The 9 Best Kalimba Sheet Music/Tabs Websites (2024)

There are many great resources for Kalimba tabs and sheet music online. Some of the best websites for kalimba tabs are Kalimbist, Easykalimbatabs, Kalimbasheetmusic, and a few more.

Finding a decent website with kalimba sheet music and tabs can be tricky, as the quality of them vary quite a lot.

This article includes some of the best sources for kalimba tabs and sheet music.


Screenshot of is a great resource for lettered and numbered kalimba sheet music. You can search for tabs by artist, genre, song title, or year. 

Alternatively, you can check out the website’s automatically-generated lists like “Trending”, “Top”, and “Recent” tabs. The website also lists the newest kalimba tabs right on the homepage.

2. Kalimbist

Screenshot of isn’t just a library of kalimba tabs; it’s also a tool that you can use to create your very own kalimba tabs for free. 

By clicking the sheets tab, you can search for kalimba sheet music and even apply filters to refine your research.

The website has a player and a composer for kalimba sheet music. It also features a how-to guide for navigating and using the website’s features.

3. Easykalimbatabs is specifically intended for beginners who want to get access to easy kalimba tabs. 

The website is pretty straightforward to use; just visit the homepage, type in your query in the search box, and you’ll be presented with a list of the best matches. You can also check some recommended chords, tabs, and notes.

4. Musicnotes

Screenshot of

While isn’t dedicated to kalimba tabs exclusively, it can be a good resource for kalimba sheet music when you check out the “Kalimba Tree” library on the website. 

Once you open the “Kalimba Tree” page, you’ll be introduced to the most popular Kalimba Tree tabs. If you want to check out more tabs, simply click on the “Browse All Kalimba Tree Sheet Music” button.

5. Kalimbasheetmusic is yet another online library for sheet music and kalimba tabs. On the homepage, you’ll find some of the latest and most popular kalimba tabs and sheet music on the website. 

You can also search for the tabs you want by clicking on the small magnifying glass icon at the top right corner.

6. free-scores

Screenshot of

To find kalimba sheet music on, click on the “Digital Sheet Music” tab and add “Kalimba” to the filters. You’ll be presented with all the kalimba tabs on the website. 

However, all of the tabs on the website come at a small fee. 


Screenshot of is an online music sheet library that has a wide range of tabs for kalimba and other instruments. You can easily find sheet music for kalimba by typing “kalimba” into the search box. 

8. mymusicsheet

Screenshot of

One of the features that make stand out from the crowd is its “Top 50” weekly chart that lists down some of the best tabs that you can purchase. 

However, to find sheet music specifically for kalimba, you need to use the website’s search function. Just type “Kalimba” and tab on “Sheet” from the filters to browse all the available kalimba sheet music pieces. 

However, keep in mind that this website charges a small fee for every download. 

9. kalimbalullaby

Screenshot of lists the recently added kalimba tabs right on the homepage so you can easily follow up on the latest additions to the library. Alternatively, you can click on “All the Tabs” to browse the entire library or use the search function to find something more specific. 

How to Read Kalimba Tabs

There are multiple ways to interpret a kalimba tab, which include:

  • Standard Kalimba Tabs. This is one of the easiest ways to read kalimba tabs. It consists of vertical bars that represent each of the lines on the Kalimba. The reading direction is from bottom to top.
  • Kalimba Numbered Notation. The numbered notation encompasses a numbering system for every single line on the kalimba, where the lyrics are lined up with the numbers. This makes reading the kalimba tab more straightforward.
  • Kalimba Letter Notation. Reading kalimba tabs using the kalimba letter notation works pretty similar to the numbering system. The fundamental difference is that letters are lined up with the lyrics instead of numbers.

What Is the Best Way to Read Kalimba Tabs?

Standard Kalimba Tabs are the best way to go because it clearly shows which line should be played.

It’s particularly helpful for beginners who are just starting with kalimba tabs. Although, the numbered and lettered notations are not that hard to read as well. While the standard is considered the easiest, some might find that one of the others better suits their preference.

What Do Chords Look Like on a Kalimba Tab?

Before attempting to read a kalimba tab, you need to make sure that you know what chords look like on them. 

For a standard kalimba tab, a chord is represented by multiple dots on the same row. In the case of a number notation kalimba, the chord is visualized as multiple numbers in brackets, connected using dashes or numbers stacked on top of each other.

As for letter notation kalimbas, the chord looks like that in a numbered notation tab, except that letters are used instead of numbers.


Kalimba tabs are very similar to guitar tabs and piano sheet music because they all use a set of symbols to represent the notes and chords. The main difference is that kalimba tabs don’t usually include rhythm notation, which emphasizes understanding how long each note should be played.

Although experienced kalimba players might not need these tabs, beginners can greatly benefit from them. Kalimba tabs are also very common on the internet, so you’ll find what you’re looking for with just a simple search.

With these 9 resources in mind, you should be able to navigate through the world of kalimba tabs with much ease. Now all you have to do is practice!

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