The 7 Best Piano Keyboard Cases and Gig Bags (2021)

Piano keyboards need to be protected when you are on the move. They can be expensive to fix and replace, and you don’t want something breaking during a performance.

Even if you’re not on the move, make sure to encase your piano keyboards or synthesizers to prevent them from any harm.

We’re going to be reviewing 7 of the best keyboard cases that will serve you the purpose of protection and transportation. Users should know that the keyboard cases come in generic as well as specific sizes. A full-size keyboard has got 88 keys so that’s the largest unit.

However, people often opt for smaller keyboards (such as 76- and 61-note keyboards). Therefore, carry bags and cases come in a few different sizes. Cases can be either generic, or made to fit a specific keyboard model.

The 7 Best Piano Keyboard Cases – Our Round-Up

1. Gator Cases Padded Keyboard Gig Bag (GKB-88)
Editor's Choice - Heavy-duty materials. Fits 88-Key Keyboards
2. Gator Cases Molded Flight Case
Great for air travel - For Slim 88-Key Keyboards - TSA Approved Locking Latches and Recessed Wheels

1. Gator Cases Padded Keyboard Gig Bag (GKB-88)

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Fits 88-Key Keyboards

Gator cases are known for their super quality fabric and lightweight property. This case we’re reviewing is ideal for the full-sized 88-key keyboards. It’s padded up to 20mm of thickness and is a gig bag which makes it light in weight as well as easily adjustable in limited space. However, it needs to be carried separately and carefully rather than loading it with other heavy equipment.

The fabric used is a rugged denier ballistic nylon that is heavy duty and provides great protection for keyboards. Even if you intend to take it on long tours, this gig bag will accompany you efficiently. The product is almost as robust as a hard keyboard gig bag.

Other notable features include a carrying handle that has PVC pipe material inside, there are padded security straps to prevent the keyboard from moving, and on the exterior are present large zippered pockets to hold accessories.

2. Gator Cases Molded Flight Case

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

For Slim 88-Key Keyboards – TSA Approved Locking Latches and Recessed Wheels

Another Gator product, this encasement is widely different from our first choice. It is actually a hard casing box that is made of polyethylene molded shell. The internal cavity is great for your 88-key keyboards.

The interior is plush and softly-padded, which prevents your keyboard from getting scratches and scuffs due to the rigidity of the hard frame. The company has provided adjustable foam cushions that secure the instrument pretty well. If you plan on taking this bag on a flight, you will be amazed to find that it is much lighter in weight compared to the wood flight cases.

As given in the names, the lock-latch system of the casing is TSA-approved which makes it more secure for flights and long-distance traveling. The handle is tough and ergonomic and does not compromise on the comfortability. To add more convenience, there are built-in recessed in-line wheels as well as a spring-loaded tow handle for smooth movement through the airports.

3. Donner Padded Case Gig Bag

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Fits 61-Key Keyboards

This case bagging by Donner is specifically made for 61-key keyboards which will only fit 61-notes instrument or the smaller ones. However, you can measure the dimensions of your keyboard and compare it with the internal capacity and decide for yourself. The luggage is light and easy to transport. Moreover, it’s waterproof and dustproof.

The well-made exterior has been sewn out of substantial 600D nylon oxford. There is a middle lining of pearl wool and then an internal layer of 210D soft lining fabric.

The 10mm thick foam pads and anti-friction bottom pads ensure ultimate protection and prevention from unpredicted damages.

The Donner keyboard case bag snugly fits the keyboard without any loose space. This means your instrument is properly packed and won’t budge, and certainly won’t allow unexpected collisions. Also, there are extra pockets and lots of space to hold additional things.

4. Gator Cases Pro-Go Ultimate Keyboard Gig Bag (G-PG-61)

Compare Prices: Sweetwater | Amazon

Fits 61-Key Keyboards

Gator is a brand that manufactures superb keyboard bags and cases. Also, the bags come in various types, sizes, and quality. This one we’re examining here fits 61-key keyboards and is a gig bag. You can clearly see the designing and lining technique to know what a great investment this would make.

Pro-Go Ultimate Gig Bag by Gator is ideal for traveling and ensured protection. The black fabric and red-colored pockets makes a great combination.

