The 30 Best Female DJs in the World

Good music is good music regardless of age, nationality, race, and gender. But in a world where a mere 10% of all DJs are reported to be women, it’s certainly worth celebrating the best female talents in the DJ world.

While female representation is on the rise, there’s still a lot of room for change in the male-dominated dj industry. Below, you can find the 30 best female DJs in the world right now.

Like all best-of lists, this is a subjective record you may or may not fully agree with. However, I did my best to include as many genres and music scenes as possible, in no specific order.

1. Charlotte De Witte

Home to the mighty Tomorrowland Festival (one of the world’s best music festivals), Belgium is a small country with a big electronic dance music scene. The prolific Charlotte De Witte is among its top-rated DJs. Active since 2010, she’s known for her action-filled acid techno sets and for being the founder of the KNTXT record label.

With two International Dance Music Awards to her name (in the Best Female Techno Artist category), De Witte can hardly be described as a trend follower: instead, she’s always remained true to her brand of dark, energetic, underground techno.


The land down under gave us not one, but two of the world’s best female DJs. The Australian twin sisters Olivia and Miriam Nervo perform under the moniker NERVO and have already hit some of the world’s biggest stages. Filled with fun, number-one hits, their live sets are as well-tuned as easily approachable.

Two bonafide crowd-pleasers, Olivia and Miriam signed their first record deal at the age of 18 and helped to produce the David Guetta hit single “When Love Takes Over.” While their DJ mixes are made for everyone, these Aussie sisters also know how to get heavy!

3. Nina Kraviz

From Russia with love, Nina Kraviz has been listed as one of the world’s best female DJs pretty much since she started performing back in 2008. While she’s played at all kinds of venues, from alternative music festivals to the Eiffel Tower, Kraviz never stopped doing what she loves most: spinning underground electronic dance music records.

A talented producer as well, Kraviz released many singles over the years and even worked on the soundtrack of the blockbuster video game “Cyberpunk 2077.” Her live sets are characterized as dark, heavy, and stripped-down, bouncing between minimal techno and microhouse.

4. Amelie Lens

Just 40 minutes away from Charlotte De Witte’s hometown of Ghent sits the Belgian municipality of Vilvoorde, historically known for its beloved horse meat. Nowadays, though, the outstanding hard techno DJ Amelie Lens may very well be the city’s biggest claim to fame. From Vilvoorde to the world, this Belgian four-deck whiz has never stopped growing since she made her debut in 2014.

If you buy a ticket to one of Lens’s contagious live sets, you should expect to listen to some hard-knocking techno tracks with a synthy, dark, and energetic vibe. Her live sets, filled with non-stop action, are the main reason why she’s considered to be one of the world’s best female DJs.

5. Anja Schneider

The vibrant city of Berlin is still one of the world’s best places to listen to some world-class minimal techno. Germany’s capital is also home to Anja Schneider, a veteran female DJ who’s performed all over the planet, remixed everyone from GPU Panic to Sophie Hunger and worked extensively as an electronic dance music broadcaster.

If you’re into easygoing techno with lots of melodies, Schneider is probably not your cup of tea. But if you crave some dark, sweaty, no-nonsense minimal techno coming straight out of Berlin’s underworld, you should definitely give her a chance.

6. Magda

Popularized by her terrific Minus records, the Polish-born DJ Magda grew up in two cities every techno fan should be familiar with: Detroit and Berlin. Not by accident, her all-encompassing live sets are simultaneously familiar and unique-sounding. With some of the hardest-hitting sub-basses in the game, Magda is all about combining weird sounds on top of contagious, four-on-the-floor grooves.

Magda’s style should please any Richie Hawtin fans out there, as happens with most Minus artists. But she’s much more than merely a follower of the legendary Plastikman: she’s a solid artist, with an original sound that true techno fans should recognize from miles away.

7. DJ Soda

When one thinks of South Korea, one tends to think of the infectious, highly choreographed K-Pop tunes of acts such as BTS and BLACKPINK. But to any true hip-hop fan, South Korea should also be synonymous with DJ Soda. Active since 2013, she’s proved again and again that there’s a bright future to the art of spinning hip-hop gems.

