Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp Review

The Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp is a modestly-priced and versatile acoustic preamp that offers a lot of sound-shaping options for acoustic-electric guitar users. It’s well-built, has excellent connectivity options, and brings a lot of value to the table.

As a musician, I know that getting the best sound out of my instrument is crucial, especially for live performances. With acoustic-electric guitars sometimes struggling to cut through the mix, an acoustic preamp becomes an essential tool.

In this review, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and experiences with the Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp. You can also check out my detailed video review on it through the link below:


Value for Money




Build Quality


Sound Quality


Ease of Use



The Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp is an affordable, quality preamp that is excellent for live performances and practice sessions. You have a bunch of useful controls and effects to play around with and dial in a tone you like. It’s a versatile beast with useful connectivity options but does add a slight coloration to the sound which is not a major deal breaker.


  • Affordable price
  • High-quality build and design
  • Responsive three-band EQ
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Useful effects


  • Slight coloration to the sound
  • Cramped knobs

General Thoughts

Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp
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I was genuinely impressed with the build quality of the Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp. For the price, I didn’t expect such a well-made and sleek design. The knobs are a little cramped for my taste but that’s just my personal preference. The footswitch design is excellent, and the connectivity options are spot-on.

The DI and ground/lift switch is an excellent addition that makes this preamp extremely useful for live performances. No annoying hum or signal problems, but I did notice a slight coloration in sound when using the effects. Nothing major but it is there.


The preamp is compact and versatile, featuring a three-band EQ with bass, middle, and treble controls, along with volume control. There’s also a shape and phase control switch, as well as a ground/lift switch.

The four secondary knobs control reverb and chorus effects, which are footswitch-based with LED status lights. I really like the black-and-white contrast design of the knobs. This is truly a feature-packed device.


For me, the most impressive aspect of the preamp is its connectivity options. There’s an input, tuner out, and 3.5 mm line-in on the right side, and an output, phones out, and balanced DI XLR out on the left side. The DI out provides a stable signal without interference, and the headphone out is great for quiet practice sessions.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the preamp is noteworthy. The three-band EQ is responsive, allowing you to dial in a tone you like. The effects are great for shaping your tone further. The preamp does add slight coloration to the sound, which may not be for everyone, but I personally didn’t mind it.

The reverb effect is just how you’d expect it to be but the chorus is truly amazing. I was really impressed with the overall tonal quality you get from such an affordable acoustic preamp. Naturally, you can utilize the shape and phase switches to get a slightly different tone if you want to.


The affordable price tag is one of the primary reasons the Custom Line acoustic preamp is so popular. With its quality build, good sound, and sound-shaping options, along with the DI out and phones out, it’s an excellent choice for gigging musicians.


For alternatives, consider other budget-friendly options like the Nux Stageman Floor Preamp. It has a similar design with additional looper and freeze effects and is close to the Custom Line’s price range.


The Harley Benton Custom Line Acoustic Preamp offers great value for its price, with a well-built design, versatility, and impressive sound. It’s a solid option for musicians looking to enhance their acoustic sound without breaking the bank.

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