The 10 Best Keyboard Stands (2024) for Sturdiness and Portability

Having an appropriate keyboard stand significantly affects the playing comfort and technique. The keyboard stand is often overlooked when choosing an excellent keyboard. To get the most from your keyboard, you need a decent stand to play it wherever and whenever you are.

A good keyboard stand should be both sturdy and portable. If you are a musician who travels around often, these features become crucial.

My top pick is the Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand, a versatile Z-shaped keyboard stand with handy features making life easy for every kind of player.

If you want something more affordable, I recommend checking out the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, an affordable yet reliable keyboard stand for medium to lightweight keyboards.

The Best Keyboard Stands (2024) – At A Glance

And now onto the full list:

1. Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand

Top Pick
Versatile Z-shaped heavy-duty keyboard stand with a sturdy design.
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Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand is my top pick due to its portable, sturdy and versatile design. The Z-shaped heavy-duty keyboard can take up to 250 lbs for the heaviest keyboards. The Z-style stand provides great stability and eliminates wobbliness.


  • Sturdy, portable, and lightweight
  • Versatile, can be used with other gear
  • Extra accessories like wheels
  • Easy to use


  • A bit pricey
  • The arms aren’t large enough for very big keyboards

The Z-style keyboard stand comes with nice accessories, including four locking wheels, four adjustable feet, anti-skid foam pads, and a headphone hook. The locking wheels are great for portability, allowing you to move the stand around easily.

The stand is entirely foldable, which is another great plus for portability and ease of use. It is highly easy to assemble and disassemble with its z-frame design.

You can also use this stand with other gear like DK Mixers, turntables, synths, and MIDI keyboards. Also, the versatile stand can be used with some unique keyboards with odd shapes from Yamaha, Casio, or Roland. However, the extra-large keyboards may not stand so stable on the platform.

Weight16.12 lbs
Width22.5” – 33.5”

Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand is a great and reliable piano stand with nice features, providing you with a portable and sturdy stand. 

2. RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty

Budget Pick
An affordable and reliable double-X keyboard stand for relatively lighter keyboards.
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If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable keyboard stand for your low to medium-weight keyboard, RockJam Xfinity might be the ideal choice. Shining with its great value-for-price ratio, the keyboard stand has a Double-X design with a rubber-padded platform providing stability.


  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight
  • High stability with rubber pads
  • Easy to use


  • Relatively low load capacity
  • Not the best construction in regards to longevity

It is a relatively lightweight stand that weighs around 11.1 lbs. The platform width is around 38.5”, suitable even for larger keyboards. However, the load capacity of the stand is only 45 lbs which is pretty limited as it can only work with light and medium weight keyboards.

Plus, high-strength support straps keep the instrument stable, while the lower non-slip rubber end caps prevent the stand from moving during the performance.

The stand comes pre-welded, so you do not need any screws or complicated instructions to start using it. It is an easy-to-use stand without complications.

Weight11.1 lbs

Overall, if you want a stand for your heavy digital piano, you should look elsewhere. However, if you want an affordable yet reliable stand for your medium to lightweight keyboard, RockJam Xfinity is a great choice.

3. Quiklok Z/726

Pro Pick
A professional keyboard stand with a double-tier design, high durability, and stability.
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Quiklok Z/726 is a professional keyboard stand made from heavy-gauge steel and computer-welded joints for extra durability and stability. The Z-shaped frame has a double-tier design, allowing the users to use it with two keyboards simultaneously. 


  • Very sturdy and stable with heavy-gauge steel
  • Heavy-duty stand, up to 250 lbs
  • Second tier, can be used with two keyboards
  • Easy to adjust and use


  • Pricey

The heavy-duty stand can carry up to 250 lbs which is great for using two medium-weight keyboards or a single heavy keyboard. It weighs around 26.5 lbs and has a platform width of 34”. Furthermore, the adjustments and use are pretty easy with knobs.

