The Top 12 Best Record Player Stands (2024)

A quality record player stand should look great, function well as a turntable holder, and perfectly accommodate your vinyl records. Luckily, the market is filled with suitable options that check all the boxes.

Finding a record player stand that meets all of those requirements while also suiting your room’s aesthetic can be quite a task. That’s why I’ve put together this list of some of the best record player stands.

1. Ameriwood Home Lumina Turntable Stand

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A sturdy and good quality turntable stand by Ameriwood.

The Ameriwood Turntable Stand looks great and has been embedded with a glass shelf and metal legs to provide a distinct look. The stand has LED lighting, which adds to its attractiveness. It is the ideal size for storing your record player, and the metal record dividers have enough space to fit up to 80+ vinyl records.

This stand can be a chic addition to your living space decor. The two racks provide adequate storage while maintaining a minimalistic and modern design.

2. LumiWood Record Player Stand

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A stand with a unique look and strong build.

The LumiWood handmade stand has a contemporary feel to it. The stand displays record players and vinyl albums in an elegant way wherever it's placed.

This stand is made of ash wood, giving it a unique look. It’s also practical, as it can store several vinyl records. The hairpin legs do not take up much space, making it ideal for small apartments. The uniquely positioned rack for the vinyl records also adds to the appeal of its minimalistic design.

Image credit: Etsy seller | LumiWood

3. Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

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This Novogratz turntable is affordable and has a sleek design.

The Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand has a durable design and a retro look. It's made out of wood, and the black metal hairpin legs add to its vintage look. The stand is the ideal size for storing record players and organizing around 80+ vinyl records.

Since the exterior is made of wood, it provides more rigidity. The top of the stand has enough space to fit other items in addition to your record player. The drawers can be used to store vinyl records, CDs, or other personal items.

Overall, this is a great turntable stand for those looking for extra storage and durability with a funky, retro design.

4. BnE Studio Record Player Stand

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A well-crafted and robust record player stand.

This stand has a minimalistic design with a variety of finishing options to complement your home furnishings and record player. The BnE Studio Record Player Stand is made of birch plywood and can accommodate about 70 vinyl albums.

Best of all, this stand is both sturdy and practical. The shelves are extra-thick, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about placing a heavy turntable on top.

Image credit: Etsy seller | bnestudio

5. Victrola Record Player Stand

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An easy-to-assemble stand with an old-school look

The Victrola Wooden Stand with Record Holder brings a homely feel to your living space. The sleek wood design makes it fit in well with various room decor styles.

The design is a classic one that provides adequate record storage by being able to store up to 50 vinyl records.

Overall, this is a fairly durable stand. It’s easy to pick up and view the records you place on it, and it serves well as a sturdy turntable stand.

6. FuliaDesign Record Player Stand

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This stand has a modern design and a good build.

The FuliaDesign stand is made of wood and has less vinyl record space compared to other stands. The build is durable, and the hairpin legs add a chic feel to the style. This stand is excellent for people looking to store a record player, amplifier, and vinyl records together neatly.

In summary, this stand nails the look and productivity while keeping everything well-organized.

Image credit: Etsy seller | FuliaDesign

7. MyGift Turntable Stand

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Has a great vintage look and compact design.

The MyGift stand gives off a fashionable statement, and the powder coat finish complements every home decor arrangement. This stand is both sturdy and lightweight. It can fit up to 14 vinyl records.

The stand is ideal for a casual record collector with limited space. Since it is made of wood and metal, the MyGift stand is easy to clean when your vinyl records and record player get dusty.

Overall, this is a great option for a first record player stand, but it can not accommodate additional items, like amplifiers or speakers.

8. KrudFurniture Record Player Stand

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This is a great quality stand. It’s spacious and has a smooth finish.

The KrudFurniture Record Player Stand is made from quality wood. This makes it durable and a solid stand for those who have heavy equipment.

There are six compartments in the stand, meaning that you can organize your belongings without worrying about running out of space. There is plenty of space for vinyl records as well as spare room for items such as CDs, books, and speakers.

In summary, the KrudFurniture stand is the ideal fit for those looking for a stand that offers storage for items besides a record player and vinyl records.

Image credit: Etsy seller | KrudFurniture

9. Adult Pop Record Player Stand

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A durable stand with a solid look.

The Adult Pop Record Player Stand is made out of pinewood, making it durable, which is why it can store up to 50 vinyl records.

The chalkboard paint top makes the design stand out, and you can draw or make notes on it. The stand also has foam protectors on its legs, meaning you can prevent scratches on the floor.

Overall, this is an elegant stand made out of sturdy materials. The design is contemporary and great for adding a unique look to your living space.

10. Darla’s Studio 66 Turntable Stand

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An easy-to-set-up turntable stand with nice aesthetics.

The Darla's Studio 66 Turntable Stand is crafted from wood and has unique characteristics. The design looks like a crate with spaced slats, and we love it because it lets the air flow freely, is easy to clean, and allows cords to move through comfortably.

The turntable also has a medium brown stain applied to it which gives it a nice touch. The spacious design lets you place around 120 vinyl records, making it the stand with the largest vinyl record storage capacity on this list.

In summary, this stand offers multi-purpose storage and has a finish that is rustic in look but feels fairly smooth.

11. Oshoom Turntable Station With Storage

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Extremely aesthetic turntable station with storage compartments.

The Oshoom turntable station is a very pleasing and practical piece that's made from wood. It comes in six different color choices including Walnut, Green, Teak, Natural, Venge, and Light Oak. You can also choose from three leg options - black metal, gold metal, and wooden.

This handmade turntable station features compartments for storing vinyl records and even some small decor. It fits very well in small spaces and gives off that chic vibe.

Image credit: Etsy seller | Oshoom

12. iyrany Record Player Stand

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Budget-friendly, visually pleasing, and practical record player stand.

The iyrany Record Player Stand supports up to 80 lbs and can hold up to 150 vinyl records which is amazing. It features metal feet and is made of MDF board which is fairly durable and provides good longevity.

The great thing about this stand is that it fits any room with its timeless design. It is very easy to assemble and clean. Additionally, for the given price, the value-for-price ratio is excellent. It is definitely a choice to consider.


If you buy a record player, you need an organized and secure place to store it. A record player stand helps set up your turntable and vinyl records in a way that reflects your style and enthusiasm. I hope this list helps you find the best record player stand for your own needs.

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