15 of the Best Podcasts for Musicians

Podcasts for musicians can be a very viable source of information. Musicians, producers, and performers’ interviews can give you so much insight into the world of music just by listening to people’s experiences and knowledge.

This is a list of some of the best podcasts for musicians. On this list, you’ll find several different types of podcasts, from those concerning the music industry to ones focused on composing and song recording to interviews with great musicians.

1. Questlove Supreme

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Questlove is one of the most famous hip-hop figures and musicians in the world. This drummer is the face behind The Roots and is universally acclaimed as one of the best hip-hop music historians. As such, it’s no wonder that he’s hosting his own podcast, Questlove Supreme.

The concept of this show is to present stories on different music and cultural icons in a fun and educational way.

Questlove, together with these guests, will cover a range of topics concerning some musicians or some music, giving you a full insight into how and why something happened. You can find this podcast for free on iHeart Radio as well as other podcast platforms.

2. Song exploder

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Song Exploder is a famous podcast made by Hrishikesh Hirway. In this podcast, every episode is dedicated to one song by one band. The episodes are around 20 minutes long and he edits them to a band dissecting a chosen song in great detail.

Musicians then explain how and why they made the song the way it is and what was their inspiration and intent in doing so. You can find this podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and other platforms for streaming podcasts.

3. DIY Musician Podcast

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If you’re looking to make it in the music industry, it’s a steep hill to climb. Even though it seems that today is easy to make it big in the music industry because everything is so available, actually it’s quite different. You see, because everything it’s so available, there’s a flood of new musicians every single day.

To make it in the music industry, you need to be more of an entrepreneur, besides being a great musician and having a little bit of luck.

DIY Musician podcast is made by CD Baby owners, Chris and Kevin, who give meaningful advice to young musicians on how to market themselves, how to promote their music, and so on and forth.

4. Sodajerker On Songwriting

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Sodajerker on Songwriting is really a simple concept. This podcast features the British duo Sodajerker talking to other people on the topic of songwriting.

This is a great podcast where Sodajerker guys interview the crème de la crème of the music industry on different topics about songwriting and how to go through that process. This is great listening for anyone looking to find new ideas about their songwriting process.

5. Popcast by NYT

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Popcast is a podcast hosted by Jon Caramanica, a NY Times music critic. This is a part of a larger NYT podcast group, but here you’ll find anything you might think of concerning music.

Most of the episodes are concerning the music industry and the latest news and trends emerging there, so if you’re looking for a way to catch up with the latest news this is the way to go.

6. Alice Cooper’s Vintage Vault Podcast

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It never hurts to hear what established rock legends have to say about music, right? Well, Alice Cooper is one of the best rock musicians out there and now that he has come to a certain age, he wanted to share his experience with the world.

In this podcast, he takes old interviews or makes new ones with other rock legends, explaining different views on the music industry and rock music in general.

7. The Bulletproof Musician

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The Bulletproof Musician is actually Noa Kageyama, a performance psychologist, and a Juilliard alumnus. In this podcast, he covers all topics concerning how to improve your on-stage performance.

This includes tips on how to practice more effectively, how to avoid stage fright, how to calm yourself etc. Also, he offers advice on teamwork in a band or orchestra, which is great advice for anyone, no matter how they feel about the topic.

8. Sound Opinions

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When talking about radio and podcast connection, Sound Opinions is an actual radio talk show that got moved to the podcast and continued its life there uninterrupted.

Sound Opinion is a podcast hosted by Jim DeRogatis and Greg Kot, two Chicagoan music critics. in it, you’ll find anything concerning rock music – interviews with musicians, reviews of new releases, buried treasures of albums, and musicians you’ve never even heard about before. You name it, if it’s about rock music, it’s in this podcast.

9. R U Talkin’ RHCP RE: Me?

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Comedians Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman joined together to talk about the band Red Hot Chili Peppers. They are huge fans (as you might suspect) and they talk about everything and anything connected to RHCP music.

They also host some interviews and since they are both comedians, it’s no wonder that this podcast is just funny to listen to, whether you like Red Hot Chili Peppers or not.

10. Lost Notes

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Lost Notes is a podcast made by music journalist and historian Jessica Hopper. In it, she discusses some new and fresh questions about music, musicians, and the music industry in general.

She usually takes some topic that’s trending today and brings up some parallel from the past to explain or show something that’s usually unknown to the general public or even music lovers.

All in all, this is a great, quality made podcast for anyone looking to learn something new about music, politics, society, and history at the same time.

11. Broken Record

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Broken Record, hosted by Justin Richmond, is a comprehensive music podcast that brings light to many important questions regarding artist albums, songs, and performers’ experiences. The podcast usually has many popular artists, and even more unknown acts.

They dive into the world of music, discussing various music scenarios, breaking down songs, and everything along that line.

12. Sounding Off

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Sounding Off with Rick Beato is an ongoing and quite popular music podcast that goes over various topics from musical movements to modern-day music problems, and everything of the sort. It also featured artist interviews and their secrets for success, sound, and navigating the music industry.

The timetable of the episodes can vary depending on the topic and guest, but, in any case, it is a great listen if you’re after some insight into the world of music.

13. Dissect

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The Dissect podcast is just what the name suggests – dissecting music. In this situation, the podcast focuses on dissecting albums and songs. A whole season is focused on a particular album with each episode focusing on one song from that album.

It is a great listen if you’re interested in delving into what makes an album or song. So far, the repertoire is filled with popular albums and artists that you can check out and listen to.

14. Rolling Stone Music Now

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Rolling Stone Music Now is hosted by Rolling Stone senior writer Brian Hiatt. It includes relevant info on the band as well as new releases and such, interviews with popular artists, and even insight on some of the best hits of the band.

The podcast does not only focus on one thing, it also goes over how popular hits were made by other successful artists, untold tales, and various other topics.

15. Louder Than A Riot

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Louder than a Riot is hosted by Rodney Carmichael and Sidney Madden. The podcast mostly focuses on hip-hop culture and music. It goes over artists’ stories on how they became what they are now with names like Young Thug, Bobby Shmurda, Nipsey Hussle, and more.

Not only does it showcase the musical aspect of these artists, but it also gives you a deep dive into their lives and their trials and tribulations with the modern justice system.


Whether you’re into song-making, the music industry, or just a plain and simple love of music, you’ll find something for yourself on this list. There are a lot of other great music podcasts, so don’t be afraid to dive deep into that and check different podcasts about music you can find everywhere nowadays.

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