20 Things to Do While Listening to Music

Music is incredibly versatile; it can help increase productivity, relax, or get you pumped for a workout. If you’re trying to figure out some new things you can do while listening to your favorite songs, this is the list for you.

Here are 20 things to do while listening to music:

1. Take a Walk

Popping in your earbuds before you head out on a walk will help zone you out and help you to relax. Walks can often be a shorter activity, depending on your schedule.

Some people only take a few short walks a day to walk their dog, so listening to music while taking a walk can help you destress and relax while also getting some exercise. Incorporating music into your daily walks will help you get up and moving without even realizing it.

2. Play Games

Listening to music while playing games can make the game more enjoyable and rewarding for everyone playing. The music can help put the players in an enthusiastic mood while engaging more in the game’s content. Music can also be played while participating in outdoor games, which can help remind people of the joys of being in a stress-free environment.

3. Read and Write

Listening to music has the power to increase creativity and thought processes. Music can also inspire you to seek inspiration and help to engage in more critical thinking. Listening to music without any lyrics can also improve your concentration while reading.

It can allow you to fully engage in the book and fully comprehend what message the writer is trying to convey. It also makes you more engaged in the text, and you can fully immerse yourself in the story.

4. Work Out

Working out to your favorite tunes can help you get in the zone. The music will motivate you instead of letting you focus on your tiredness. It will also distract you from giving in to laziness or fatigue. It’s important to listen to upbeat music with steady beats instead of slower songs with long dips. This will ensure that you stay focused.

5. Meditate

It is important to choose a gentle tone when choosing the music to listen to while meditating. The music should be calm and gentle enough to improve your psychological balance. The music shouldn’t be loud, upbeat, or high-pitched. It should be very mellow, calming, and without lyrics to relax and clear your mind properly.

Several resources can suggest which songs to listen to and how to integrate them into your meditation sessions.

6. Do Household Chores

Let’s face it: nobody likes doing household chores. Chores are just something that has to be done, and somebody has to do it. Listening to music while cleaning can help make the task go by faster since it has a way of zoning you out.

Singing along and even dancing to the music will put you in a good mood and forget about the cleaning you’re doing. It can also help you complete the chore more quickly. Before you know it, the cleaning will be done.

7. Take a Drive

Diving and listening to music is an activity many people do daily or weekly. For most of us, driving and listening to music go hand in hand. Whether it’s a long commute or sitting in traffic, music can help relax you in tense situations. Music can also help you unwind after a long workday and help you to decompress on your way home.

8. Listen Critically

A positive mood can be induced by actively listening to music. It also allows you to listen to the lyrics and story of the song and the deeper musical elements the song has.  It can be a very enlightening experience while also helping to give you a unique perspective on things.

Sometimes, we don’t realize what songs are about or what message the artist is trying to get across. When you actively listen to a song, your mind can fully comprehend the story and its meaning.

9. Go for a Run or Hike

Listening to music can make you hyper, which will help with your run or hike. It can make you more energetic and enthusiastic about your activity and help to make the experience more pleasurable. Listening to your playlist while on a hike can help you appreciate your surroundings and become more in touch with nature.

10. Study

For many people, listening to music with no lyrics at a low volume can help improve their concentration. For others, listening to music with lyrics does not affect their ability to concentrate and can often improve it. It lets you shut out the world and focus solely on your studies.

This can also make study time go by much faster. This is a personal choice because it affects people differently.

11. Work

Listening to music while working can increase attentiveness on your tasks. It can also make repetitive tasks more enjoyable since the music will make you calmer and happier. Your work environment will become happier and healthier due to listening to music, making you more productive. Listening to music can also make your day go by faster since you’re listening to your favorite music while also getting your work done.

Depending on your job, the music might have to be played very low, especially if you’re making or taking calls. However, even being played at a low volume can greatly improve your productivity and make you happier at the same time.

12. Go to Sleep

Music can fully relax you to the point that you can drift off to sleep. It can also help you fall asleep faster and achieve a more restful night’s sleep. Several devices were specifically made to be used as sleep inducers or enhancers.

Some people prefer noise machines. However, music can be a better option for the relaxation properties it has. Soft music that plays at a low volume in the background will relax you better than watching TV or scrolling through your phone.

13. Arts and Hobbies

Whether your hobby is crafting, knitting, creative writing, or painting, music can help you get motivated to achieve your goals with your hobby. It can also help you concentrate better while focusing on your current task. The music can also inspire you to pick up a new hobby and make time for other things.

14. Party

It goes without saying that partying and music go well together. Music will help you and others at the party relax and unwind while enjoying one another’s company. Additionally, listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety, making everyone feel more positive.

Playing music at parties can also engage everyone in conversation. A certain song could bring up a past memory for some, and they could start talking about events that transpired as a result of the song playing. Music has a way of bringing a lot of nostalgia to people, which can be a good conversation starter for those who are just getting to know one another.

15. Surf the Web

Since many people spend their free time surfing the web, listening to music is a wonderful opportunity. This could be your favorite playlist or even time to explore new genres of music. Listening to music while surfing the web can also improve your alertness.

Maybe you’re casually surfing and scrolling through news articles, or you’re actively searching for a recipe or possibly a new topic that you know little about. The music playing in the background can improve your concentration while engaging in this activity.

16. Daydream

Engaging in moments of daydreaming has the potential to ignite creativity and fresh insights. When coupled with the evocative allure of music, it evolves into a potent catalyst for innovation and profound contemplation, enriching the texture of our thoughts. 

Additionally, this amalgamation can kindle positive sentiments, particularly when we link particular melodies or harmonies with distinct recollections or concepts.

17. Cook or Bake

Music has the remarkable ability to establish an ambiance and rhythm within the culinary space, catering to both cooking enthusiasts and those less fond of the kitchen.

Music can serve as an invaluable companion when embarking on culinary experiments with novel recipes or uncharted ingredients. As illustrated in the cinematic masterpiece “Ratatouille,” it possesses the enchanting capacity to whisk you away to a realm of creativity and gastronomic adventure. Picture yourself swaying to the tunes while concocting a symphony of flavors in your kitchen!

18. Take a Shower

The act of singing within the confines of a shower holds its popularity for a specific rationale: the acoustics within this small space are truly exceptional. Consequently, selecting a few songs with powerful vocals to accompany your cleansing routine serves as an ideal method to kickstart your day on a harmonious note.

19. Knit

For those skilled in the art of knitting, there exists a perfect juncture to indulge in the pleasures of music – precisely when your hands are engaged in deftly maneuvering those knitting needles. The apt choice of music has the remarkable capacity to enhance the already soothing and almost meditative rhythm of knitting, rendering the entire experience notably more serene and enjoyable.

20. Walk your Dog

Taking your furry companion for a stroll is an absolute delight, made even better when accompanied by your favorite tunes. As you stroll through the park or neighborhood streets, music can turn a simple walk into a sensory experience. 

The rhythm of the music can harmonize with your steps, creating a unique and enjoyable cadence. Plus, your canine friend will likely appreciate the extra pep in your step, and you can both bond over the shared soundscape. So, leash up, put on your headphones, and embark on a harmonious journey with your four-legged friend.


Music is a very powerful attribute that you can integrate into many different aspects of your life. It can be a wonderful asset to several chores, tasks, and work that we do every day. It can make the less enjoyable tasks more tolerable since it can instantly put you in a better mood. The relaxing qualities of music can also greatly improve your sleep quality and overall health.

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