The 7 Best Guitar Stools for Posture and Comfort (2021)

Guitar stools are often mistakenly seen as an afterthought. However, they can be essential as they can prevent some serious ergonomic and back issues that can come with guitar playing.

Whether it’s about live performances, studio work or simple practice, these stools are far more comfortable and suitable compared to regular chairs. The playing position feels more natural (unless you’re a classical guitar player) and also allows a lot of movement.

This is something we all need when we are caught by those specific moments when the music we play doesn’t move our fingers only, but the rest of the body as well.

Finally, most musicians like to change their position several times during a playing session. These stools ensure pretty smooth transitions between positions.

Therefore, we’ve picked some of the best guitar stools you can find on the market these days.

The 7 Best Guitar Stools – Our Round-Up

1. Torin TRP6185 Swivel Shop Guitar Stool
Simple, affordable and durable
2. Gibraltar 9608MB Cordura Stool
Amazing level of versatility and even better build quality (Designed for drummers, but popular with guitar players too).
3. Rockville RDS40
Solid and durable, perfect for heavier players
4. Pyle Music Stool PKST70
Plenty of adjustability options come along with portable design
5. Stagg GIST-300
Simple, well-built, stable and affordable
6. Audio2000’s AST4201
One of the most versatile guitar stools around
7. Proline 24 Inch Faux Leather Guitar Stool
Bar stool layout with the impressive build quality

1. Torin TRP6185 Swivel Shop Guitar Stool

View Price: Amazon

Sometimes, things don’t need to be so complicated and, more importantly, so expensive. So, instead of an expensive hi-quality stool, many guitar players prefer something more affordable.

If you play mostly on your feet and you practice short rests only, then you don’t necessarily need some spectacular ergonomics. Instead, something that looks like a typical bar stool might be a great solution as well.

If that’s you’re looking for, this is the perfect choice for you. This stool is affordable, but also solid as a rock.

Moreover, this stool swivels full 360 degrees, while the overall stability and durability are pretty good as well. You shouldn’t ask for more at this price range.

2. Gibraltar 9608MB Cordura

View Price: Amazon

Although primarily designed for drums, this stool is very popular among guitar players as well. The reasons are numerous, but mostly go to superior comfort this product offers.

The bike-like designed seat is large and will be comfortable for everyone, while a backrest is solid and durable. The seat and backrest materials are very nice, while the whole construction is nicely put together.

It comes with a three-leg design, which ensures excellent stability. Still, the best thing about this stool is that it allows plenty of movement and adjustability.

On one side, swiveling is something you will definitely appreciate, as well as the fact that you can lock it. On the other, height adjustability ensures excellent ergonomics, no matter how tall you are.

All this comes at a reasonable price, so it’s no wonder that we consider this is definitely one of the best guitar stools you can find on the market.

3. Rockville RDS40

This stool offers excellent comfort and plenty of adjustability options.

This is a professional-grade product, which offers excellent quality. It is solid as a rock, so max capacity goes up to 300 pounds.

Besides excellent characteristics in terms of comfort, this stool is height-adjustable, so you can easily find your perfect position.

Furthermore, it folds super-easily and doesn’t take much space at all, which makes it perfect for those who are on a constant move. It is one of the most versatile stools you can find on the market, that suits many different types of musicians.

4. Pyle Music Stool PKST70

This is another stool that can be packed and stored in a matter of seconds.

Its portable-friendly design isn’t the only strong point. We also like the fact that this is one of the most-adjustable units on the list. Besides typical seat height adjustability, this stool also features an adjustable backrest, which can be removed as well.

The seat is soft and comfortable, though its rectangular shape may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Other than that, there is no room for complaints.

5. Stagg GIST-300

Guitar players are pretty familiar with this company, which is mostly known for affordable, but well-build products.

This stool is no exception, but you don’t need to read the brand’s name before you realize that this is a pretty affordable product. This is a simple unit, designed in a typical bar stool manner.

However, there is one small thing that helps this product stand out, as it makes it practically a 2-in-1 unit. It also works well as a guitar stand. So, while you’re taking a break, your guitar can comfortably rest on this chair with no worries.

Other than that, things are pretty typical. The overall quality is pretty good, and the stool is a good option at a pretty affordable price.

6. Audio2000’s AST4201

It may not be the highest-reputable name around, but this company brings an impressive product that deserves to be on our list.

It is one of the most versatile stools around, strong in pretty much every aspect.

This guitar stool is height adjustable. It also features a backrest, footrest, foam padded seat, and backrest, so it’s hard to ask for more. There are five height positions of the seat, while the footrest can be adjusted as well.

Finally, the stool packs pretty easily and becomes perfect for storage and travels. A highly recommended product!

7. Proline 24 Inch Faux Leather Guitar Stool

For those who rather choose something simple, here is another great choice. For a typical bar stool design, it may seem a little bit expensive, but it delivers plenty of quality in return.

This particularly refers to super-durable construction, while the stability is excellent as well.

The stool is also very comfortable, thanks to a soft and well-made seat of suede leather. Of course, you may also count on a 360-degree swiveling, which ensures all the freedom of movements you need. You should check this one out.

Why Get a Guitar Stool?

We’ve already mentioned the health benefits of using a guitar stool and only that is enough reason to get one.

Thanks to back and feet resting, your playing sessions will last much longer, not to mention that playing position is actually very comfortable.

Also, many of these stools are foldable and portable, so you can always take it with you and enjoy your perfect ergonomics. Finally, price tags of these units go in a pretty wide range, so you can easily find the one that fits your budget.

Should I use a Guitar Foot Stool?

A guitar foot stool is another common tool among guitar players, especially among classical guitarists.

Still, many electric guitar players use it as well, as it allows even better reach on fretboard and actually has a highly positive impact on player’s back and posture.

These are not expensive tools, so you should definitely try one of them.

Can Playing a Guitar Cause Back Pain?

Yes, definitely. Although there are some general rules about playing posture, but most guitarists do not stick to them!

Lower back, upper back, shoulders and neck are some of the common pain areas and which one will hurt most in your case depends on your specific posture, and that is a pretty individual thing.

You may count on back pain if you play in standing position as well. In this case, the most critical area is the lower back.

That’s a typical consequence of hours of standing and a piece of wood that can weigh more than 10 pounds will only make things worse.

Why is Playing Guitar Standing Up Harder?

Many players play better while seating than in standing position and things are pretty simple here. First of all, the fretboard visibility is much better in a seating position.

Also, most players keep guitar strap loosen for too much, which in practice means they aren’t able to reach frets and strings they are usually able in seating position.

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