Sound to Get Water Out of Your Phone – 10 Best Options

If you have water trapped inside your phone, you can get it out with an app, video, or website that plays specific tones capable of ejecting water.

It’s a common problem that can be frustrating, but there are solutions. In this article, I’ll explore effective ways to get rid of trapped sound in your phone’s speakers or microphone.

1. Minicreo Phone Cleaner (website)

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This website allows you to get rid of water stuck in your speakers by playing an ultra-low 165Hz high-frequency sound. Just click on “Fix My Speaker” and play the sound on the follow-up link.

And since this is a website, you don’t need to download an app specifically to eject water from your phone.

2. Fixmyspeakers (website)

Fixmyspeakers is a website that offers a water ejection function similar to that in the Apple Watch

When you click on the Play button, the website generates a tone that produces sound waves capable of pushing water out from your phone’s speakers.

3. Speaker Cleaner – Water Remove (iOS app)

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Speaker Cleaner is an iOS app that can help get rid of the water inside your phone.

To use Speaker Cleaner, put your phone on a table with the screen facing down, turn up the volume, and make sure that the phone isn’t connected to a headset or external speakers.

4. Speaker Cleaner (Android app)

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This app plays a sound capable of removing water from your Android phone’s speaker. Just make sure that you set the Volume on the highest level and lay the phone with the screen facing down for it to be effective. 

5. n Beats (YouTube channel video)

The n Beats YouTube channel has a video that plays a water-ejecting sound. Many people in the comments section were surprised that it actually works. 

To use it, open the video on your phone’s YouTube app, set the volume to the max, and let the video do its magic. 

6. Sonic (iOS app)

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The Sonic iOS app produces a sine wave tone that allows convenient frequency control. It’s as easy as swiping your finger up or down on the app’s homepage. 

The available frequency range is 0-25 kHz, and you can even control the app with your Apple Watch. 

What’s more, you can let Sonic work in the background while you use other apps. There’s also a paid version that lets you save your preferred tone. 

7. Speaker Cleaner – Boost Sound (Android app)

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The Speaker Cleaner Android app can eject water from your phone’s speakers in just 45 seconds. 

All you have to do is download and install the app, then tap on the Play button. This app has worked for over 85% of those who have tried it, so it’s worth giving it a shot. 

8. Tecno Play Oficial (YouTube Channel video)

The Tecno Play Oficial YouTube channel has a video that outputs sound waves at a particular frequency. After playing this video till the end, your phone’s speakers should sound much better. 

9. Gizmoxo (website)

Gizmoxo is a website that allows you to press an Eject Water button to make your phone’s speakers sound less muffled (get water out of your phone). 

The button plays multiple tones that can get rid of any trapped water in your speakers. It plays the exact same sound frequencies that Apple uses in their smartwatch’s Eject Water function. 

10. KOMA (YouTube Channel video)

KOMA’s sound-ejecting YouTube video has worked for lots of iPhone and Android users. 

To get the most out of it, raise the volume to the top level and leave the video till the end. You can also play the video more than once, depending on how much water is left in the speakers. 

Try testing the speakers at the end of the video, and if you still think they sound muffled, play the video another time.

In case the video hasn’t worked, KOMA recommends leaving your phone in a closed bag of rice overnight.

More Steps to Remove Water from Your Phone

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try when trying to remove water from your phone:

  1. Remove the SIM card and memory card (if your phone has one). This will help prevent any further damage to the cards and give your phone a better chance of recovery.
  2. Shake the phone gently to try and remove any excess water. Be careful not to shake it too hard, as this could cause the water to spread further inside the phone.
  3. Use a towel or cloth to dry the exterior of the phone. Don’t use a hairdryer, as the heat could damage the phone’s components.
  4. Put your phone in a bowl of uncooked rice. Rice is absorbent and can help draw out any moisture that’s inside your phone. Leave your phone in the rice for at least 24 hours before attempting to turn it on again.
  5. If none of the above steps work, you may need to take your phone to a professional repair shop. They will have specialized equipment to diagnose and fix any damage caused by water.


So these were some of the best techniques to get water out of your phone. If none of them worked for you, your last resort would be to send your phone to your manufacturer’s service center for inspection and repair.

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