The Best USB Condenser Mics for Sound Quality and Price (2022)

USB condenser microphones are a great way to get quality audio recordings and streams without investing in very expensive gear and audio interfaces.

Condenser microphones differ from dynamic mics by their construction, as condenser mics are more gentle in capturing sound, especially higher sounds, so they are perfect for studio recording and voice recordings in general in a quiet environment, but for a loud output like drums and live performance dynamic microphones are much better.

Condenser microphones were quite expensive over the years, but with technology development, they, like all the other music stuff, got quite inexpensive. Of course, if you want topquality you still have to pay, but in today’s market, you can find rather good microphones with decent sound for relatively small amount of money. If you need them for some everyday work or just for hobby reasons, then you can get them really cheap.

Because there is a lot of options on the market, we made this list of best condenser mics with USB. This type of mics is getting more and more popular because of their convenience in use as well as their quality, meaning you can get the sound you want easily.

Our pick of Best 5 USB Condenser Mics!

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone
Editor's Choice - Very popular and high quality microphone
2. Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone
Great Affordable Mic For Everyday Use
3. Neewer USB Microphone
With suspension arm and pop filter - Decent quality mic for the price
Affordable Quality Mic For Voice Recording - With suspension arm and pop filter
5. Rode NT-USB Versatile Studio-Quality
Very decent quality mic from the great brand

1. Blue Yeti USB Microphone

View Price: Amazon

We’re moving into the more expensive and more higher quality mics with our next mic on the list, Blue Yeti is a USB condenser microphone that comes in a variety of colors, together with a stand and detachable USB cable.

It features mute button, volume and gain knobs, and a pattern knob, as well as USB and phone jacks on the bottom. Phones jack is really handy as it gives you real-life feedback from your mic, without the inevitable delay that occurs when you use your headphones through your PC.

Sound-wise, this microphone has 4 different setups on which it can collect sound – omnidirectional, bidirectional, stereo and cardioid. This is possible because it features three condenser capsules inside, allowing it to capture everything around it.

Whether you want to record just yourself, interview, or ambient sounds, you can easily change the pattern ad record anything you need with this mic. It’s made on plug and play system, so there is no need for additional drivers or software.

This is a great mid-range microphone, that will help you get your professional things done if you don’t have too high needs and will also cover you over anything if you’re just an amateur.

2. Fifine K669B

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon | Guitar Center

Fifine K669B is a real champion of the lower categories, and for a good reason. This microphone is cheap but has the quality of much more expensive microphones. It has simplistic design and you can get it in several different colors.

In the package, you will get a microphone itself with an undetachable USB cord and a tripod on which you can place it. The mic has only gained (“volume”) knob on itself, and no mute button, but you can just turn the gain knob all the way down with the same effect.

It works by simply jacking it into the computer as it has all the drivers put on the mic and there is no need for any additional installing or software.

Even though this isn’t professional microphone, if you’re looking for a reliable, cheap, quality microphone for some everyday work or as a back-up mic to be used together with some better ones, this here is really a no-brainer. 

3. Neewer NW-7000

View Price: Amazon

Another competitor in the lightweight category, Neewer NW-7000 isn’t holding up any punches. The beautiful mic that comes in several colors, together with scissor arm holder, 3 ft USB detachable cable and pop screen, which is great for removing all those popping sounds some people make when speaking into a microphone.

This mic is ready to play as you jack it in your computer, both on Mac and Windows, and no drivers are needed to be installed. The scissor arm stand is a great addition also. It has clamp tightener to hold it all down and it gives you the ability to easily maneuver and move the mic around.

Sound-wise, this mic will give you everything you need for your everyday microphone – it’s not really high-end mic for professional studio use as the main mic, but for everyday use at home or as a fill-in mic in a studio it will do it a job just fine. Also, the fact that it’s cheap makes it really an easy buy, because even if it doesn’t fit you, it’s so cheap it doesn’t really matter.


View Price: Amazon

MAONO AU-A04 is a mic specifically made with YouTubers and podcast hosts in mind and it does its job perfectly. In the package you will get a mic, 10ft USB detachable cord, scissor arm stand with clamps, pop filter and foam cover for the microphone itself.

The great thing about the accessories is that it comes with the shock absorber, meaning that you can move about the microphone unnoticed, and even if you hit it inadvertently it won’t be heard in your recording.

The sound on this mic is really, really good, and you can set it up to also look professional, with the arm being mobile and allowing you to move everything easily.

The great thing about this mic is a sound chipset, which produces 192KHz/24bit sound. It also condenses the sound it records automatically but it’s also very loud if you put it without any software condensation and regulation.

This is a great mic for anyone looking to have a mid-range price, high-quality mic for voice recording inhome or studio.

5. Rode NT-USB

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

From a famous company comes another great microphone. RODE NT microphone is a high-end USB microphone constructed for studio and home use. As such, it is much more sensitive than the previous microphones on this list, so you should probably know what you’re doing when setting up your recording session.

In the packaging, you get a microphone, 6-meter USB cable, pop filter, carrying bag and a tripod stand. On a mic, which has sturdy metal-built body there are two knobs, which change the amount of the sound source and headphones volume. It’s a bit lame there is no mute button or a gain knob, but you will live without them.

Sound on this microphone is really delicate and it’s obvious this mic was intended for usage in a studio setting, which is soundproofed. This is a great mic, with high-end quality sound recording and you should treat it as such.


We hope we helped you make a decision and pick the right microphone for yourself with this list. There are a lot of microphones out there, and a lot of the great ones too, so it can be a bit hard choosing the right mic for your needs.

From pro to amateur, you can find anything you might possibly need on this list, from studio use to home recording or just using for chatting online with your friends.

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