20 of the Best Songs in Drop B Tuning

Drop B tuning is an alternate guitar tuning that is similar to Drop D which means that the guitar is tuned down. Usually, you will find Drop B in heavy metal and hard rock genres due to its lower range of tones. Drop B is B Gb B E Ab Db.

Mostly responsible for powerful-sounding heavy metal and hard rock songs, Drop B tuning is well-known by all guitarists. Drop B tuning, however, is more than just a simple transposition of the guitar strings from standard tuning. It is more than just an octave lower.

The basics of Drop B include all of that, but it also changes the guitar’s tone and improves string tension, allowing for a tighter feel with more definition and punch.

Without further ado, let’s go ahead with the list of some of the best songs in Drop B tuning.

1. Skillet – Whispers In The Dark

What a way to start the list; the always powerful and fun Skillet with their song “Whispers In The Dark”. The song was released in 2006 and features some pounding drums and a beat that will get everyone to their feet, especially during the chorus when John Cooper “Whispers In The Dark”.

Whispers In The Dark is from Skillet’s album Comatose and is a good example for Drop B Tuning. It’s a very commonly used drop tuning, especially in this genre of music.

2. Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company

Coming in at #2 is Five Finger Death Punch. Their song “Bad Company” was released in 2010 as a cover from the popular original version. Five Finger Death Punch incredulously used Drop B, making it even harder than the original. That makes this song a prime example of Drop B.

The song “Bad Company” is about a soldier fighting in the Vietnam War. The thoughts, as expressed through his conscience, haunt him with each day that passes. This concept fits perfectly into the metalcore genre.

3. Asking Alexandria – Moving On

Another Drop B guitar tuning specimen. Asking Alexandria’s song “Moving On” was released in 2014 as the first single from their album From Death To Destiny. The song’s incredible Drop B tuning makes us want to shred. It’s hard not to feel hyped when listening to the song.

The song features both clean and screaming vocals. The main riff is the perfect example of a “kill-switch” riff which made it popular among guitar players.

4. Linkin Park – Don’t Stay

The legendary Linkin Park joins the ranks on this list. Their song “Don’t Stay” was released in 2003. It’s the third track on their album ‘Meteora’.

This song is about a breakup where the people involved fail to understand that they are better apart for now, but will eventually see it that way in time.

The band’s signature sound along with Drop B tuning is a formula that works well with this song. The lead single from the album has been performed on many shows and was a staple of their live performances.

5. Slipknot – Before I Forget

Going forward with something a bit more powerful. Slipknot’s song “Before I Forget” was released in 2005 as a single for the album “Vol.3: (The Subliminal Verses)”, and later appeared as a playable track in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock.

The guitar tuning may be hard to hear in this situation but is definitely in Drop B guitar tuning. The song is simply played with many hammer-ons, pull-offs, and chords. However, certain guitar parts are played on a seven-string guitar.

6. Parkway Drive – Wild Eyes

Coming in at #6 is my favorite on the list. Parkway Drive’s song “Wild Eyes” was released in 2012. That song is excellent, the shrieking vocalist does a fantastic job with the words and the music video is fantastic as well.

Right off the bat, the guitar solo is simply amazing. The riffs are always difficult to follow and there is a ton of emotion in the song, which makes it one of Parkway Drive’s best songs ever. The Drop B tuning seems to serve them well.

7. Five Finger Death Punch – Wrong Side Of Heaven

Another appearance by the ever-great Five Finger Death Punch. Their song “Wrong Side Of Heaven” was released in 2014 as a free download for Call Of Duty: Ghosts. This song is the first track on their album “The Wrong Side of Heaven and The Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1” which was released in 2014 also.

This Drop B sensation is sure to test your guitar abilities. This song includes a nice intro that leads into palm-muted rhythm riffs, tight verse chords, and strum patterns that will make for an interesting experience.

8. Thousand Foot Krutch – We Are

The list just doesn’t let up. Thousand Foot Krutch’s song “We Are” was released in Australia on May 7, 2012. It is one of the songs on their album “Oxygen: Inhale”, released by TFK on April 24, 2012.

The song talks about believing in yourself and your dreams coming true. The Drop B guitar tuning is a good exclamation point on the lyrical content. This is one of those songs where you just want to get up and do something, like go work out.

9. Disturbed – The Vengeful One

Making their debut on the list is Disturbed with their song “The Vengeful One”. The song was released in 2015 on the band’s album Immortalized. Nothing short of powerful, this Drop B tuning song is sure to attract some new listeners while keeping the older fans happy.

The song is a hard-hitting punch of double bass and chunky riffs that will get you jumping. To make it even better, the song’s lyrical content will hit home with metal fans as it tells the story of two brothers who lost their family and seek revenge on the people who committed the crimes.

