The 5 Best Guitar Wall Hangers (2022)

Guitar wall hangers not only look great, but they can also help protect your guitar from being knocked over!

Standard guitar wall hangers also tend to work great for a variety of instruments, including electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, and ukulele.

Let’s take a look at some of the best wall hangers available.

The 5 Best Guitar Wall Hangers of 2022

1. String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder
Editor's Choice - Very popular, easy to attach, sturdy
2. Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Holder Stand
Affordable Option - Simple but good quality guitar mount
4. Ohuhu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger
Well-padded mount with a good grip
5. The Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger
A great-looking wall hanger with space for accessories

1. Our Top Pick – String Swing CC01K-BW Guitar Hanger and Guitar Wall Mount Bracket Holder

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This String Swing wall hanger is our top pick. It’s a very popular option that looks great, is very reliable, and works exactly as it should.

It’s nicely adjustable, and there is plenty of support for different types of guitars due to the shape and adjustability of the yoke.

The hanger has padding that protects the guitar from scratches, and the shape of the yoke helps keep the guitar firmly in place to prevent any slipping or accidental falls.

The hanger ships with simple instructions, making it easier to assemble the product on the wall. Once the hanger is assembled and attached, the design fits into any room’s interior.

Overall, this wall hanger is one of the most secure options available. It has good functionality, is convenient to use, and has a robust finish.

2. Budget Pick – Guitar Wall Mount Hanger Holder Stand

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This guitar wall mount by WOGOD has a simplistic look. It ships with guitar picks and a pick holder keychain, which makes it stand out when compared to other products.

The cradle is rotatable, making it possible to attach guitars of non-symmetrical headstock shapes. The guitar fits nicely into the cradle, and the soft padding helps protect the guitar from damage.

The mount has to be installed using 4 screws, which gives it a decent amount of sturdiness. The minimal and modern design makes the guitar mount look great on the wall.

The metal base of this wall mount provides great stability at an affordable price.

In summary, the product is easy to mount and works well. It’s reliable and straightforward to install.

3. String Swing SW5RL-B-K Guitar Keeper Bundle

View Price: Amazon

This 5-piece hanger set by String Swing is ideal for people with multiple guitars. The mounts on the hanger are safe to use and can support the weight of multiple guitars.

The aluminum-coated finish of the hanger gives a sleek look to the product, and the soft padding prevents your guitar from suffering any damage.

The cradles hold the instruments safely in place, and they’re adjustable so that headstocks of any shape can fit into the hanger.

There is adequate spacing between each hanger, as well as some distance between the hanger and the wall so that the guitars do not collide with each other or the wall.

Overall, this is a reliable guitar wall hanger set that provides a comfortable way to hang multiple guitars.

4. Ohuhu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

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The Ohuhu guitar wall mount is one of the easiest hangers to install. The stopper on the wall mount ensures that your guitar is held firmly in place, while also helping to store instruments of different sizes.

Besides the stopper, there is extra protection to prevent any damage to the finish of the guitar. This is due to the cradle design and padding.

The wall mount is reliable in its use and the overall design of the product looks good hanging on the wall. The hanger ships with the required hardware, and you can install this one pretty quickly.

5. The Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger

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The Bikoney Guitar Wall Hanger is a great-looking wall hanger that can mount your guitar as well as a bunch of other accessories, from picks and capos to picture frames!

This product stands out due to its guitar holder mount, which is different from the other designs on this list.

Overall, this versatile guitar wall hanger has a refreshing look and enough space to add other accessories.

Are Wall Hangers Bad for Guitars?

No, wall hangers are safe to use, and they do not cause much damage to the guitar neck. 

Wall hangers are a good option if you have pets, kids or are just worried about the space a guitar takes up on the floor.

Most wall hangers are made of good quality materials that are not harmful to the guitar.

Tips for Hanging Your Guitar on a Wall

If you are worried about damaging your guitar on a wall hanger, there are additional steps you can take to protect it.

The most important thing you should do is place your guitar hanger in a place that does not get direct sunlight. An ideal location would also have less humidity and other heat sources such as heaters. This is because temperature changes can lead to some adverse effects on the wood of the guitar.

Another tip is that the right tools should be used when setting up the hanger. The wall hanger should be mounted firmly in place and should be at an angle where it is comfortable to reach and hang the guitar.

Guitar Stands vs Guitar Wall Hangers

Both guitar stands and guitar wall hangers look good, but depending on your requirements, you can decide which is a better option for you.

Guitar stands are a good idea for those who have a room where they keep their guitars or plenty of space in their living areas.

Guitar wall hangers are ideal for those who want more space in their living areas and do not want to risk running into their guitars or tripping over them when they are placed on stands.

How To Mount Your Guitar on the Wall Sideways

There are specially designed mounts that let you hang your guitars horizontally. These mounts are similarly attached to the wall to vertical mounts and are secure in their place.

The benefit of having a sideways mount is that it can give a “floating” effect, as they can hide the hooks of the wall hanger.


There are a wide variety of guitar wall hangers available online, and thankfully, they tend to be pretty affordable.

Whether you’re looking for a simple wall hanger or something for your entire guitar collection, there should be something that suits your needs on this list.

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