The 5 Best DIY Guitar Kits (2023)

Looking for a guitar kit that is affordable and worth the effort? We’ve put together a list of kits with various guitar styles and materials, including some great-value options.

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The 5 Best DIY Guitar Kits of 2023

1. Our Top Pick - BexGears DIY Electric Guitar Kit
Editor's Choice - A very popular strat style guitar kit (Okoume wood body)
3. LEO JAYMZ Electric Guitar Kits
Mahogany body and neck (other guitar designs available from the seller)
4. Penau DIY Ukulele Kit
A ukulele guitar kit

1. Our Top Pick – BexGears DIY Electric Guitar Kit

View Price: Amazon

This BexGears DIY Electric Guitar Kit is a really popular guitar kit that has surprisingly good parts for its price.

The components come neatly organized in separate packs so you do not have to search for the right screws from the same bag, making it easier to assemble.

The Okoume wood body has a natural finish. This makes it easier to polish or paint the surface as per the users’ preference. The body, neck, and fingerboard are easy to assemble without any wear or tear.

The instructions can be accessed through a PDF file that the seller sends after a purchase is made, which also helps make assembling the components easier.

We selected this kit as our top pick as it comes with all the necessary parts, provides good value for the cost, and can be painted to customize it further.

Of course, don’t expect the kit to be perfect, particularly in this price range. You could definitely replace the strings and tuners and possibly the pickups further down the line if you want to get a really decent sound.

2. Bad Cat Instruments Electric Guitar Builder Kit

View Price: Amazon

This is another very decent guitar kit. All the hardware you would require is included in the kit, and the maple neck provides a firm grip. The kit is pre-drilled, making assembly of the guitar components easier. The instructions provided also help to save time during assembly.

Once assembled, the sound is raw and punchy, and you can expect a solid and comfortable guitar surface for playing.

In summary, this is a guitar kit that is easy to put together and has fantastic value.

3. LEO JAYMZ Electric Guitar Kits

View Price: Amazon

This is also a Stratocaster style design, similar to the first two options on this list. However, LEO JAYMZ also sells kits for a bunch of different guitar styles, so be sure to check those out too.

All the necessary parts are included in the kit, including a mahogany body, maple neck, 3 single-coil pickups, and all other essential components.

The unfinished wood may require sanding or finish coating, but gives you endless options of how you want your guitar to look.

Overall, this is a good DIY set that would be very enjoyable to put together and play.

4. Penau DIY Ukulele Kit

View Price: Amazon

The Penau DIY Ukulele Kit is a great way to learn about how ukuleles are made. A few different components are required to make a ukulele, but they are all included in this kit.

The ukulele not only gives off a decent sound but can also be painted on since the wood is unfinished.

Instructions are included with the kit that makes assembly of the ukulele easier. As the kit can be customized and painted, it could make for a very personalized gift.

In summary, this is a fantastic kit that makes a fun instrument to play with.

5. BexGears DIY Electric Guitar Kit

View Price: Amazon

This is a good one if you’re looking for a Les Paul guitar design. The finish of the body is also natural and it is easy to design and paint anything on it.

The quality of the components provided is good for a first-time guitar kit, and if you are not satisfied, they can easily be replaced with better electric parts later on.

Overall, this kit comes with all the components you would need to set up a good quality guitar. It is fun to set up all the parts together and makes for a good learning experience.

Are Guitar Kits Any Good?

Most guitar kits include basic components and you will end up with a budget guitar when you are finished, but they are great as a starting point to learn how to build a guitar.

Parts like the tuners and strings will be the first items that you will probably want to replace.

Is It Cheaper To Build Your Own Guitar?

As there are a variety of kits available online, whether or not it’s cheaper to build your guitar varies according to the type of guitar you want and the sort of kit you get.

If a kit requires a lot of tools, it will take more time to build the guitar and it will probably cost more too.

Overall, the best results will come from a kit that will save you time and let you build a good-sounding guitar.

How Long Does It Take To Build Your Own Guitar?

Most guitar kits can be assembled within a few hours. The kits always include instructions to help you with the process and make it easy to fix the different parts together. You can also watch video tutorials on how to build the guitar to save more time.

Considerations When Buying a DIY Guitar Kit

Setting up a DIY guitar kit requires patience. It’s best to opt for it if you are someone who likes to customize guitars and figure out how things work. The result of kits is usually something that you can not find in a store, making it a unique experience.

DIY guitar kits are a good option for those who are attempting to build their first guitar. If you already have experience, you can consider handpicking the parts and components for a more personalized result instead of buying a guitar kit.


Guitar kits are a great way for music enthusiasts to learn about assembling different parts of a guitar. The products mentioned in this article are some of the best kits currently available. We hope you find one that suits your needs!

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