The 5 Best Cat Ear Headphones (2024)

Looking for some great-sounding cat ear headphones for gaming, zoom/skype calls, vlogging, or recording? We’ve got you covered!

Our top pick as the best cat ear headphones is the SOMIC G951s. If you’re looking for ones on a lower budget then we would recommend the Olyre Cat Headphones.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options available.

The 5 Best Cat Ear Headphones (2024)

1. SOMIC G951s Stereo Gaming Headset
Editor's Choice - Looks great! With great sound quality, lightweight and versatile.
2. Olyre Cat Headphones
Affordable Option - Flexible and portable headphones with LED lights.
3. FosPower Kids Headphones
For kids - Comfortable design, stylish and durable for long term use.
4. ONIKUMA Pink Gaming Headset
Cute design with a seamless audio experience.
5. MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones
Comfortable pads with stereo sound and bright LEDs.

1. SOMIC G951s Stereo Gaming Headset.

The SOMIC G951s cat ear headphones look absolutely great, while also being a pair of very decent gaming and live stream headphones. They have good sound quality, design, and multichannel technology.

The headphones are lightweight and are equipped with good noise cancellation. The cat ears are detachable, the mic is flexible and there are pink, purple, and black color options

Since these headphones are wired, the cable has a control feature to allow for ease of operation.

There is support for multiple platforms, and the breathable material of the ear cups is skin-friendly, making the product great for long term use.

All in all, the fantastic noise cancellation, excellent level of comfort, and tons of features make this headphone the most feasible option.

2. Olyre Cat Headphones.

Olyre provides cute wired cat headphones that are soft and durable. The cable is strong enough to not be damaged under normal use. The cable is also equipped with a microphone and control panel so that you can easily control calls and music.

These headphones are adjustable to fit according to your head size. The ear cups are padded, ensuring that outside noise is reduced.

Furthermore, the headphones are suitable for children since there is a volume control that helps prevent any hearing damage.

To summarize, these headphones provide very good value for their features. They are easy to carry, adjustable, and can be folded for convenience.

3. FosPower Kids Headphones.

These headphones are adjustable for kids to achieve the right fit, lightweight enough to wear without discomfort for hours, and flexible enough for rough handling.

They have a fun and cute design while providing a comfortable headband and earmuffs. Their durability means they are good for active kids who often drop, stretch or twist headphones.

The adjustability ensures that they stay in place no matter how much the child is moving. They are also safe to use due to the limited volume feature.

Overall, the FosPower Kids Headphones are a good choice for your kids if you are looking for stylish and quality headphones. The numerous features such as vibrant lights, padding, quality of sound, and tangle-free cable make them a purchase worth your money.

4. ONIKUMA Pink Gaming Headset.

These ONIKUMA headphones have cat ears that stand out due to their pink color. The LED lights in the ears and ear cups give it a chic look.

However, the aesthetic look does not compromise on the feel, as the headphones have memory foam earpads and a 360 degrees rotating microphone that ensures you are comfortable using the product.

Overall, the catchy design, surround sound and comfortable feel makes these headphones a great buy.

5. MindKoo Bluetooth Headphones.

These budget-friendly headphones have an LED with 7 different colors that also flashes, making them look great. The battery lasts for several hours and the headphones can also be used in wired mode.

The MindKoo headphones have a headband that is adjustable and they are rotatable and foldable, making their use very convenient. There are control buttons on the ear cups, allowing for easy control.

The headphones are built with a solid feel and when in wireless mode the Bluetooth connection is fast and efficient. The ear cups are cushioned meaning that they are comfortable enough to wear for long durations.

The sound quality is not the best from this list, but they are good for people who want headphones for casual gamers and users.

To summarize, these headphones not only look good but also have some impressive features such as good battery life and comfortable material considering the price.

Other Names for Cat Ear Headphones

There are alternative names for the cat headphones, including Neko headphones, which is Japanese for ‘cat’, and kitty ear headphones.

How do You Charge Cat Ear Headphones?

Similar to wireless headphones, cat ear headphones are charged by connecting one side of a USB cable into a port on the headphone, and plugging in the other end to a power source like a USB wall charger or laptop. Otherwise, some cat ear headphones are wired and do not require batteries.

Do Cat Ear Headphones Include Microphones?

Yes, since most headphones are used for calls, online gaming, or video streaming, the majority of these headphones are equipped with microphones.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Good for Gaming?

The cat ear headphones on this list look great while also being good for gaming. They are good for gaming since many of them help isolate the sounds of the game into the users’ ears.

This is important for gaming as you need to be able to hear the faintest of sounds while playing.

Are Cat Ear Headphones Worn by Adults?

Yes, adults, kids, and teenagers can all wear cat ear headphones. Most cat ear headphones are multi-purpose, which is why they have become popular in the gaming and music world. They have also been worn by many celebrities such as Ariana Grande and PewDiePie, which has helped increase their popularity among people of all age groups.


It is often difficult to find a good product when there are so many of them. Cat ear headphones have many different variations, making it difficult to know which ones would suit your needs.

This article will help you find the best cat headphones without much hassle. Whether you are looking for sound quality, durability, technology, or price, there is an option for you.

We hope you find what you are looking for and enjoy the headphone experience where you can completely immerse yourself while listening to music or playing games!

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