The 4 Best Wireless Tour Guide Systems of (2023)

Wireless tour guide system plays a major role in communicating with people for tours, conferences, and church services. Such systems don’t have messy cables or wires and are generally simple to operate.

If you’re looking for a good-quality wireless tour guide system my top pick is the Retekess T130 99 Channel Tour Guide System, but be sure to keep reading in order to check out my other recommendations below.

The 4 Best Wireless Tour Guide Systems of (2023)

1. Retekess T130 99 Channel Tour Guide System Wireless
Our Top Pick - Low power consuming LCF, stable signal transmission, ability to take input from various electronic devices, has a translation system
2. EXMAX ATG-100T 195-230MHz Wireless
Pro Option - Simultaneous operation of 4 groups, avoids automatic frequencies interference, long-lasting battery, ear-hook microphone for hands-free operation.
3. Anleon 902mhz-927mhz Tour Guide Wireless
Very good solution, low power consumption, greater range coverage, high play time.
4. EXMAX 60-108MHz Portable DSP Stereo Wireles
Large LCD, audio signal clarity, uses digital signal processing technology

1. Retekess T130 99 Channel Tour

Retekess T130 99 Channel Tour is a sleek and modern, small, light-weighted device that comes with a low power consumption LCD display. The use of PLL Technology ensures stable signal resulting in high performance against preventing fires, in high temperatures or against fall. It can be taken on any trip as it has a long lasting battery of 600 mAh that can last for 18 hours after recharging it completely.

In the 196ft distance, a transmitter can transmit to many receivers. On purchasing the product, you will get 1 transmitter and 10 receivers. At a time, 99 groups can operate at a single place simultaneously.

By connecting the transmitter’s mic input port to a laptop, phone or Mp3, the sound can be transmitted. A consistent wireless signal ensures complete clarity. It has an earpiece and lanyard for convenience and safety respectively.

For people with hearing disability, the interpretation system can be used in a Church. Besides this, the translation system is helpful for the Spanish interpretation. Other places where it can be used include school, courtroom, conference, factory tour, auditorium, etc.

2. EXMAX ATG-100T Wireless Tour

EXMAX ATG-100T Tour Guide supports is lightweight and thus can be carried anywhere easily. Signal transmission is possible within 50-60m and 99 frequency channels between 164-197ft. It implies that at a time 40 groups can operate simultaneously through the 99 select IDs.

You can speak through the microphone at the transmission end and at the receiving end, the person can hear through the earphones. It ensures clarity of the transmitted voice. It is possible to connect many receivers to a transmitter in the same frequency. The system comes with 2 transmitters and 30 receivers.

The system has been devised to avoid the automatic interference of different frequencies, thus ensuring complete clarity of information that is being transmitted. Its battery lasts for about 18 hours. The aluminum charge case of the device provides protection against fire as well as ensures its durability.

Guides, as well as groups, can be highly advantageous from this product. A lanyard provided with it helps you to carry it around your neck and prevents any chances of losing it.  Complete sanitation is ensured through the ear hook microphone which you do not need to put in your ears as it can be clipped on and operated hands-free. This enables you to clearly describe something and thus present it properly.

It has a wide variety of uses such as in a wireless meeting, wireless teaching, simultaneous interpretation, use during a tour to a factory,  or a field, corporate hospitality, conferences, audiovisual lab, Church events, etc.

3. Anleon 902mhz-927mhz Tour Guide Wireless

Anleon 902mhz-927mhz portable system is quite easy to handle and can accomplish professional functionalities, thus providing the best audio solutions in case of visitor guidance, during conferences as well as while assistive listening. The product comes with one transmitter and 5 receivers.

This low power consumption device can support a playtime of over 24 hours. Since it functions in the 902-927 MHz ISM band, user licensing is not needed. You should not expect an automatic audio translation while using the system because of which a human language interpreter is necessary.

A presenter can transfer an audio message using the radio microphone transmitter to the audience who will be able to hear it through the lightweight receivers. In an operating range(which is 100m), a number of receivers can be used with a single transmitter. The device makes use of PLL frequency synthesis technique for transmitting the signals uninterruptedly.

You can select 6 channels in the UHF frequency range. It is possible to know the frequency, channel, battery and level status through the LCD screen provided with the transmitter as well as the receivers. Earphones are also provided for convenience.

The system can be ideally used in guided tours such as to the zoos,  factories, museums, Cruise Ships and Buses, Employee and dealer training, etc.  It can also be used for assistive learning in educational institutions, conventions, government agencies, seminars, training, etc. Similarly, for language interpretation in courtrooms, conferences, lanyard, medical facilities, training of employees and dealers, etc. the system is useful.

4. EXMAX 60-108MHz Portable DSP Stereo Wireless

EXMAX 60-108MHz tour guide system is sleek, light-weight, and small in size that comes with a Stereo and Mono audio output. It transmits a stable digital signal and audio which has very good clarity. This easy-to-carry portable device has a fairly large LCD screen which can be operated with ease.

The AUX line-in and the microphone loudness can be adjusted as per the requirement.  It ensures a better listening environment and comes with an earphone.  It has a professional standard since its noise is less than 60 dB. Its frequency adjustment between 60dB to 108 dB enables transmission through the complete FM band.

You can pair the device with numerous receivers when there is more than one Tour Guide in an area.  If the area is open, without any obstacles, the signal can be transmitted to a distance of 80m.

You can use it for transmitting music from any electronic device such as phone, computer, CD player or MP3; also use it for voice broadcasting for different purposes such as training, teaching, speech, during travel, etc.

The device works on the digital signal processing technology for wireless radio at an FM frequency of 60-108MHz but it doesn’t support AM. Here, you get the option to store 5 different stations manually.

There are no chances of operating it accidentally as there is a lock switch. For safety purpose, it comes with a lanyard that can be used for suspending it around the neck, so that you won’t lose it. It can be used during trips to Theme Parks, Hotels and Resorts, Corporate meetings, Training and seminars, Conventions,  Tourist attraction spots, zoos, etc.


This was my pick of some of the best wireless tour guide systems that you can find online. Such devices ensure that you stay connected for a longer time within a certain distance as they have a fairly good battery life. The voice clarity is also ensured so that there is no information that goes unheard.

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