The Best Rent-to-own Plugins (VST, AU) (2021)

Rent-to-own plugins have started to greatly increase in popularity as customers can get access to quality plugins right away, while paying a small monthly fee. Once the payment term is completed, you get a full licence for the software.

You can decide to stop paying at any time, in which case your licence is put on hold.

The Best Rent-to-own Plugins

1. Splice Rent-to-own Plugins
31 effects plugins, 5 Great Instrument Plugins (including Serum). Studio One 5 Professional is also available on rent-to-own.
2. Landr Rent-to-own Plugins
The 'Lethal Pro' Synth is available on rent-to-own
3. Sylenth1 (Lennar Digital)
The highly popular sylenth1 synth

Note: The Waves Rent-to-own plugin program has been discontinued.

Is it Worth Getting a Rent-to-own Plugin?

I purchased Serum from Splice in this manner, and I found the experience great.

In general, from the rent-to-own plugins that I have seen, there is no extra interest or financing on the payments, so there are not many downsides to going with this option.

What are the downsides?

The only downside that I experienced is that you might need an active internet connection every now and then for the licensing software on your computer to verify that you are up-to-date with payments (e.g., through the Splice app). This probably would not be an issue for the majority of people.

When you have fully paid off the plugin cost, then you would get a full license serial code for the plugin, and this regular authorization check would no longer be required.

Splice Rent-to-own Offers

Splice started to launch rent-to-own plugins back a few years ago, and they’ve increased this by quite a lot. In the list below, they have the full Studio One 5 professional DAW on offer in rent-to-own.

Screenshot of

There are five great-quality virtual instruments, as well as 31 very impressive effects plugins. Check out this link to splice to get the most up-to-date list.

Here are the virtual instrument plugins that are on offer:

Instrument Brand Type
Serum Xfer Records Synthesizer, Wavetable
Punchbox D16 Group Synthesizer, Drums, Distortion, Filter
Circle² FutureAudioWorkshop Synthesizer, Wavetable
Zone Audiaire Synthesizer, Sequencer, Wavetable
Parallels Softube Synthesizer

They also have a wide number of high-quality effects plugins:

Product Brand Type
RC-20 Retro Color XLN Audio FX, Distortion
Ozone 9 Advanced iZotope Mastering, Limiter, Compressor, EQ
VocalSynth 2 iZotope Vocals, Vocoder, Multi-Effect, Autotune
Neutron 3 Advanced iZotope Mixing, EQ, Compressor, Gate
PORTAL Output FX, Granular
Pigments Arturia Synthesizer, Wavetable, Analog, Modulation
Ozone 9 Standard iZotope Mastering, Limiter, EQ, Compressor
THERMAL Output Distortion, FX
Neutron 3 Standard iZotope Mixing, EQ, Compressor, Gate
V Collection 7 Arturia Vintage, Keyboards, Synthesizer
Decimort 2 D16 Group Bitcrusher, Filter
RX 8 Standard iZotope Repair, Restoration, Remix
MOVEMENT Output Modulators, Sidechain, Sequencer
Neoverb iZotope Reverb, FX
Ozone 9 + Neutron 3 Advanced iZotope Mastering, Mixing, Limiter, EQ, Compressor
Sample Serato Sampler
KSHMR Essentials KSHMR FX, Compressor, Vocals
Stutter Edit 2 iZotope FX, Glitch
Toraverb 2 D16 Group Reverb, EQ, Sidechain
Devastor 2 D16 Group Distortion, Multiband, Limiter, Filter
Analog Lab 4 Arturia Synth, Keyboards, Live
Ozone 9 + Neutron 3 Standard iZotope Mastering, Mixing, Limiter, EQ, Compressor
FX Collection Arturia Reverb, Compressor, Filter, Delay
Regroover Pro Accusonus Sample-Manipulation
D16 FX Bundle D16 Group Bitcrusher, Distortion, Flanger, Delay, Reverb
Beatformer Accusonus Beat-Processing
Tekturon D16 Group Delay, Echo
Nectar 3 Plus iZotope Vocals, Mixing, FX
Antresol D16 Group Flanger
Nuxx Audiaire FX, Reverb, Delay, Sequencer
Zenith Audiaire MIDI, FX, Sequencer

Sylenth1 Rent-to-own

Sylenth1 is also available as a rent-to-own version.

Screenshot of

In this case, you have to pay 9.95 euros monthly until the full amount for the product is paid for. Sylenth1 is a really popular virtual synth, which is very versatile and it is great for use in many different genres.

If you watched Armin Van Burren’s Masterclass then you will see him make some heavy use of Sylenth1!

Landr Rent-to-Own

Screenshot of

Landr is also getting into the rent-to-own game with “Lethal Pro,” which is a powerful software synthesizer with a simple interface that sounds great.

It’s quite impressive in terms of features and quality. The current price for this is $9.99 a month for 20 months. You can try it free for 3 days and there’s no hidden fees or interest on this.

Waves Rent-to-own plugins (Discontinued)

Waves previously had a rent-to-own package but this has been discontinued.

Customers who are already on a plan will continue to be able to pay for these until the end of the two-year period is reached.

But, Waves now have an alternative “music maker access plan” on a subscription basis. So this is another one to check out.

You can get access to 42 plugins for $9.99 a month in their Gold package. There’s also a cheaper Silver package for $6.99 a month and a Platinum package which is $19.99 a month, which gives you access to 57 of waves plugins.

Waves are a very well-known and respected plugin maker. If you want to get access to some great plugins, this is a good idea, but keep in mind that this is not a rent-to-own option.

This is a subscription service. So you will not actually ever own the products outright.

Rent-to-Own Plugins or Plugin Subscription?

Should you buy a rent-to-own plugin or should you just go for a plugin subscription and get access to a lot of plugins for a flat monthly fee?

There are pros and cons to each. The biggest benefit of subscription services (like the Waves subscription) is that you can get access to a lot of plugins for a small monthly fee.

You will get access to a lot more than you would if you are getting individual plugins and a rent-to-own basis.

The main downside of this is that when you stop paying for the subscription service once your plugin subscription period is up, you will no longer have access to those plugins.

On a rent-to-own basis, once you’ve completed your subscription you will be able to have a full access to that plugin. Therefore, if you have your eye on one or two plugins that you plan to use for a very long time into the future, then we would suggest that you go for the rent-to-own option.

If there is a large number of plugins that you’re looking to use in your productions, and you don’t mind paying for these on your continual basis, then the subscription model is probably the way to go.

It’s hard to know how these will go in future, but based on how the general public are getting used to subscription services, we might start seeing more and more subscription plugin services coming in the future.


So that’s our list of the best rent-to-own plugins available at the moment. We will keep this list updated as we find other good rent-to-own offers for plugins.

Rent-to-own plugins are a great way for people to legitimately get access to great music production software and this price model makes it more accessible to those that can’t sink hundreds of dollars into a plugin at any one time.

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