What Is ‘Feat.’ in Music?

‘Feat.’ or ‘ft.’ is an abbreviation for the term ‘featuring’. It essentially means that the song includes a short or guest appearance from another musician.

Initially, guest appearances on songs from other musicians went un-credited. A major example of this is Eric Clapton’s guitar performance in the Beatles song ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps.’

However, over time, this convention has changed, and guest appearances have become a fully credited part of the music industry.

In contemporary music, one of the most common sights in music video and song titles is the use of the ‘feat.’ or ‘ft.’ This term is usually used after the name of the main artist or band and before the name of the supporting artist or band.

Featured artists are particularly common in rap music. However, this phenomenon transcends genres and can also be found in rock, electronic, and pop music.

Vocalists are the most common type of musician who feature on other artists’ songs.

However, it is also common to have instrumentalists act as featured musicians, such as drummers, piano players, and guitar players.

Examples of Songs with Featured Artists

There are several songs that make use of the ‘feat.’ term in the title of the song. These include:

• Endless Love — Lionel Richie, feat. Diana Ross
• Love the Way You Lie – by Eminem, feat. Rihanna
• Crazy in Love – by Beyoncé, feat. Jay-Z
• Under Pressure — Queen, feat. David Bowie
• Empire State of Mind – by Jay-Z, feat. Alicia Keys
• Interstate 80 – by Tom Morello, feat. Slash

Feat. vs. And

The use of the term ‘and’ indicates that both artists appear on the record, and also played a substantial part in the creation of the song. Essentially, they function as co-producers, co-performers, or co-songwriters.

They can often seem to be interchangeable terms but they certainly have a different meaning.

The use of the term ‘feat.’ indicates a guest appearance. The first mentioned artist is the one who the song is mainly attributed to.

For example:

The song ‘Lean On’:
by Major Lazer AND DJ Snake

The song Lean On was created by 2 acts and features the singer MØ.


Feat is used to attribute a featured or guest artist on a record. The term ‘And’ is used where multiple artists or acts made significant contributions as well as appearances on the record.

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