The drawbacks of this stand are its high price and the overall build quality which could be better considering the high price. But as this is a professional level stand that can house up to two keyboards with lots of flexibility, the price range is not surprising.

MaterialHeavy-Gauge Steel
Weight26.5 lbs

If you are looking for a premium level stand for stage and studio use without worrying about its durability or stability, Quiklok Z/726 is worth checking out.

4. Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty

A lightweight  and affordable keyboard stand for medium to lightweight keyboards.
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Amazon Basics Heavy-Duty is a highly affordable yet reliable double-x designed keyboard stand. Made from steel, it is sturdy enough, and the double-x design ensures stability while playing.


  • Great value for the price
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to set up and use


  • A bit too high for seated-playing
  • Not for heavy keyboards

The stand is pretty light, and the platform width is enough for big keyboards. However, it is not for heavy keyboards as the load capacity is quite low.

The stand is easy to set up, use, and adjust with the toothed clamp and a pull-lock handle. But, even the shortest adjustment may be too high for kids and players who like to play in a seated position.

Weight10.5 lbs

Overall, it is a decent keyboard stand with an excellent value-for-price ratio. If you are looking for a fundamental solution to put your keyboard on while playing, you might consider this one.

5. Stellar Labs Heavy-Duty 555-13830

A versatile keyboard stand with great adjustability and sturdy support.
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For players looking for adjustability and versatility, Stellar Labs Heavy Duty 555-13830 is a great choice, with its versatile design allowing you to adjust the height and width as you like. The heavy-duty stand can take up to 175 lbs, and most 88-key keyboards along with other devices such as flight-cased CDJs, turntables, DJ mixer systems.


  • Versatile with highly adjustable width and height
  • Heavy-duty stand, can take up to 175 lbs
  • Ample floor space for pedals
  • Lightweight, stable and durable design


  • Not foldable

The steel tube construction provides good sturdiness and stability, while the Z-shaped design gives more space for legs and pedals. 

The width can be adjusted from 24.5” to 40”, while the height is 23” to 35.2”, which gives great versatility to the stand. Furthermore, it is relatively light, weighing around 18.7 lbs.

The drawback is that the stand is not foldable, significantly decreasing its portability. Also, it is prone to wobbling after some time of use.

Weight18.7 lbs
Width24.5” – 40”

In short, if you are looking for a versatile and sturdy stand to use with different gear and on different occasions, I recommend you to check Stellar Labs Heavy Duty 555-13830.

6. Stage Rocker SR524000

Portable, Beginner-Friendly
Portable single X-style keyboard stand with great adjustment options.
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Stage Rocker SR52400 is a classical single X-style foldable keyboard stand with a simple design for small to medium-sized keyboards. Thanks to its highly flexible design, it provides great comfort while playing seated or standing.


  • Portable and easy to use design
  • Highly adjustable width and height
  • Affordable


  • Not for heavy keyboards
  • Can’t secure the stand to the keyboard’s stand screws

The width can be adjusted between 13.3” to 31.0” while the height from 24.6” to 38.2”. It has rubber floor supports to prevent slipping. However, you can not secure the stand to the keyboard’s stand screws, which is why you have to be careful while using it.

The stand is lightweight and foldable, which is great for portability. It is also very easy to assemble and disassemble with 4 easy steps.

As it is a single X-style stand, it is not for heavy keyboards and can take up to 90 lbs of instruments. Also, as with all X designs, there is not much space for pedals.

MaterialDouble-coated steel
WeightNot specified
Width13.3” – 31.9” 

If you are looking for an easy-to-use and portable keyboard stand with a basic design and an affordable price, Stage Rocker SR524000 is a good option.

7. Yamaha PKBS1

Budget-Friendly, Entry-Level
An affordable and simple single-X shaped keyboard stand for hobbyists and beginners.
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Yamaha PKBS1 is a highly affordable single-X-shaped keyboard stand for beginners and hobbyists. It provides enough stability and portability for a very affordable price to use with light and medium-weight keyboards.


