The 6 Best Low Watt Tube Amps – Our Round-Up (2021)

The good old tube amp has a sound that’s very hard to replicate using other means, even when using advanced processors, modeling amps, or software.

Despite the spectacular sound quality, tube amps haven’t been too practical in the past. Those who play on tube amps know very well that a real sound can’t come until you crank the volume all the way up. Considering the loudness of these amps, it seemed impossible to play it without disturbing neighbors.

Fortunately, today’s market offers plenty of low-watt tube amps, which are perfect for practice, small gigs, rehearsals and similar venues.

The Best Low Watt Tube Amps – Our Top 6 Pick

1. Fender Pro Junior IV 15 Watt
Editor's Choice - Very popular and high-quality tube amp
3. Marshall 2525C Mini Silver Jubilee
Pro Option - Classic Marshall sound and hi-end quality
Affordable Option - Super affordable tube sound
5. Blackstar HT1R Series
Premium quality amp
6. Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 18-18/5/1-watt Tube Head
Versatile, practical, great palette of sounds

1. Fender Pro Junior IV

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon | Guitar Center

Fender is a great option when it comes to clean tones. This is one of the newest additions to the famous Hot Rod series, which is probably the most popular series of tube amps in the world.

Everything on this amp looks fabulous. First of all, there is a beautiful vintage styling, which clearly indicates that we shouldn’t expect anything else but crystal clear vintage tones. The only bad thing about this amp is that there’s no reverb integrated, though we couldn’t ask for more, considering the price.

The controls are extremely simple. There are just two dials – tone and volume, enough to provide the legendary tweed tone. 15 Watts of max output is probably the perfect measure for those who need a reliable portable unit.

Long story short, a genuine Fender tone for a relatively affordable price.

2. Vox AC4TV

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

This is the smallest model from the famous Vox AC series, known for one of the most distinctive sounds among guitar amps. This one is designed to be a perfect practice amp, so the manufacturer keeps everything very simple. There are just three pots.

Besides common tone and volume control, there is a power attenuator, which makes this amp pretty versatile. You can choose a power output of either 4, 1 and ¼ watt, which allows you to play on full volume in all kinds of situations.

Inside this nice-looking amp, you will find two tubes. The pre-amp section is powered by 12AX7 tube, while the excellent EL84 is reserved for the power amp. Add to this a custom made 10’ Celestion speaker, and a genuine British amp tone is guaranteed.

All in all, a perfect practice unit for Vox lovers. Others probably won’t find this one too versatile.

3. Marshall 2525 Mini Silver Jubilee

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

The Marshall 2525 offers a genuine Silver Jubilee tone. The core of this hi-end amp is three-12AX7 preamp, while two EL84 tubes are reserved for the power amp section. With a max output of 20 watts, this amp is more than capable to deal with drums and other loud instruments during rehearsals.

Besides superior tone, versatility is another thing that characterized this tube amp. It is designed primarily for small venues but can be used for home practice as well. There is a power attenuator, which allows you to choose an output between 20 and 5 watts. So, you can crank it up and get the iconic Marshall drive tone even in your bedroom.

Compared to most tube amps of this wattage, the Mini Silver Jubilee offers much more pots. Basically, there is a classic Marshall combination, which includes classic treble, middle and bass pots, as well as controls for drive, volume, presence etc.

Although the price could sound too high for such output, consider that this is a hi-end amp, definitely worth the money.

4. Bugera V5

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

At the time when Bugera appeared on the market, most guitar players were very skeptical about these amps, mostly because of the fact that this brand comes from Behringer, a company that has been known for cheap and often not so reliable products. Once they heard how Bugera sounds, they were fascinated.

If you are looking for a cheap but great-sounding all-tube amp, this brand should be your first choice. Simply, you can’t find such quality sound anywhere else in that price range. This particular amp is an entry-level model of the company’s most famous Vintage series.

The Bugera V5 is a small practice class-A amp, which comes with a common configuration of one 12AX7 preamp tube and one EL84 power amp tube. There is even an integrated hi-definition reverb, which sounds very well. Turbosound 8” speaker is decent as well.

Going from clean to vintage crunch tones, this amp seems perfect for those who don’t need some ultra hi-gain distortion while practicing. Another great thing about the amp is the power attenuator, which lets you choose outputs of 5, 1 and 0.1 Watts. Sounds extremely versatile.

5. Blackstar HT-1R

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Known for superior sound and reliability, Blackstar instantly established its high position on the market. This one is the smallest amp in the company’s famous HT series. I would say it is a perfect practice amp, considering the fact that you’ll get pretty much everything you need with this one.

First of all, there is one ECC83 pre-amp and one ECC82 power amp tube. In combination with an 8” speaker, you can definitely count on a huge sound. Despite 1W output, this amp can power a cabinet as well.

What makes the HT-1R stand out from the crowd is the fact that this is a two-channel amp, which sounds amazing for a low-watt amp. Moreover, there is an integrated reverb, as well as a pretty nice control board, which includes gain, volume, eq and reverb pots.

Additionally, there is an MP3/Line In input, so you can also play along backing tracks, songs etc.

6. Hughes & Kettner TubeMeister 18

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

The last model on my list comes from Germany, from the famous manufacturer that is known for several iconic amps. This one comes both in head and combo designs. In both cases, you can count on a couple of 12AX7 preamp tubes and EL84s that are reserved for the power amp section.

In terms of sounding, this is a two-channel amp. It works well in both ways, but the drive has always been the strongest point of this manufacturer. You definitely won’t need additional pedals to get that fat drive tone for soloing.

Thanks to the generous offer of controls, this amp allows a lot of tweaking, so you shouldn’t have bigger problems to find a tone you’ll like. This amp also features an FX loop, as well as a power attenuator, so you can switch from 18 to 5 or 1 Watts, depending on the situation.

This amp has everything. It is versatile, it sounds great and even looks amazing.


That’s our short list of best low-watt tube amps. While considering the one that would serve you best, make sure to identify your priorities. As an all-rounder, the Fender Pro Junior IV 15 Watt is a great option which has been tried and tested by countless guitar players. If you need an amp for practice only, you won’t need more than 5 Watts of max output. In that case, Blackstar HT-1R would be a good choice. It offers a top-quality sound, as well as plenty of additional features that increase versatility.

On the other side, if you need an amp that can be used for small jams, band rehearsals and all kinds of small venues, considering something between 15 and 20 Watts. The Hughes & Kettner is another great choice, which has a very versatile sound, and that is crucial for this class of amps.

Finally, if you want a small tube amp with hi-end quality, there’s no doubt that Marshall 2525 Mini Silver Jubilee is on the top of this list. It’s generally an expensive amp, but in return, you get spectacular sound and overall quality.

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