A DJ unlike any other on this list, DJ Soda is not only one of the world’s best female DJs but one of Asia’s most renowned headliners. DJ Soda’s success goes to show that brilliant DJs don’t need to work on six decks at a time to prove their worth: all it takes is a good taste in music and knowing how to have fun.

8. RayRay

On the topic of brilliant Asian female DJs, why not take a trip from South Korea to Taipei to get to know the charming RayRay? Don’t get fooled by her harmless look: RayRay can deliver some of the hardest-hitting live sets in the game, and she’s one of the most promising up-and-coming DJs in the Dubstep world.

There is more than just Dubstep in RayRay’s live sets, though: she also has a knack for giving new life to chart-topping songs (particularly hip-hop and trap songs). And while RayRay’s performances are full of humor, her DJ abilities are no laughing matter!

9. Zanova

Born Olga Ryazanova in Moscow, Russia, Zanova is a blonde bombshell with over 260K followers on Instagram. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? But don’t worry: while Zanova has the looks, she also brings in the talent. Her infectious live sets are filled with timeless clubbing classics and her four-deck ability is world-class.

Headlining some of the biggest electronic dance music festivals on the planet, Zanova is considered to be one of the most-requested female DJs in the world. What should you expect from her live sets? Non-stop banger action delivered flawlessly.

10. Nora En Pure

Forget about Swiss neutrality: it’s impossible not to pick Nora En Pure’s side once you listen to one of her live sets. While she was born in South Africa, Daniela Di Lillo spent most of her life in Switzerland and worked for decades to establish herself as one of the world’s most skilled deep house DJs (men included).

Her very-special Graubünden, Switzerland live set (linked above) is a deep-house masterclass that should please even the most demanding of music fans. Nora En Pure can surely rock the nightclub, but some of her live sets are so good you need to sit down to soak it all in.

11. The Blessed Madonna

Way before terms such as ‘gender-nonconforming’ hit the mainstream, Marea Stamper (whom you may know as The Blessed Madonna) was pioneering new social ideas in her now-classic ’90s rave parties. But there’s more to this brilliant female DJ than a speaking-truth-to-power attitude: she also brings in the goods!

Headlining major festivals for decades now, The Blessed Madonna has even appeared in the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto Online” as a resident DJ. She was previously known as The Black Madonna but decided to change her name in 2020, after being accused of racial insensitivity.


Belgium, right? As much as I’d like to bring you a top female DJ from any other place, there’s no escaping the fact that the fertile country of Belgium is the DJane capital of the world right now. Another Tomorrowland favorite, MATTN is yet another Belgian woman with nothing but pure EDM running down her veins.

What can you expect from MATTN’s live sets? Number-one hits, constant energy, and a lot of crowd-pleasing, stadium-ready bangers. In the electro house category, MATTN is right there at the very top. Oh, and did you know that she also loves Chiptune?

13. Ellen Allien

Some DJs love to play it safe, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not Ellen Allien, though. Born and raised in the techno-minded city of Berlin, this outstanding German DJ made a name for herself by ignoring what everyone else was doing and experimenting with cerebral electronic dance music genres such as IDM and experimental techno.

The crucial fact is that she managed to do so without losing the groove, the fun, and the energy. As a result, she’s been consistently considered one of the world’s best female DJs since the mid-’90s.

14. REZZ

Canada is a place people visit to eat some maple syrup and meet some nice people. But if you want to see what the future of electronic dance music looks like, you should probably keep tabs on the outstanding Ontario DJ REZZ. Born in Ukraine. This Canadian resident got famous for delivering some of the most pioneering, futuristic-sounding live sets in the game.

New beat, wonky, footwork, post-dubstep, you name it: if it’s a new, unusual, and hard-to-mix electronic dance music subgenre, REZZ’s got it covered. Probably one of the most unique DJs you’ll ever see, undoubtedly one of the best female DJs in the world.

