The 3 Best Piano Pedal Extenders (2023)

Piano pedal extenders are essential for young pianists, permitting them to comfortably reach the pedals while maintaining correct posture. Pedal extenders are helpful in teaching good playing habits and encouraging kids to utilize the pedals correctly.

My top pick is the Soarun Adjustable Piano Pedal Extender. This offers excellent quality for a competitive price.

My second choice is the Behning & Sons Pedal-PLUS-Do Height. This is made from aluminum and is both strong and lightweight. 

The 3 Best Piano Pedal Extenders (2023)

1. Soarun Adjustable Piano Pedal Extender
Top Pick - Lightweight, durable, high quality
2. Behning & Sons Pedal-PLUS-Do Height
Great value for money, sturdy aluminum build
3. Lightweight Portable Adjustable Piano Pedal
Lightweight, well-made, already assembled

Let’s compare these in more detail.

1. Soarun Adjustable Piano Pedal Extender

Top Pick
Lightweight, durable, high quality.
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The Soarun piano pedal extender is well-built and durable. It is also lightweight and easy to carry around. With an adjusting mechanism made from steel and the pedals made from polished brass, the Soarun is sturdy and provides a quality feel.


  • Made of lightweight and durable material
  • Wide compatibility with different piano types
  • Easy to set up


  • A little pricey

It can be used with any type of piano and comes in a variety of colors and so can blend in with any instrument. The wide range of adjustments makes it suitable for children of all ages. 

2. Behning & Sons Pedal-PLUS-Do Height

Great value for money, sturdy aluminum build.
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The Behning and Sons Pedal-Plus-Do attaches directly to the piano pedals, allowing for a perfect transfer of the pedal motion to the piano pedal. It is made from aluminum, so it is lightweight yet sturdy. 


  • High-quality aluminum build
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Accurately transfers pedal motion


  • Not suited for certain digital pianos
  • Adjustments are a little limited.

It is height adjustable in small steps from 35mm to 130mm. An optional support plate adds extra height, should you need it. 

3. Lightweight Portable Adjustable Piano Pedal

Lightweight pedal
Lightweight, well-made, already assembled.
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The Lightweight Portable Adjustable piano pedal extender is constructed to a very high standard, with pedals made of polished brass and a platform made of solid wood. The adjusting mechanism is steel, and the extender comes fully built, so no assembly is required.


  • Very lightweight
  • Can be used on all types of pianos
  • Wide range of adjustments


  • Adjusting height can be time consuming

This is one of the most lightweight pedal extenders on the market and is perfect if you need to take it with you constantly. It boasts an unusually wide range of adjustments, so it can be used for children of all ages. Furthermore, it comes with a 12-month warranty.  

Why do you need a piano pedal extender?

Piano pedal extenders must be used when the pianist, usually a child or short adult,  is unable to reach the pedals of a piano when seated. Consequently, a piano pedal extender is necessary to allow the pianist to operate the pedals. The extender attaches to the pedals and can be adjusted for height, permitting people of varying heights to correctly play the piano.

Are piano pedal extenders good for kids?

Piano pedals extenders are essentials for kids who would otherwise find it difficult to reach the pedals. If an extender is not available, the child may be forced to play from a standing position or while perched on the edge of the seat.

These positions are uncomfortable and could well lead to the child developing bad habits with regard to posture and the position of the arms. Alternatively, the child may avoid using the pedals at all, affecting his or her musical development.

What are some piano pedal extender features?

Piano pedal extenders commonly attach to the pedals of the piano, allowing the pedals to be pressed through the operation of the pedals on the extender. They usually come on a platform, providing a footrest for young pianists to rest their feet when not using the pedals.

The extender will also have a mechanism for adjusting the height so that it can be used for children of varying sizes.

Are piano pedal extenders worth it?

Piano pedal extenders are worth it as they are typically quite inexpensive and allow a child to correctly play the piano while learning correct posture and position.

By using a pedal extender, children will be able to immerse themselves in the music and fully develop their natural musical abilities. The lack of a pedal extender may cause the child to develop a bad posture that will be very difficult to correct in later years.


Piano pedal extenders are essential for young children when they are learning to play the piano. It makes the whole process easier for them and more enjoyable.

My main recommendation is the Soarun extender which fits different types of pianos and is both lightweight and durable.

Alternatively, check out the Behning and Sons-Pedal-Plus-Do, which is made from aluminum and boasts a range of adjustments.

Brian Clark

Brian Clark

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