How Much Does A Piano Cost (2024)?

Depending on the type of piano, the price can vary. Digital pianos can be found for $100 – $200. Upright pianos range in price from $2000 to $25,000 or more, depending on the model. Entry-level grand piano models can be found for around $7000, up to $200,000, again, depending on which model it is.

Upright Pianos

Upright pianos are some of the most common pianos that you’ll often see in fancy restaurants, ballrooms, music schools, and maybe even homes. 

Upright pianos are by no means cheap. The average one would set you back somewhere between $2000 and $7000. However, they’re still much more affordable than grand pianos. Not to mention, they don’t take up much space compared to grand pianos. 

Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are the MVPs of the piano world. It’s every hobbyist and professional pianist’s dream to perform on a grand piano. 

Grand pianos come in multiple sizes, including baby, medium, large, and extra-large grand pianos. A baby grand piano could cost $8,000-$120,000, while medium ones are slightly pricier at a range of $12,000-$127,000. 

Large and extra-large ones are often costly, costing between $14,000 to $134,000. 

As for concert pianos, these can be divided into two classes: semi-concert and concert. A semi concert grand piano can cost anywhere from $31,000, up to $200,000. Concert grand pianos carry steeper price tags, costing $80,000 for the cheapest model and $280,000 for the highest-end one. 

Digital Pianos

Digital pianos are probably the most budget-friendly pianos you can get. A digital piano may just cost you $100-$200, which is nothing compared to the price of an upright piano, for instance.

A digital piano is simply an electronic keyboard that has recorded samples. Of course, a digital piano doesn’t even come close to what more sophisticated piano types have to offer, but it can be a good way for beginner pianists to dip their toes into the world of pianos. 

Some digital pianos have an upright piano form factor for aesthetic purposes.

How Much Do Used Pianos Cost?

Several variables determine the price of a used piano. You may get a piano for little to no money or spend a fortune on it. 

Some of the factors that shape the price of a piano include:

  • Type. There are various types of pianos, and each of them has its price category. 
  • Size. Pianos don’t just come in various types; there are also significant variations in sizes. As you might’ve guessed, larger pianos typically cost more.
  • Brand. It’s no secret that the brand of a piano will impact its price tremendously. Brands like Yamaha, Fazioli, Steinway & Sons, and Bössndorfer are among the most luxurious piano brands. 
  • Materials and Parts. Pianos are made of softwoods, hardwoods, fets, and metal. But just like with any other instrument, these materials and parts vary greatly in cost. High-profile brands, in particular, pay great attention to the materials.
  • Age and Condition. The piano’s overall condition can significantly affect its price. The better a piano’s condition is the higher its price. 

Are Baby Grand Pianos Better Than Upright Pianos? 

A baby grand piano could cost you at least a few thousand dollars more than an upright piano. However, the difference between a baby grand piano and an upright piano is barely noticeable, so it may not be worth the extra money for a lot of people. 

How Much Should You Spend on Your First Piano?

There’s no right or wrong answer here since it all depends on your experience level and whether you’re comfortable enough to spend a lot of money on a new instrument. 

If you’re already a professional pianist, anything from $3000 to $10,000 seems reasonable. However, if you’re still in the very beginnings of exploring this instrument, you shouldn’t spend more than a few hundred bucks.

This is simply because you might decide to switch to another instrument later on. Many musicians start with a particular instrument, only to find that they’re better at playing another instrument later. 


So that was a quick overview of the cost of different types of pianos. In short, you can buy a piano no matter what your budget is. 

If you’re on a low budget, starting with a digital piano can be a good idea. But if you’re OK with spending a few thousand dollars, an upright piano is the way to go. 

Arda Tuncer

Arda Tuncer

Arda Tuncer is a music producer, composer, songwriter, arranger, and performer. She releases music as part of the music duo, Kronik Leila. She has worked and collaborated with some prestigious orchestras around Europe, while also holding University positions as music theory professor and music research assistant. Arda studied music theory and clarinet at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris and completed her degree at the Conservatory of Strasbourg in France.

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