24 Free Kontakt Libraries (2024)

There are plenty of free Kontakt libraries that can be used to expand your arsenal of sounds and effects. These offer many different instruments, sounds, beats, and samples with dynamic controls and sound-shaping capabilities for free.

These libraries are a great way to improve the creative music-making process. With various instruments, sounds, loops, and samples, you can expand and further shape and create musical sounds for your tracks.

Many of these require the full version of kontakt, but some work on the Free Kontakt Player (learn about the difference betWeen Kontakt vs Kontakt Player).

Free Kontakt Libraries

  1. Acoustic Guitar by Pettinhouse Audio: A realistic acoustic guitar plugin with a strum, a picked, and a fingered patch. Along with 12 velocity layers, it offers a great sustain and decay.
  2. Amore Grand Piano by Precisionsound: A Kontakt instrument that emulates a Yamaha Grand Piano with additional controls/effects like EQ, reverb, delay, etc.
  3. “Skerratt London” Upright Piano by Bigcat Instruments: Upright Piano with a touch of realism that has a sustain pedal, and no dynamic controls but has a vintage slightly out-of-tune sound.
  4. Chamber Orchestra 2 Community Edition by Versilian Studios: A multi-compatible Chamber Orchestra sample library with a huge instrument selection, more accurately – over 3000 samples.
  5. Klang Series by Cinematique Instruments: A creative instrument library to experiment with, along with reverb, delay, and 2 master FX switches for detailed sound.
  6. FERRUM by Keepforest: Percussion sample library with large, ambient sounds with the additional playback modes, effects rack, and step sequencer.
  7. MSLP Vibraphone by Bigcat Instruments: A vibraphone sample for the large MSLP library with a true resonating sound and sustain.
  8. Free Fall by Soundethers: An instrument and sound library for soundtracks, and ambient sounds that are tuned and come with a Mod Wheel, Low-Pass, and High-Pass filter.
  9. Flutes: Persian Ney & Shakukachi by Kontakt Factory Selection: Flute sounds by Kontakt that offer a unique sound, along with effects and velocity curve control option.
  10. NST Vocal by Bigcat Instruments: Choral sample library with 30 acoustic patches and a total of 5 instruments, added sustain, decay, pan, and similar controls.
  11. Gombulator by Fine Cut Bodies: A Yamaha PSR-15 synth Kontant instrument with additional drum sounds for a vintage vibe.
  12. Sonatina Symphony Orchestra by Bigcat Instruments: Orchestral sample library that includes 20 instruments and 50 articulations of any sound and instrument you can think of.
  13. PALETTE – PRIMARY COLORS by Red Room Audio: Another Orchestral sample library with strings, woodwinds, and brass instruments with unique recording and articulations.
  14. MSLP Grand Piano Soft by Bigcat Instruments: Grand Piano sample by BigCat Instruments that is great for moody intros and outros.
  15. Shreddage 3 Stratus FREE by Impact Soundworks: Electric Guitar sample library with a plethora of features and articulations like palm-mute, choke, and sustain, along with a versatile playing range.
  16. RONROCO by Sonas: A collection of loops and samples from MIDI keyboards, guitars, and similar instruments.
  17. The Stroh Violin by Impact Soundworks: Violin samples with additional horn sounds that offer resonating melodies that add depth and flavor.
  18. Signal Free by Output: An instrument library with various sounds and the additional step sequencer, arpeggiator, looper, and of the sort.
  19. The Free Orchestra by ProjectSAM: Orchestra sample library that includes 12 instruments like strings and percussion, control options, recorded in a concert hall for ambient sound.
  20. Orchestra by The Alpine Project: A popular effects and orchestra sample library for expressive sounds that add character and taste.
  21. Piano in 162 by Ivy Audio: A Steinway Model B grand piano with a great pre-recorded process and 5 dynamic levels for a realistic and massive sound.
  22. [Trombone, Solo Vocal, Drums] Carpenter Trombone, Clare Solo, Scott Drums by Ivy Audio: Immersive sample library for vocals, drums, and various instruments for every aspect of sampling.
  23. Audio Guitars by Pettinhouse: A guitar sample library that ranges from acoustic to electric to even bass and vintage-sounding models.
  24. [Various Instruments: Band, Choir, Orchestral, Synths, Urban Beats, Vintage, World] by Kontakt Factory Selection: A Kontakt factory library collection of instruments like synths, beats, orchestral, and vintage sounds for the ultimate immersive experience.

Are free Kontakt Sample Libraries any good?

There are plenty of great free Kontakt sample libraries that contain a bunch of instruments, sounds, and effects that can go toe-to-toe with paid collections.

More so, specific collections like acoustic sounds, electric guitar sounds, and grand piano sounds come with dynamic-shaping options and various effects like EQ, reverb, etc. Meaning that you have all the tools in hand to make a professional sounding track.


Kontakt Sample Libraries are great for music production as they offer a wide variety of sounds, instruments, and effects that can be used to create professional-sounding tracks.

Native Instruments Kontakt has a long history in music production and music software development that is still ever so popular to this day. The German-based company keeps improving and offers great solutions for any music maker out there, this list of great free Kontakt libraries is a testament to that.

While some libraries are paid, there are plenty of free options that are just as good in terms of quality and features. In the end, it is best to expand your arsenal with no restrictions as you never know when a specific sound or instrument might come in handy.

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