The 10 Best Music Festivals in Poland

Poland is known not only for its vibrant cities and beautiful nature but also for its music festivals, which are some of the biggest and best ones in Europe. From massive electronic events to authentic folk concerts, Poland has something to offer to everybody.

Poland became one of the most sought-after destinations when it comes to music festivals, as the country houses many major festivals in different genres and scenes. From rock to electronic music, from international artists to impressive Polish musicians, Poland offers big diversity for festival lovers.

1. Open’er Festival

Gdynia-Kosakowo Airport, Gdynia

When: June/July (4 days) 

Open’er Festival is one of the most popular music festivals in Poland, which has been held since 2002. The festival is a mix of rock, pop, hip-hop, indie, and electronic music with some of the biggest names in music. The four-day festival takes place in Gdynia at the end of June and early July.

The festival has been held since 2002 and won the Best Major Festival prize at the European Festivals Awards ceremony three times in 2009, 2010, and 2019. Open’er Festival is one of the biggest annual festivals in Poland. A wide variety of artists participate in the festival, such as Dua Lipa, Martin Garrix, Imagine Dragons, Måneskin, and many more.

2. Orange Warsaw Festival

Sluzewiec Racing Track, Warsaw

When: June (2 days)

Orange Warsaw Festival houses some of the biggest international and local acts with impressive lineups from various genres, from indie rock to hip-hop and EDM. The 2-day festival is annually held in early June in the capital Warsaw. The festival also features workshops and competitions.

TVN broadcasts the festival live every year. It has been held in different locations since 2008, but it was settled down to the Racing Track in 2015. Some of the artists who participated in the festival are Paul McCartney, Muse, The Weeknd, Pixies, Kings Of Leon, Snoop Dogg, and Skrillex. It is the largest music festival in the capital Warsaw with more than 60.000 festival-goers attending.

3. Pol’and’Rock (former Woodstock festival)

Broczyno airfield, Czaplinek

When: July/August (3 days)

The biggest free music festival in Europe is the Pol’and’Rock Festival, formerly known as the Woodstock Festival. The 3-day rock festival often takes place in early August in Czaplinek, with more than 700.000 music fans each year. The festival has been held since 1995 in various places.

If you are a rock music fan, you will love this festival as it brings back the Woodstock spirit of the 60s. The completely free festival is one of the largest music festivals in the world and often features great artists from Poland as well as the world. Some notable names that performed at the festival are Judas Priest, Within Temptation, Papa Roach, The Prodigy, and more.

4. Sunrise Festival

Osiedle Podczele, Kolobrzeg

When: July (3 days)

Sunrise Festival is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in Eastern Europe, with more than 100.000 festival enthusiasts visiting each year. The 3-day festival is held in late July in Kołobrzeg. With 5 stages, the festival offers house, trance, techno, and more electronic music genres.

The festival area is pretty nice, with various campsites and VIP houses along with chill-out zones and many different attractions like food stalls and different events. The line-ups of the festival included many famous electronic music artists like Armin Van Buuren, The Chainsmokers, Don Diablo, Afrojack, and Paul Van Dyk.

5. Audioriver

Plaża nad Wisłą, Płock
When: July (3 days)

Audioriver is an independent alternative music festival with an emphasis on electronic music, held in Plock annually. The 3-day festival often takes place in late July and houses international techno, pop, and electronic music artists in its stages on the picturesque beach or in Plock’s Old Market Square.

Some of the artists who took place in the festival are Jon Hopkins, The Black Madonna, Andy C, Charlotte de Witte, Modeselektor, and more. Each year around 20.000 electronic music enthusiasts from Poland and all over Europe visit the small town for the festival.

6. OFF Festival

Dolina Trzech Stawow, Katowice

When: August (3 days)

OFF Festival is a big alternative and indie rock festival held annually in August in Katowice. Besides famous alternative rock artists and lesser-known Polish rising stars, the 3-day festival features a variety of art and cultural activities in a breathtaking landscape with around 10.000 people.

If you are an alternative rock lover, OFF Festival is a must-visit with its amazing line-ups, picturesque festival area, and many events such as exhibitions, workshops, and movie screenings. Interpol, Iggy Pop, Bikini Kill, The National, and Daughter are some of the names that took the stage in previous years.

7. Fest Festival

Park Śląski, Chorzów

When: August (3 days)

Fest Festival is one of the newer festivals in Poland, held in August in Park Śląski, Chorzów, since 2019. It quickly became a highly popular festival with its 24-hour running time and internationally famous artists in a wide variety of genres, including rock, EDM, hip-hop, and more.

The Fest Festival became one of the must-see music festivals in Europe with its multi-genre music, many stages, different events, and large-scale organization. The festival line-ups so far included great names such as Disclosure, Wu-Tang Chan, Alan Walker, Jaden, and many more.

8. Mystic Festival

Shipyard, Gdansk

When: August (4 days)

If you are a metal lover, Mystic Festival might be the ideal Polish music festival for you. It is the biggest metal festival in Poland, taking place since 1999. The 4-day festival is held in the shipyard in Gdansk in August with renowned names of the metal scene in its five stages. 

The metal festival opens its stage to all kinds of metal music and houses highly famous metal bands such as Judas Priest, Mastodon, Opeth, Slipknot, and Gojira. The festival used to take place in Krakow but moved to Gdansk in 2021, which increased the popularity and attendance numbers of the festival.

9. Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice

Katowice Culture Zone, Katowice

When: June/July (4 days)

Tauron Nowa Muzyka Katowice is a unique electronic music festival, which is held annually in the culture zone of Katowice each June or July for 4 days. From techno to house to drum and bass, the festival has a wide range of genres with globally famous artists as well as lesser-known rising stars.

The festival began in 2006 when a group of friends wanted to create their own festival in Katowice. For the first few years, the festival was held in an inactive coal mine, which gave way to unique experiences. Now, it is held in the culture zone in Katowice with successful names such as Faithless, Hot Chip, Max Cooper, and more.

10. Live Festival

Polish Aviation Museum, Krakow

When: August (2 days)

The largest music festival in south Poland is the Krakow Live Festival, taking place in the Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow. The 2-day festival opens its stage to worldwide-famous artists of many genres, mainly from hip-hop and electronic music. The festival houses around 50.000 people each year.

The festival hosted many great names, such as Rihanna, Dj Snake, Jay-Z, Shaggy, The Chemical Brothers, Kendrick Lamar, The Cure, and Macklemore. The festival was called Coke Live Music Festival until 2014, as the main sponsor was Coca-Cola. After 2014 the sponsors were changed with the name of the festival. 


Poland is home to many music festivals as they have become important parts of the culture in the country. From the oldest and most traditional festivals to newer ones with more modern music, Poland offers something for every music enthusiast.

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