  • Great value for the price
  • Easy-to-adjust and use
  • Sturdy


  • Not for heavy keyboards
  • No screw to secure keyboard

The tier width can be adjusted between 11” to 31.5”, which is suitable for most small to medium keyboards. It has a 6-step knob system for adjustable height settings, giving you enough flexibility to play seated or standing.

This stand is not designed for heavy keyboards, nor does it include screws to secure the keyboard. So, you have to be careful while playing.

WeightNot specified
Width11″ to 31.5″

Overall, Yamaha PKBS1 is an affordable keyboard stand solution for hobbyists and beginner players.

8. Stellar Labs 555-13812

Highly Affordable, Sturdy
A great and sturdy double-X shaped keyboard stand for a very small price.
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If you are just looking for the most affordable keyboard stand, Stellar Labs 555-13812 is the one. This stand comes for a very small price, and yet it is sturdy and can be used with big and heavy keyboards, thanks to its double-X design.


  • Great value for the price
  • Sturdy, can be used with heavy keyboards
  • Stable, is not wobbly


  • Too tall for some

The stand indeed features a great value for the offered price. The tier width is adjustable from 11.5” to 32” while the height is 26” to 39”. But, to adjust the height, you will need an Allen wrench which does not come in the box. Well, for the price, this is quite acceptable.

Furthermore, the stand is relatively stable with the non-skid rubber floor protectors and the robust double-X tube steel design.

MaterialTube Steel
WeightNot specified
Width11.5” – 32”

Stellar Labs 555-13812 may not be offering fancy or high-tech features for professional players but is an ideal choice for players with tight budgets who like to enjoy playing their keyboards, turntables, or any suitable instrument with a reliable stand.

9. Casio ARST Single-X

Lightweight, Budget-Friendly
A lightweight and affordable single-X shaped keyboard stand.
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Casio ARST Single-X is another budget-friendly single-X-shaped keyboard stand for beginners and hobbyists. It can take up to 150 lbs-keyboards, and the tier width can be adjusted between 16.3” and 28.7”, which is good for small to medium-sized keyboards.


  • Affordable
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Durable


  • Not easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Not for heavy keyboards

Where this stand shines is its simplicity and price tag. It is also pretty portable and lightweight to carry around. Plus, the steel construction is pretty durable and can serve you for a long time.

There are some drawbacks, which are acceptable for the offered price. First of all, it is not the most straightforward stand to assemble and disassemble but not the hardest either. Additionally, it is a bit shaky, so it is best leaned against a wall to make it more stable.

Weight5.45 lbs
Width16.3” – 28.7”

If you want an affordable keyboard stand for practicing or some occasional playing sessions, Casio ARST Single-X might be a good choice.

10. Yamaha YKA7500

Heavy-Duty, Premium Choice
One of the best single-tier keyboard stands with a sturdy and simple design.
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Yamaha YKA7500 has been considered one of the best single-tier keyboard stands due to its rugged and reliable steel construction and handy system that makes the adjustments easier. The heavy-duty stand can take up to 300 lbs, which means you can use it with most keyboards on the market.


  • Heavy-duty stand, can take up to 300 lbs
  • Simple design
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use with the deadbolt/lever mechanism and telescope arms


  • Relatively hard to assemble
  • Manual instructions are not great

The tier width is adjustable between 11″ to 30″ while the height can be 26″ to 38.5″. The adjustments are pretty easy with the deadbolt/lever mechanism and telescope arms.

The stand is very stable and sturdy, with the rubber pads on the feet and the tier preventing any wobbliness or slips.

The only drawback of this stand is the lack of clear instructions in the manual about the assembling, disassembling, and adjustment processes.

Weight10 lbs
Width11″- 30″

In short, if you want one of the most durable, easy-to-use, and stable keyboard stands, I recommend you to check out the Yamaha YKA7500, which can save you a lot of trouble with its high-quality design.

Are all keyboard stands universal?

