DJ Software that Works with Apple Music (2024)

There is not much software for DJing with Apple Music due to compatibility, reliability, and legal issues. MegaSeg is the most popular and the best option for now. Other popular programs like Serato DJ software and Traktor by Native Instruments are expected to support Apple Music in the near future.

Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming services today, which can be a great source to help you progress with your techniques and skills as a DJ. As one of the fastest-growing streaming platforms, Apple Music is a great source. 

There is not much software compatible with Apple Music, and the legal issues are making the situation even more complicated. But, that can hopefully change soon, as even today, there are some basic ways to use Apple Music for DJing.

Important note: We are not lawyers and this article should not be treated as legal advice with regard to music copyright. Make sure you have a thorough understanding of music copyright and DJ licencing in your country.


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MegaSeg of Fidelity Media is the best and most popular option compatible with Apple Music today, as it can sync up with your iTunes app and let you use some DJing features on your tracks. The features include incorporating looks, pitch bends, and key locks.

The software follows a workaround of Apple’s Digital Rights Management (DRM) system, which legally makes it available to use tracks from Apple Music for DJing.

The software can not directly stream music from Apple Music but can play songs imported from the source. So, you will have to download your setlist and get your tracks ready before starting DJing. You should download the tracks to your computer, laptop, or any device and select them in the MegaSeg software.

There are many restrictions, such as that the software can not play 2 tracks from Apple Music at the same time for transitioning between them. Only one deck can control one track from the Apple Music source.

The restrictions are due to the DRM of Apple, which is the issue behind the fact that the only DJing software that works with Apple Music is the MegaSeg. But, Apple and other DJing software are working on the problem to find a solution for making the Apple Music library available for DJing. So, things may change soon. We will have to wait and see.

For now, MegaSeg is the only choice for DJing with Apple Music, and in my opinion, it does a decent job, especially for entry-level DJs.

Unfortunately, you can not use Apple Music with major DJing software like Serato DJ Software or Traktor by Native Instruments. There are speculations that there will be a solution to use Apple Music with these programs soon. However, nothing is certain, and a date is not published.

Although there are illegal ways to get tracks from Apple Music to use them with Serato or Traktor, this is not recommended as it can create a massive problem with Apple.

Apple has a strict DRM (Digital Rights Management) system, which allows you to listen to and start DJing in your home with the songs you paid for. But, it does not allow you to rip tracks from Apple Music or upload or create CDs with them. It also does not allow the use of tracks for commercial purposes.

This means you can not download tracks from Apple Music and DJ with them or simply play them if you are getting paid for it (commercial purposes). While you can play music from Apple Music to a crowd for recreational purposes, if it is a professional project that you are getting paid for, it breaks Apple’s terms and conditions.

I would recommend you to play it safe and not use Apple Music as a source for professional DJing purposes. However, listening to music in your home with some friends or using Apple Music to practice DJing at home using the solution above will probably be ok.


Like most popular music streaming services, Apple Music also has a strict DRM system, making it hard to use songs from Apple Music with third-party DJing software. For now, MegaSeg offers some basic DJing features with Apple Music, which is the best choice you can go for.

However, using other illegal methods to play music or DJ with Apple Music tracks for commercial purposes is certainly not recommended.

Things may change in the near future, as Apple and famous software like Serato DJ Software and Traktor by Native Instruments are working on these procedures and legal agreements. We will have to be patient, and see what the future brings.

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