15 Essential Electric Guitar Accessories for Beginners

Once you get your first electric guitar, you will realize that there is much more than just guitar and amp. If you want to make your life easier, here are the 15 essential accessories you should get.

There are a huge amount of accessories for electric guitars online. So, we’ve decided to make our list of the most essential ones. Most of them are cheap but will have a highly positive impact on your playing.

1. Guitar Picks

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Probably the first thing that comes to mind is a guitar pick!

Simply, you need something to play with and unless you are a classically trained guitarist, you probably won’t be able to sound any good without them.

The offer of guitar picks is huge on the market these days and you can find various types, with different shapes and thicknesses, which are designed for specific playing styles and techniques.

If you are not sure about the shape and thickness, getting a set of picks like this one would be a smart buy. It includes several different types of picks, so you can easily find out which one works best for you.

2. Tuner

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If you want your guitar to sound great, you need to always be in tune.

Therefore, a good guitar tuner is another accessory you need to get. Things with electric guitars are much easier in this case, as you can get not only clip-on tuners but units in the form of the pedal as well.

Such tuners are superior in terms of convenience and precision and products like TC Electronic PolyTune 3 are a perfect example. This tuner offers excellent precision, simplicity of use and even allows you to check all strings at once. Moreover, it even comes with a built-in buffer.

3. Guitar Stand

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Despite all the enthusiasm you probably have, you won’t be able to practice all day long!

In those periods of doing something else, your guitar needs a place to rest. Of course, you won’t keep your instrument in a box or a gig bag, but rather on a stand.

The offer of good guitar stands is huge these days and a good thing is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to get a decent one. For example, the XCG-4 stand is very affordable, but it does the job well. It accommodates pretty much every guitar type and size, while the whole construction is pretty solid.

4. Guitar Hanger

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If you live in places where every cubic foot of space is precious, you may also consider getting a guitar hanger. It will definitely save some space and it will also have a nice visual impact on your room, as everyone likes to see guitars hanging on the wall.

The price of these hangers is usually very affordable but keep in mind that you will need some tools to fix it to the wall. That’s usually a quite simple process that includes just a couple of screws.

The offer of hangers in the market is great and this Sting Swing product is among the most popular ones.

5. Guitar Strap

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If you play popular music, you probably won’t be able to sit on a chair while playing. Therefore, you need a guitar strap!

A decent guitar strap offers lots of adjustabilities and it is also made of quality materials. It needs to give you a perfect playing position, but also to keep your shoulder relaxed. Therefore, a wide strap-like Levi’s DM1 seems like a great choice.

An underrated and sometimes overlooked piece that has a vital spot among guitar accessories for beginners.

6. Capo

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A capo is mostly used by acoustic guitar players, but we’ve seen a couple of them on electric guitars as well. It does the same job and makes your life easier when you play chords on higher frets.

Just like with acoustic guitars, a good capo needs to mount and unmount quickly, as well as to be designed in a way that won’t damage the neck of your guitar. The Kyser Quick-Change Capo would be one of our top picks.

7. Slide

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If you are a blues player, this is a quintessential piece of gear you need to get at once. We all adore that bluesy slides and it’s hard to imagine a good blues guitarist without this accessory.

There are basically two types of slides on the market, made either from glass or steel. They sound different but the working principle is the same.

It all ends up to personal preferences, but keep in mind your fingers as well, as you need a slide that can fit them. Fortunately, slides come in various sizes these days. We highly recommend Dunlop 215 Pyrex Glass Slide for beginners, as it is cheap, comfortable, and sounds great.

8. Gig Bag and Case

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For the secure transport of your favorite instrument, you need a good gig bag or case. Choosing between these two is mostly a matter of preference, as each one has advantages and disadvantages.

Your electric guitar will be more secured in a case, but most gig bags would do the job too. On the other side, gig bags are significantly cheaper. Cases look better but they are also bulky, so loads are more complicated.

It’s up to you to choose between these two. If you’re more a gig bag guy, this would be our recommendation. On the other side, SKB 3i-4214-OP iSeries offers excellent protection and accommodates most electric guitar types and shapes.

9. Guitar Care Kit

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Of course, you want to keep your instrument clean, both for hygienic and aesthetical reasons. Therefore, a good care set is something you definitely need to get. These things aren’t expensive, so there is really no reason to not take care of your beloved instrument.

The number of great products of this type on the market is huge but somehow, we tend to stick to proven ones. Therefore, Dunlop 6504 Guitar Tech Care Kit seems like a perfect choice, as this set includes everything you need to keep your body, fretboard, and strings clean.

10. Pick Holder

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Guitar players know very well that nothing can disappear so mysteriously as a guitar pick. Therefore, the thing we all need is a pick holder, which will certainly save our nerves.

These are usually simple and super cheap products and it doesn’t really matter which one you’ll choose, as all of them do the same job.

Still, our recommendation would be to get something like Dunlop 5005 Pick Holder, which is adhesive and can be mounted anywhere on a guitar.

11. String Damper

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If you’re getting into some advanced techniques like legato or tapping, you probably know all the troubles that come from unwanted noise.

To prevent this, you need an accessory called a string damper. It wraps around the neck and eliminates all the noise you don’t want to hear when tapping or playing similar techniques.

The Gruv Gear FretWraps is a great example of these dampers. It is super easy to use, it fits pretty much every electric guitar, it is adjustable and soft, so it won’t damage the neck. Most importantly, it cuts all the unwanted noise.

12. String Winder

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We live in a world where time is the most precious thing. So, string winders are not just a great thing for gigs, but a highly beneficial tool for every string replacement.

As you may presume, these are pretty simple tools, but many of them include an integrated cutter, so string replacement becomes even more convenient.

One of such winders is the D'Addario DP0002. It is a 3-in-1 product, which includes a peg winder, bridge pin puller, and string clipper, which makes it great for both electric and acoustic guitars.

13. Guitar Strings

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Many would probably overlook the most crucial part of guitar accessories for beginners and that is extra strings!

Having an extra pair of guitar strings is absolutely necessary if you want your guitar to sound crisp and produce quality above all else!

Usually, most electric guitars use light or extra-light when it comes to gauges and thickness but the choice is personal and depends on your needs or style.

These Ernie Ball Electric Guitar Strings are 10-46 and are one of the most frequently used around the globe so check them out!

14. Guitar Cable

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When on the topic of having additional or backup accessories, one cannot forget to include extra cables in this equation.

Guitar cables can easily be damaged and are also frequently misplaced or even stolen, so, it's always good to have backups for rainy days.

This 10ft guitar cable is the optimal middle ground choice that is also usable for many other instruments. It also comes in 6ft as well as 20ft length options so pick your preferred length.

15. Instructional Material

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Learning material is always a good choice whether you're a beginner or a more experienced player.

If you're a beginner especially, then a good instructional guitar book will definitely benefit your playing style and raise your skill level. At the same time, you add some variety and new things to your playing style.

This guitar instructional material is a sure-fire deal if you want to learn the guitar by yourself, or, if you already have a good start, it will help you move further and progress.


There is no set rule as to what you really need when starting out as a guitarist. All of the items on this list should be used as guidelines and as advice for what things to consider having around for rainy days.

This list has a little bit of everything that one guitarist will ever need so if you play for over a year, you should think about slowly acquiring all of these things to put your mind at ease. Thank you and good luck in your playing!

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