There are different types of keyboard stands that you can use with different size keyboards. There are X-style, Z-style, and table-style stands, serving different purposes. You should check out the weight capacity and the width of the stand to figure out if it is suitable for your keyboard.

What are the different types of keyboard stands?

The most common keyboard stands include X-style, Z-style, and table-style stands with single or double brace designs. The X-style is the less stable but the cheapest; the table-style is suited for players who like to play in a seated position, while the Z-style is the most versatile and sturdy.

The column amount is also another important point, as the double x-style designs are more stable and sturdy than single-X designs.

If you have a small and lightweight keyboard, you can go with a single-X stand. Z-shaped or double-X stands are better for medium to heavier weight keyboards.

How many tiers do you need?

The tier count signifies how many keyboards you can place on a stand. There are single, double, and triple-tier designs. A single-tier will be enough if you are not a professional player who uses more than one keyboard. If you often use more than one, you can check the double or triple-tier stands.

Single tier designs are the most affordable stands, while the double and triple tier designs are high-end products. If you want a double or triple-tier design, you have to ensure they are sturdy enough to carry your keyboards, or the occasional laptops, etc.

How much weight can a keyboard stand hold?

The weight capacity of keyboard stands varies depending on the model and the design. It often ranges between 90 to 300 lbs for single-tier ones. The single-X designs have the lowest weight capacity, while the Z-shaped and double-X designs can carry more weight and are ideal for heavier keyboards.

What is the optimal height of a keyboard stand?

The optimal height of a keyboard stand depends on many factors, such as the player’s height and preferred playing position. But in the end, the height that the player’s forearms are parallel with the floor while the fingers rest comfortably on the keys is ideal.

What to look for in a keyboard stand when buying?

When buying a keyboard stand, the things to consider are the size, portability, stability, weight capacity, durability, and price. Depending on your needs, you should check out these features to find the best deal possible.


The size of the stand and the size of your keyboards are crucial elements when choosing a stand. You should be sure that the tier width of the stand matches your keyboard’s width. 

Also, the player’s and the stand’s height are key for the player to have a comfortable playing experience. You should check the tier height you want to have and choose a stand that can be adjusted to that height.

The optimal height is when your arms are parallel to the floor while your fingers can rest comfortably on the keys.


Portability is important if you are a musician who often travels with the keyboard. For example, suppose you have to carry the stand around often for performances, jams, or practices. In that case, you should choose a lightweight stand that is easy to assemble and disassemble and preferably portable enough to carry around in a case.


Another critical aspect is the stability of the stand. Many stands have rubber pads on the feet and the tier to secure the keyboard and prevent slips or wobbliness. This is especially important for players who use a lot of force and play rhythmic, fast pieces on the keyboard.

You can go for a stand with screws to secure the keyboard to prevent any accidents. Also, you can go for a sturdy designed stand to have less wobbliness while playing.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of the stand determines if you can use your keyboard with that particular stand. This is vital if you have a heavy keyboard as not every stand can handle heavy keyboards. Check the weight of your keyboard and choose a stand according to that.


Durability is another important aspect if you want to have a stand with a long life. Most stands are made of steel and are highly durable, but the important factor here is the joints and the adjustment systems.


The price is another vital factor as with any purchase. To find the ideal deal for you, analyze your needs and choose according to that. 

If you are not going to move around a lot, you do not need to pay for portability. Or, if you have a small, lightweight keyboard, do not go for a high-end double-tier stand with 300 lbs capacity. This way, you can pay the minimum for what you need to get the job done.


Keyboard stands are almost as important as the keyboards for a comfortable playing experience. Having a reliable stand will not only make your playing technique better but also will make playing your instrument more comfortable and fun, motivating you to play more and more.

My top recommendation is the Plixio Piano Keyboard Stand, which shines with its versatile Z-shaped design and its handy features, providing a stable and reliable stand for all kinds of players.

For tighter budgets, I recommend the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, a great-value-for-price keyboard stand for medium to small-sized keyboards.

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