The micro-fleece interior is extremely soft and padded. Sidewalls have been padded with extra stuffing. The internal straps provide great grip, support and prevent the instrument from slipping around.

Gator’s brand realizes that it’s just not the keyboard that has to be stored and carried, so you will find many external pockets to keep your tablet, documents, and cables of the gear, which makes everything organized.

5. Casio PRIVIACASE Protective Carrying Case

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For Privia Digital Pianos

Created and designed by Casio specifically for Privia digital pianos, it gives your designated keyboard maximum protection. If you own a Privia, this carry bag is made for you. The fabric is soft and durable. Also, it can fit many other keyboards pretty well, almost all in the 88-key line.

Soft-sided, adequately padded, and lightweight, the carry case is efficient and convenient. It might interest you to know that you can easily fold it into a tidy square parcel when not in use and is delivered folded. There are two zippered pockets which are almost one-third long and almost as wide as the bag. This gives ample storage space for pedals, books, cables, and cords.

The Privia logo, carrying handle, and a shoulder strap are some eminent features of the bag. It is one of the most recommended products.

6. QMG Electric Piano Portable Padded Gig Bag/Case

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For 61-Key Keyboards

Although it’s a huge sized storage bag, QMG padded gig case ideally fits a 61-key keyboard. However, its dimensions may adjust a larger size. It’s a soft bag at an affordable price, which is suitable for carrying over short distances.

Made of lightweight but strong nylon material in color black, this gig bag is extra spacious.

The two large-sized external pockets easily holds adapters, pedals, magazines, keyboard cords, and more. You will have your entire instrument packing in one case. The two-way zippers make it extra protective. Almost all 61-key keyboards fit perfectly within the carry bag.

7. Gator Cases Padded Keyboard Gig Bag (GKB-88 SLIM)

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Fits Slim Line 88 Note Keyboards

The last one on our list is yet again a Gator product. This one is also designed for an 88-key piano or keyboard. But it says it’s SLIM Keyboard Gig Bag. Constructed with durable nylon material, it comes padded on the top, the bottom, and the sides. For convenient and easy carrying, this bag has been designed with reinforced comfort carry handles.

It helps in loading in and out and makes movement and heavy lifting a tad bit easier.

On the bottom of the bag are three rubber skid strips, which helps in preventing any damages from impact or collision. The exterior fabric material prevents wetting, keeping the gear high and dry.

The internal 20mm padding system makes sure that the instrument does not shift or shove during carrying.

The heavy-duty zipper compartment opens up wide for easy keyboard storage in and out of the bag. There is an additional accessory pocket as well.

Buyer’s Guide

There are many features to consider when buying a keyboard protective and carry bags or cases.

Generic or model-specific?

If you find a particular keyboard case or bag that has been tailor-made exactly for your instrument, you should be buying it without a doubt.

But if there’s no custom-fit case, you can search for a gig bag or semi-rigid or hard case that has similar dimensions.

If your case is too big then the keyboard might move around too much. If it’s too small then it simply won’t fit.

Soft cases/bags

If you prefer to travel light, soft keyboard bags, or semi-rigid cases are great options. These are efficiently padded and needs a little careful handling.

The fabric of the carry bag must be thoroughly examined. One should be satisfied with the tensile strength that provides strong and reliable support to the keyboard.

Moreover, the straps and handles must be padded and capable of holding musical instruments.

Semi-rigid cases

The exterior part of the case is made up of a strong material such as nylon and the inner structure is heavily padded with hard foam, and possibly some wood reinforcement.

This bag is comparatively more protective of the knobs, keys, and sliders.

Hard cases

These cases are built for heavy loading and long tours. Hard keyboard cases provide maximum protection to the instrument from the outside world.

ATA and TSA Approved Cases

‘ATA approved’ means it should be strong enough for air travel without getting damaged. ‘TSA approved’ means that airport security will be able to open your luggage with special TSA keys for security purposes, without having to break the lock.


We’ve tried to sum up the best cases and gig bags for your piano keyboards.

The types of a bag or case, brand, compatibility with the keyboard, ease of use are some aspects to consider before buying the product.

We hope this article has given you some guidance and information to help you decide on the best option for you.

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