10. Slipknot – Duality

Another one from Slipknot, this time the ever-popular song “Duality”. The song was released in 2004 and was on their third studio album. This Drop B song is a fan favorite and has always been in their live set.

Surely all of us know this one and it is a great song to listen to and learn. Guitarists will love its heavy riffs and solos while bassists will enjoy the deep growly tone. The song is about someone who feels so lost in their life they feel like two different people, hence the name “Duality”.

11. Papa Roach – Warriors

Papa Roach joins the ranks with an amazing Drop B tuning track. Their song “Warriors” was released in 2015, and was off their album called “F.E.A.R.”

The composition of this song is incredibly well thought out and heard in many of their songs. With a modern feel, the song will be sure to get you moving. The Intro riff is a very common power-chord riff, however, some nice little embellishments make it sound quite unique.

12. Limp Bizkit – The Truth

After halfway through the list Limp Bizkit joins the ranks. Their song “The Truth” was released as a single in 2005 and is a cool-sounding Drop B tuning track.

The song itself is a mix of standard and power chords that is difficult to reproduce at home. It makes for an incredible experience on the guitar. Composition vise, the band has a history of releasing songs that are not easy to replicate, and “The Truth” is another addition to this list.

13. Parkway Drive – The River

Coming in at #12 is my personal favorite on the list and that is Parkway Drive with their song “The River”. The song was released in 2012 as part of their album Atlas.

From the amazing and mellow-sounding intro to the powerful chorus and power-chords, this Drop B track is just amazing. The song is simply Parkway Drive at their best.

The song is the perfect song to showcase some of the lead singers’ lyrics, while also being backed up by incredible instrumentals.

14. Young Guns – Bones

Slowing down a bit with Young Guns and their song “Bones”. The song was released in 2012 as part of their second album also titled Bones. The band accumulated huge success after the release of this Drop B track.

The song is made up of a catchy and groovy chorus that I am sure you will all love. A powerful track that is just simply awesome.

15. Architects – Dead Butterflies

Another one of my favorites on this list is the always-powerful Architects. Their song “Dead Butterflies” was released in early 2021 and just goes to show that the band has no intention of stopping or dialing down.

This Drop B tuning song is a favorite for a lot of artists and covers on YouTube as well, so you can bet it’s going to be a blast to play! With amazing sounds throughout, a huge intro, and beautiful fingerpicking going on within the song, it’s one that will stand out as soon as you hit play.

16. Linkin Park – By Myself

Joining the list for the second time is Linkin Park. Their song “By Myself” was released as a single in 2002. The song’s lyrics have a suicidal theme.

Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington says that the song is about feeling alone, feeling angry at someone or something, and not really understanding why. I think we can all relate to that at some point in time.

This Drop B classic is something that should be considered for any Rock Band library.

17. Red – Pieces

Red is an incredibly underestimated band that uses Drop B to its finest. Their song “Pieces” was released in 2006 and has a great mix of both singing and screaming involved.

The song is easy to play on an electric guitar and the best part about it, there are no weird effects involved. A simple and amazing song that certainly conveys emotions through listening.

18. Machine Head – Halo

Coming up towards the end Machine Head makes an entrance with the song “Halo”. The song was released in 2007.

For some, it may sound like nu-metal but for Machine Head fans it’s just their idea of how to deal with things especially after the death of one of their close friends. The lyrics are inspired by the same topic and just make for an incredibly powerful Drop B experience.

19. TOOL – Parabola

No list is complete without the great TOOL. Their song “Parabola” was released in 2002 as part of their album Lateralus. What is there to say about this band but that they’re utterly unique and brilliant in every way?

This Drop B track is deserving of its place on this list, to say the least. The sheer energy of this song and the power of the riffs just can’t be ignored. TOOL continues to be one of the greatest bands to exist in my eyes.

20. Chevelle – Send The Pain Below

To close off this list we have Chevelle with their song “Send The Pain Below”. The song was released in 2003 and was on their album Wonder What’s Next. It’s necessary to close this list with something a bit more mellow.

The song is a good example of Drop B tuning. The intro riff is the thing that makes this song recognizable. It’s a simple yet effective riff. The song was responsible for the band’s incredible success.


Drop B guitar tuning is a very important part of the musical community. It’s been used by countless bands and it continues to be a favorite for many musicians around the world.

Drop B isn’t something easy to master but once you do, it’ll stick with you forever. Being able to play Drop B songs is a great way of showing that you play the guitar and it makes for a great addition to any Rock Band library.

All the songs on this list are incredible in their own right. I recommend every one of them for different reasons. They all have their unique qualities which make them worth playing on Rock Band.

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