video above.

2. CAHAYA Melodica (32 Keys)

View Price: Amazon

If you want to get a decent quality melodica that won’t break the bank, then this CAHAYA melodica is worth considering.

If you’re looking for a melodica that sounds pretty decent without having to spend too much money, then this is an option that’s worth checking out. This one is a 32 key model, but they also sell a separate 37 Key model. Both models are also very affordable, though if you want to go for a bit of extra range, then it’s certainly worth going for the larger melodica.

This melodica also comes with all necessary accessories, and it comes with a nice little carry case for easy portability.

3. Suzuki M-37C

View Price: Amazon

This is a high-quality melodica, made by Suzuki. It definitely has a better sound than many of the other budget models that you’ll find online. It’s made from very good materials with bronze reeds and aluminum covers.

It’s a very good option for practicing, recording, and live performance, which makes this a very versatile instrument. It comes with multiple mouthpieces, and you also get a nice little gig bag for portability. The gig bag is also of very decent quality and looks great too.

4. Yamaha Pianica, 37-note Melodica (P37D)

View Price: Amazon

Yamaha one of the most respected brands of keyboard manufacturers and they also have a range of great-quality melodicas.

The one that I am recommending here is a 37-key melodica, which is in the maroon color, but they also have a few other options available, including ones with 25 keys, 32 keys, and a bunch of different 37 key melodicas in different colors.

Of course, when you’re paying for a musical instrument from a brand like Yamaha, it’s often not going to be as cheap as the budget manufacturers, but you’re getting great quality from this one, so it’s one to consider.

This melodica also comes with a sturdy plastic hard case, which is a more heavy-duty option than many of the other soft cases that often come with melodicas.

5. Hohner Kids Airboard Melodica

View Price: Amazon

This is a beautiful melodica designed for kids. It looks great and also sounds nice too. The keys are color-coded, and it comes with an included songbook. That allows the kids to learn how to play songs quite quickly and easily.

This one is 25 keys and it is smaller than all of the other options on this list, which makes it easier for kids to hold and play. It’s designed for kids over the age of five, and it also includes a really nice soft case to transport and store the melodica without it being damaged.

This one comes from a great melodica brand. It’s definitely worth considering if you want to buy a melodica for kids.


Melodica are exceptionally fun and rewarding instruments to play. It doesn’t take a lot to get started playing them and they are and easy to bring around. If you’re not sure which one to get, then I would highly recommend the Hohner Performer 37 Key Melodica. However, all of the other melodicas on this list are certainly worth considering.

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