The Easiest Ways to Make a Lyric Video (2024)

The easiest way to make a lyric video is to use an online video editor. These tools typically have a range of templates and effects that you can use to create a professional-looking lyric video with minimal effort.

There are many online video editors and tools that help you with creating lyric videos, and some of the most popular ones for creating lyric videos include Videobolt, Canva, and Animoto.

While there are many differences between these tools, they all work on the same principle and have pretty much the same workflow. Things like cost, ease of use, available graphics, and animation templates built into the tool will help you determine which one to go for.

Videobolt vs. Canva vs. Animoto

Although there are many more online video editors and tools that can help you create your lyric video, I find these three to be the easiest to use, and you can create many different styles just by using their built-in templates and animations.


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Videobolt has one of the best templates for both lyric videos and audio visualizers, and the best part is that you can combine them. Even though there aren’t as many graphics and animations available on the platform, compared to Canva, the templates are easy to use and of high quality.

The editor itself is pretty simple and it works just as normal NLE software would. The only thing I wish they would add is an audio waveform, which helps tremendously when you’re editing the animations.

There is a trial version of Videobolt, where you can test out the different features they have, and decide whether or not you want to create your lyric video there. Even though all plans on Videobolt have commercial licenses, I wouldn’t recommend the lite plan, as it only exports 720p, with a maximum frame rate of 24fps.


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Canva is an amazing design tool, used by many designers for online promotion. But what many don’t know is that Canva has a pretty solid video editor built-in which can help create these types of videos.

Where Canva shines, compared to other online video editors is that they have a plethora of stock images, videos, and graphics that you can use to create your lyric video. The editor itself, while not very intuitive, does make up for the fact that you can use a lot of their stock assets.

Canva also has a free plan which is pretty good and not that limiting, but if you want to get the best experience you need to upgrade to the pro plan, which unlocks a lot of stock videos and animations to help you create your lyric video.


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Animoto also has a free version, and even though it’s watermarked, it’s a great option to be able to test the capabilities of the tool and figure out if it is well suited for your project. I added Animoto to the list as it’s really easy to use and does have a lot of templates available.

It is also one of the more affordable online video editors, but it’s lacking quite a lot of features compared to other online tools. The reason why it’s on the list is that it’s very simple to use, and also you can try it out for free without any limitations besides the watermark.

Animoto has an annual and monthly subscription as well as three separate plans including the Basic, Professional, and Professional Plus. All plans include exporting in HD 1080p which is great. Other differences include the number of tools, fonts, etc.

Steps And Workflow With Online Video Editors

  1. Choose a template. There are many lyric video-specific templates available in almost all online video editors. The animation and effects in these templates frequently serve to bring the lyrics to life. Pick a template that complements the tone and subject matter of your song.
  2. Add your lyrics. After choosing a template, you can begin including your lyrics in the video. The simple text editor used in the majority of online video editors lets you change the lyrics’ font, size, and color. Adding effects like fade-ins and fade-outs will also help you produce a dynamic visual experience.
  3. Upload the music for your video. Most online video editors let you select the music for the lyric video’s background track. If you want to create a lyric video for your own music, you can upload your track into the tool and start editing the lyrics on that track.
  4. Customize your video. After including your lyrics and music, you can make your lyric video even more unique by using additional video effects, transitions, and images. You can enhance your video using a variety of pre-designed features available in many online video editors, including overlays, backdrops, and animations.
  5. Preview and publish. Make sure everything looks and sounds the way you want it to before publishing your lyric video by previewing it first. When you are happy with the outcome, you can upload your lyric video directly to the website of your choice, like YouTube or Vimeo, or download the video file and upload it separately.

Tips To Help You Create A Lyric Video

There are a few additional tips you can follow to make the process of creating a lyric video even easier and make sure it looks as professional as it can be.

  • Keep it simple. It can be tempting to add a lot of effects and animations to your lyric video, but it’s important to keep things simple and avoid overcrowding the screen. Too many elements can distract from the lyrics and make it difficult to follow along.
  • Use high-quality graphics. Make sure your lyric video’s graphics and images are of high quality and adhere to the theme of your song. The overall look and feel of your video can be ruined by graphics that are poorly designed or have low resolution.
  • Experiment with different fonts and styles. The font you choose for your lyrics can significantly affect the look and feel of your video. Try out various fonts and styles to see which best suits your lyrics and the overall theme of your song.
  • Incorporate your brand. Consider including your brand in the lyric video you are making for a band or artist. This could be as simple as adding your logo or using your brand colors in the design of the video.

Reasons to make a Lyric Video instead of a Music Video

Lyric videos are becoming a norm in today’s music society and there are several compelling reasons why a lyric video trumps a music video. This includes price difference, practicality, and social media targeting.

  1. Price. The price difference is huge when you consider that lyric videos can cost $0 and music videos can get fairly expensive. If you’re going for a professional music video then the price difference is humongous.
  2. Practicality. Lyric videos are practical not only because of the price difference but also because of the making process. Anyone can make a lyric video from home using their PC with the array of third-party tools available.
  3. Social Media Targeting. Since social media plays a huge role in today’s success, capitalizing on short attention spans with short previews of lyric videos is a great promotional tactic. While not everyone will stay to watch a music video cutout, most will read the lyrics even for a few seconds.


Using an online video editor is generally the simplest method for creating lyric videos. You can easily make lyric videos that look professional by using these tools, which provide a variety of templates, effects, and customization options. You can make a lyric video that is true to the theme of your song and visually appealing by using these suggestions, high-quality graphics, and music.

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