What Genre is 1975?

The 1975 are classified within the electropop, funk rock, synth-pop, and Indie-pop genres. They are a popular English band but also well known all over the world with people who particularly enjoy this type of music. While you may not hear their songs on popular radio stations, the group has a very dedicated fan following that fills the stadiums every time they play a show.

It is difficult to classify 1975 into a single genre because they have a wide variety of music ranging from slower songs to electronic music, fast-paced pop songs, and even instrumentals. If one has to categorize the group, 1975, they would best fall under all 4 of the above-mentioned genres – Electropop, Funk rock, Synth pop, or Indie pop. 


Electropop is the combination of different genres, specifically electronic and pop. This music has a very upbeat pop flavor as it adds the electric feel. Love Me is a song by 1975 that perfectly fits into this category. This song has a very futuristic guitar sound that is a hallmark of the electropop genre as the song has an electric beat and is catchy enough. 

Funk Rock

Just like electropop, funk rock is the fusion of two separate genres, which as you can probably guess, are funk and rock. Funk rock tends to have a definitive bass and drum beat alongside electric guitars. The bass and drums tend to follow more of a funk style while the guitar can go down either the funk or rock route. Their song Love It If We Made It fits under this category with its slow and funky drum beat paired with a lead electric guitar sound.


Synth-pop is categorized by the main instrument – the synthesizer. The songs are catchy as well as easy to sing along to which is where the pop element of synth-pop comes into play. From their most recent album Notes On A Conditional Form, the band relies more on the synth-pop sound. Their song If You’re Too Shy Let Me Know starts with just the synthesizer before slowly building up with drums and guitar as it gradually embraces the more traditional and well-loved pop sound. The synth can be heard throughout the background of the entire song.

Indie Pop

Indie pop is the best all-around description of the music played by The 1975. As the group has evolved and experimented with other genres, their most consistent sound continues to be Indie pop.

Indie pop is the perfect in-between of slower Indie music and fast-paced, catchy pop beats. Indie pop tends to be less ‘aggressive’ than Indie rock, bringing more melodious tunes to the table. The 1975’s first albums had more Indie pop elements before they began incorporating electronic sound into their music.


If you were only going to categorize The 1975 into one genre, we’d have to say Indie pop, but they’re so much more than that as the group has evolved over time and experimented with electronic sound. If you’re a fan of catchy and fun yet creative music, The 1975 might just be the band for you. To top it all, their powerful music singing brings focus on the importance of climate change!

Featured Image by: Jasminewallis24, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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