8 Free Online Music Games for Kids Without Login (No Adobe Flash!)

There are many free online games for kids available and the ones presented below can be accessed anytime and anywhere because they do not require Adobe Flash.

Below you can find several types of games that kids will like, ranging from quiz games to single-player music games.

1. PBS Kids Music Games

Screenshot of pbskids.org

Go to website: PBS Kids Music Games

Several music games can be played, ranging from some that help you make music, like “Ribbit”, to some that teach about animals and letters, like “Letter Dance Party”.

With PBS Kids Music Games, children can dance, sing, and learn. Choose out of 19 different games to explore. Most of them are really simple and the games are designed for very young kids that just now experience the world of music.

2. Classic For Kids Games

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Go to website: Classic For Kids Games

Classic For Kids Games are good options for children interested in music but without much knowledge. With the different games available, the child can learn musical terms, match rhythms, learn about composers, note names, musical instruments, and even compose a very simple 4-bars melody.

3. Music Memory Game

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Go to website: Music Memory Game

The Music Memory Game is perfect for kids that already take music lessons or that have a very good ability to distinguish between notes.

In this game, the child has to listen to musical notes and identify them. There are buttons for the notes ranging from Do to Ti. When the child gets the note right, the level of difficulty goes up. When the child gets the note wrong, a life is lost. You have 5 lives in this game and the goal is to score as much as possible.

4. Inside The Orchestra Musical Games

Screenshot of insidetheorchestra.org

Go to website: Inside The Orchestra Musical Games

Choose out of 8 musical games based on orchestra instruments. Start with the simple ones that allow you to listen to how the instruments sound, like “Play Woodwinds & Strings” and “Play Brass & Percussion”.

The games are organized logically. After listening to the sounds, the child can play a memory game to get familiar with how the instruments look like. Then, more advanced games can be considered. “Musical Maps” tests the child’s attention to detail and listening accuracy. “Pick the Parts” lets the child see the role of every instrument in famous compositions by being able to mute them.

Inside The Orchestra Musical Games focus on education but they are entertaining and there is even a game that allows you to compose music. And you can also see professional orchestra musicians playing their instruments through actual video performance recordings.

5. AGame Music Games

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Go to website: AGame

AGame features 62 music games (However, keep in mind that some of the older games require Adobe Flash).

Games like Piano Online and Virtual Piano help you to practice playing the piano while games like Tina Learns ballet familiarizes you with ballet moves while also helping you improve your memory skills.

Different types of music games are available, ranging from puzzle games to adventure games. They can keep children that love music entertained for hours and be educational at the same time.

6. Ducksters Music Matching Game

Screenshot of www.ducksters.com

Go to website: Ducksters Music Matching Game

The Ducksters Music Matching Game is very good for kids that learn how to play an instrument. This is because the premise of the game is to match sounds.

You can choose game difficult ranging from really simple (just 3 notes to match) to very complex (8 notes to match). You can play just as practice or time yourself to constantly challenge you to mix the musical notes faster.

7. Quia Orchestra Instrument Family

Screenshot of www.quia.com

Go to website: Quia Orchestra Instrument Family

This is a quiz game that aims to teach kids about musical instrument families.

After you start the quiz, you are presented with 21 instruments. You need to choose what family it belongs to out of brass, percussion, string, and woodwind. Although the quiz is simple to play, it makes it very easy to memorize instruments.

8. Theremin

Screenshot of femurdesign.com

Go to website: Theremin

Theremin is an online synth in which you can choose the type of loop you generate, delay, feedback, and scuzz. It is better suited for older children that now experiment with electronic music production because it simulates how synthesizers work.

Important Note: Some of these synth sounds generated might be a bit much for young kids (Theremins generally make pretty weird noises!). Make sure that you supervise the child and do not overdo the use of feedback and scuzz.

Where you press on the mouse, it dictates the note played. Then, the settings chosen dictate the type of synth effect generated. Theremin helps you learn about notes, scales and different types of sounds.

Theremin is available on iOS, Android, Desktop, and as an online app you play in a browser.

Benefits of Music Games for Kids

The benefits of music games for kids are numerous. For starters, according to a study by the Brain and Creativity Institute, musical experiences during childhood accelerate brain development. This is especially seen in reading skills and language acquisitions. Also, the NAMM Foundation highlights that when the child learns how to play an instrument, SAT scores are increased and mathematical learning is improved.

When the child plays music games, all the advantages associated with being exposed to music appear. At the same time, the kid can relax and have fun.

Music games increase child development and the speed at which skills are gained. This includes school readiness, social-emotional skills, language skills, motor skills, overall literacy, and intellectual skills.

Use music games for kids to expose the child to music and help him/her learn through sounds. Even general music knowledge like information about composers can be learned while playing fun games.

Another thing we should mention is that music games for kids are very useful at increasing creativity. While some do rely on memorizing and listening, others rely on more complex structures, like music composition through a scale. For instance, one of the Classic for Kids Games lets the child choose his own notes and note types to create a short song.

How to Use Music Games for Remote Learning

The music games presented above can easily be used for remote learning because they do not require installation or the presence of software like Adobe Flash.

The child can use any device capable of accessing the internet to play music games while the teacher offers much-needed guidance.

As an example, a music teacher can use the games during a Zoom or Skype call. The share screen feature is useful to demonstrate how to play and then give indications when the student plays.

The teacher can create a lesson structure that uses several music games to highlight simple to advanced concepts. Everything can be done online and there is no need to have face-to-face interaction with the child. The parent can even sit in and offer more help if needed and desired.

Why You Should Use Games that Don’t Require Login

The main reason why games that don’t require logins are preferred is convenience. A kid does not need to sign up and can quickly start playing after the game’s page is loaded. This is particularly useful if you are planning to run these as music games over online classes.

In addition, all these games are free. Anyone can play them and if the child does not like one, another one can be loaded.


This list features different music games for kids that can help them increase their learning skills and accelerate brain development. They range in difficulty from really simple to complex so the child can choose something that is completely comfortable.

Both parents and music teachers can use these free music games for kids to teach kids about music while they have fun at the same time.

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