15. Anna Lunoe

While she’s based in Los Angeles, the EDM DJ Anna Lunoe was born in Sydney, Australia. Lunoe looks like such a nice, relatable person that’s almost hard to believe she’s one of the most successful DJs of the hour. She’s performed live in some of the world’s largest music festivals, including Tomorrowland, Lollapalooza, Coachella, and Ultra Music Festival.

While Lunoe’s technique is flawless, what truly sets her live sets apart is how fun, energetic, and modern they sound. Expect a lot of hip-hop samples blended with EDM beats.

16. Deborah De Luca

If you’re into DJs who deliver big performances filled with big EDM anthems, you’ll love the live sets of the Italian DJ Deborah De Luca. Her mixes are so stadium-ready that she actually performed inside one! It happened in 2021, at the stadium of SSC Napoli, the football club of her home city of Naples (you can check it in the link above).

If you thought that pizza was Italy’s best export, De Luca’s sets will force you to reconsider. Everything she does live is hard: she has the hardest-knocking kicks, the loudest synths in the game, and the sharpest transients you’ll find on this list.

17. Peggy Gou

From Incheon, South Korea comes one of the most interesting electronic dance music DJs of the hour. Peggy Gou was a fashion journalist before committing to the decks and, while she was born in Asia, she spent most of her life in London and Berlin (where she’s currently active).

A truly international phenomenon, Gou’s sets combine smooth deep house basslines and melodies with hard-knocking techno drums and spiced with some acid techno influences. Gou is the founder of the independent record label Gudu Records.

18. Uncle Waffles

A list of the world’s best female DJs wouldn’t be complete without Lungelihle Zwane, best known by the moniker of Uncle Waffles. Born in Eswatini and popularized in the neighboring country of South Africa, Uncle Waffles loves to keep her sets local and spins nothing but the hottest African dance tracks.

If you’re looking for something unique, Uncle Waffles has got you covered. Her live sets are perfect for a rooftop sunset and are influenced by everything from dancehall to afrobeat (with a brass section and all). Tuning into her sets is one of the best ways to discover new, fresh-sounding African music gems.

19. Nídia Minaj

The Portuguese DJ Nídia Minaj spent her entire life in Europe and performed live in cities like Lisbon, London, and Berlin. However, she never forgot her African roots, and that’s abundantly stated in her live sets. Minaj isn’t as mainstream as some of the other female DJs on the list, but she’s a legend in the underground scene.

With her work as a producer, Minaj received international critical acclaim and was recurrently branded as one of electronic dance music’s most exciting and unique acts. Her beats are chopped, intricate, and inspired by J Dilla’s “drunken” feel.

20. Sama’ Abdulhadi

The success of the Palestinian DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi goes to show that electronic dance music is a truly global phenomenon. Also known as SAMA, Abdulhadi is the female DJ leading the still-mysterious Western Asia dance scene, and her ability to mix beats live is as impressive as her distinctive background.

There are elements of Asian music in Abdulhadi’s live sets, but her synthy, deep sounds are mainly of the European and American diaspora. She plays nothing but the best electronic dance music tunes, from artists in the line of Carl Cox, Popof, or Pan Pot.

21. Miss Kittin

The French electronic dance music scene is characterized by groovy basslines, funky chords, and memorable vocal melodies. These three elements are also what make Miss Kittin’s live sets so great. This veteran female DJ from Grenoble loves to mix electroclash and tech house beats and even sings on some of her live shows!

Active since 1994, Miss Kittin is also a renowned producer with a few hits in the bag. Namely, the breakthrough tunes “Frank Sinatra” and “1982” (featuring The Hacker). No DJ manages to remain popular for roughly three decades without having some serious skills and determination, and Miss Kittin surely fits the bill.

22. Honey Dijon

“Glamourous” is probably the best word for summing up Honey Dijon’s long DJing career. This American DJ was born in Chicago but found success in the cosmopolitan cities of Berlin and New York. Her live sets are as fashionable as her personality, and that’s why she managed to work for both Dior and Louis Vuitton.

While Honey Dijon’s sound fits the runway like a glove, she’s good enough to be the main act too. She takes inspiration from the classic house music of her native Chicago but also uses disco and techno tracks in her sets. She’s transgender and a trans rights advocate.

