The 7 Best Arpeggiator Plugins – Free and Paid Options

Is the stock arpeggiator on your DAW getting you bored? Fret not! We’ve put together a list of 7 of the best plugins available. This includes both free and paid options.

Arpeggiator plugins provide a MIDI routing effect that can be aligned to the track in your DAW. It can detect notes or chords that have been played on your keyboard or the sequencer. These plugins make your music much better and offer more variations in tune that you can play with.

1. Hypercyclic (Free)


Hypercyclic is a free and an amazing MIDI arpeggiator. It provides you with a gate effect and step sequencer that adds more melody to your tune. You can easily use the Hypercyclic output to drive with other MIDI instruments, as well.

Moreover, It can be used as a vst or even as a standalone application. The best thing about the Hypercyclic is that you can very feasibly manage between the chaos and the regularity. It helps to create a unique pattern in your tune.

  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • You can get it with 64GB support
  • It’s Free!
  • Some of the presets can sound a bit strange!

Check It Out: Hypercyclic

2. Cthulhu (Paid)


Cthulhu is both an arpeggiator as well as a chord generator. The single plugin has multiple functions that allow you to transform your single chord in an entire tune.

It offers a lot of options in terms of presets and scales, allowing you to quickly record your tune and save them. Moreover, the Cthulhu is an amazing arpeggiator plugin that gives you full control over your notes which helps you to come up with some fun chords.

It also comes with an 8-step sequencer and is loaded with features like ties, velocity sequencing, chord appregio modes, harmony, and intelligent transpose. With Cthulhu, you can create complex and mesmerizing tones in a melodious way.

  • Various features are available
  • Easy for beginners

Check It Out: Cthulhu

3. Kirnu Cream (Paid)

Kirnu Cream

Kirnu Cream is one of the best and highly recommended MIDI arpeggiator plugins. It is very fun to play with and comes with a ton of great features. The simple and user-friendly design allows everyone to work on the arpeggiator like a pro. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily create cool tunes with this plugin.

With KirnuCream you get features like the Tracks that provide you with 4 independent MIDI engines that can be programmed to produce different outputs at the same time.

  • Simple and easy design
  • Unlimited features

Check It Out: Kirnu Cream

4. Thesys (Paid)


Thesys is a power-packed MIDI sequencer that allows you to explore deep features. A great arpeggiator enables you to integrate the necessary sequencing in your melody. You get Velocity and Gate Sequencer that makes experimenting with chords much easier while giving you the full control over it. It includes features like pitch recorder, internal synth, vast randomizer, MIDI Out and Drag ‘n’ Drop and 18 sequencer lanes.

You can input the chords with MIDI and then synchronize it with Thesys. It allows you to bring more uniqueness to your melody.

  • Unlimited features
  • Four formats available for use

Check It Out: Thesys

5. Consequence (Paid)


The Consequence is a user-friendly arpeggiator that enables you to create notes easily with the chords that you integrate. You get the more detailed definition for all the sonic aspects (Tie, Chord, Octave or Arp) on a step-by-step basis. 

You can create multiple complex and unique textured tunes with it. With Consequence, you get a Sample Library comprising of 800 MB content with 222 sound presets and in 15 categories.

One of the best features of Consequence is the versatility of it. It provides you with control over direction while playing so you can create more uniqueness in the tune, even with a basic motif.

  • User-friendly design
  • Has a very unique workflow
  • Numerous features

Check It Out: Consequence

6. ARPS (Paid)


ARPS is a percussive arpeggiator plugin that is designed to provide more rhythm to your melody. This plugin has many great features like the 7 adjustable FX which is used to set the desired timings of your patterns. It has a simple interface with streamlined controls and operations that is very easy to work with.

Check It Out: ARPS

7. ARP2600 V (Paid)

ARP2600 V

The ARP2600 V allows you to create unique patterns with amazing sound quality. It delivers from leads, sequencer to some very cool sound effects. The original version of the ARP2600 was equally good; however, the newer version is quite enhanced.

You can find any song with the Preset Browser in the ARP2600 V. Meanwhile, with the resizable GUI, you can zoom in the screen for a more in-depth analysis of your DAW.

  • Wide range of features 
  • Easy to use 

Check It Out: ARP2600

What Is An Arpeggiator?

An arpeggiator plugin is responsible for syncing your tone by cycling through the notes while playing each note to a specified length. The modes in the arpeggiator can be easily customized, setting it to your preferred measure.

The tempo and the note length can be changed easily while synchronizing the notes. From simple chord arrangement to complex pre-programmed patterns, arpeggiator allows varying degrees of customization.

You can set polyphonic patterns where the notes play simultaneously in a synchronized way. Furthermore, an arpeggiator plugin allows you to play every note at your selected speed.

Arpeggiator plugins are more fun if you are producing electronic music. You can come up with some great rhythm and patterns that add more energy to your tune. The arpeggiator is desired for adding bass, harmony and understating.


Why should you use arpeggiators? They can sound REALLY cool when used correctly! Although arpeggiators often have that retro feel, they can also be used tastefully and creatively to make some very modern sounding music.

The arpeggiator creates a series of broken chords commonly termed as arpeggios. These broken chords when played in a successive progression creates a flow and kick in the soundtrack.

They allow more control over the composition of the notes. Moreover, it generates very exotic and extraordinary textures, depending on the MIDI instrument that you use.

In order to create mesmerizing tunes, arpeggiator plugins add a unique texture to the fresh tracks. It lets you play with a string of notes even if you press a single key. The arpeggiator will mix your notes while giving you full control over it.

From synchronization to producing some complete and yet impressive melodies. All the arpeggiators can play notes for when you hold the chord, however, the advanced ones can store the note patterns. You can select the arpeggiator that best matches your needs and make your melodies even groovier.

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