23. Nicole Moudaber

Active since 2008, Nicole Moudaber deserves to be on any list of the best female DJs in the world. But she’s much more than just a DJ: she’s also a successful event promoter and radio personality. She founded the record label MOOD Records and runs a radio show titled In The MOOD.

Speaking of the mood, what can you expect from Moudaber’s live sets? In a nutshell, flawlessly mixed techno and deep house tunes with enough sub frequencies to rock your bones. Moudaber was born in Lagos, Nigeria, but is of British/Lebanese nationality.

24. Krewella

Electronic dance music elitists tend to snub the stadium-ready, pop-inspired style of acts such as Krewella. However, there’s no denying that a well-built electro house live set with lots of number-one hits is still the best way to light up a crowd. As seen in their non-stop Ultra Music Festival performance (linked above), Krewella know exactly how to get a party started!

The duo was formed in 2007 in Northbrook, Illinois, and hit the spotlight a few years later. They’re undoubtedly two of the world’s most successful female DJs right now, and they can make a bass drop like the very best.

25. ANNA

The Brazilian DJ ANNA was destined to make a name for herself in the electronic dance music scene. The daughter of a nightclub owner from São Paulo, she started DJing at the young age of 14 and never stopped ever since. Her mixing talents have allowed her to tour the world and play in festivals as huge as Tomorrowland and Ultra Music Festival.

Combining tech house with some refreshing rave elements and a trance-like ability to drop the bass, ANNA is possibly the best female DJ coming from sunny South America. Unlike her background, though, her live sets are dark and cold (in a good way).

26. tINI

Born in Munich but with history in the dance capitals of Berlin and Ibiza, tINI is a German master of the decks who’s been making waves since 2003. Her carefully-crafted live sets should please even the most demanding of electronic dance music lovers: tINI’s technique is pretty impressive and her A-to-B quick switches have already become legendary.

An active event promoter as well, tINI created the platform tINI and the Gang to organize raves around the globe and help to promote rising dance music artists.

27. Monika Kruse

A few years before tINI, another outstanding female DJ was born in the city of Munich. One of Germany’s top female DJs for years (which is no small feat), Monika Kruse is one of the finest representatives of that classic minimal techno sound most people associate with Berlin and central Europe.

Kruse’s live sets are filled with booming subs, synth lines from the underworld, dark vocal samples, and intelligent track combinations. The founder of the Terminal M record label, she was more than once labeled “The Queen of Techno.”

28. Nastia

Dance music from East Europe tends to be fast, crazy, and heavy. Nastia’s abundantly energetic live sets surely fit the description. She’s arguably one of the region’s most internationally-renowned DJs and she spins everything from pure techno beats and trance tracks to drum and bass and breakbeat!

Believe it or not, Nastia was born in a small Ukrainian village before becoming a globetrotting electronic dance music performer. She’s been touring frequently and successfully since 2009.

29. Sweetpea

Out of all the electronic dance music genres, drum-and-bass remains one of the most special. While some people thought it was going to die in the ’90s, the opposite happened. Today, drum-and-bass continues to sell out venues thanks to the dedication of many close-knit communities around the world and the work of talented DJs such as Sweetpea.

Branded D&B’s most promising newcomer, Sweetpea is putting out some of the most solid live sets in the game, grabbing a few influences from dubstep and hip-hop. If you’re into drum-and-bass, you cannot sit this one out.

30. DJ Zinhle

The second African DJ to make it to the list, DJ Zinhle was born in South Africa and is known not only for spinning records but for being a businesswoman and media personality. A bonafide celebrity in her native country, DJ Zinhle is still sadly not as well-known as she deserves in the global dance music scene.

Hopefully, her outstanding live sets will change that. Perfect for a cocktail afternoon, her light brand of house music is filled with real-instrument arrangements, beautiful vocal samples, and groovy basslines. If you’re looking for the perfect summer vibe, DJ Zinhle’s got you covered. 


Female DJs are thankfully becoming increasingly more common in the electronic dance music scene. With their creative live sets and impressive techniques, these DJs are sure to wow any crowd.

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