The 7 Best Pedalboards for All Budgets (2024)

Many guitarists struggle to organize the chaos of pedals lying at their feet. Putting together a pedalboard and taming the chaos is a necessary ritual that every guitarist has to go through at some point. That is why you might want to consider buying one of these pedalboards.

My top pick is Gator G-Tour Large. It is a heavy-duty and true roadworthy pedalboard that can keep your gear organized while protecting your gear from anything you can imagine.

My budget pick is the Pedaltrain Nano Plus, as it has one of the best price-value ratios on this list.

The 7 Best Pedalboards (2024)

1. Gator G-Tour Large
Top Pick - Best heavy-duty sturdy pedalboard.
2. Pedaltrain Nano Plus
Budget Pick - Best affordable mini pedalboard.
3. SKB PS-8 Powered Pedalboard
Entry-Level Pedalboard - A great value option.
4. Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard
Lightweight Pedalboard - Great pedalboard for on-the-go guitarists.
5. Boss BCB-60
Deluxe Pick - All-in-one solution for your pedal setup.
6. Temple Audio Duo 17
Customizable Pedalboard - Modular lightweight pedalboard.
7. Outlaw Effects Nomad M128 Rechargeable
Rechargeable Pedalboard - A battery-powered pedalboard to use anywhere.

Let’s compare them in more detail:

1. Gator G-Tour Large

Top Pick
Best Heavy-Duty Sturdy Pedalboard.
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As one of the most famous names in the world of cases, Gator offers a wide range of pedalboards for different needs. Their premium-quality model G-Tour Large is a great option for touring musicians with a large pedal setup. It is made of a combination of plywood and aluminum with shock-absorbing EVA foams inside to keep the pedals safe.


  • Super solid hard case
  • Wheels and handles for touring
  • Extra compartment for accessories


  • Relatively large and heavy

It is a large pedalboard that can take up to 14 pedals. It has a super solid hard case which makes it quite heavy. But, Gator added retractable wheels and handles to make it more portable.

Another great feature is the little extra space underneath the pedalboard to store the cables. Plus, the case is secured with a 3M Dual Lock hook and loop fasteners.

MaterialPlywood & Aluminum
CaseTouring Flight Case

Overall, this is a great pedalboard that exactly gets the job done on tours. It is a heavy-duty pedalboard with an extremely solid case that clears your mind from worrying about your pedals.

2. Pedaltrain Nano Plus

Budget Pick
Best Affordable Mini Pedalboard.
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As the name suggests, the Pedaltrain Nano Plus is a compact pedalboard that can house up to 5 pedals. It is a lightweight pedal made from aircraft-grade aluminum and is ideal for guitarists with small pedal setups.


  • Great value for the price
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with a soft case


  • Tight space under the pedalboard, so it can be difficult to fit power supplies under there.

The shining feature of this pedal is its price. It is a highly affordable product that comes with everything you would need in a pedalboard, including a soft case to carry it around, hook and loop fasteners to tie your stompboxes to the pedalboard, and assorted zip ties for cable positions.

The only letdown of the pedal is its angle which leaves only a tiny place underneath the pedalboard, making it hard to fit a power supply. You will need to find a solution to elevate the pedalboard further or buy a thinner power supply.


In short, Pedaltrain Nano Plus is an ideal pedalboard choice for guitarists who want to keep things simple and affordable.

3. SKB PS-8 Powered Pedalboard

Entry-Level Pedalboard
Plug And Play Pedalboard With High Value For Price Ratio.
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The SKB PS-8 is an ideal first pedalboard for any guitarist as it can host and power up to 8 pedals with its large platform and built-in power supply. It makes the setup process much faster while keeping things organized.


  • High value-price ratio
  • Large but lightweight
  • Intuitive layout


  • The AC adapter is rather noisy

It comes with a nylon case with an extra pocket for cables, making it easier to carry the device around. This pedalboard also differs from the others on the list because it is made of eco-friendly rubber-modified styrene.

It is a great material because it is sturdy and lightweight at the same time while its carbon footprint is low. The integrated power supply is not of the highest quality as it produces a humming sound. However, if you are not a pro guitarist, this is not a deal-breaker.

MaterialEco-friendly rubber-modified styrene
CaseNylon case
PoweredYes, up to 8 pedals

Having a power supply along with a sturdy yet lightweight pedalboard for the price is quite a deal, the perfect choice for a first pedalboard.

4. Voodoo Lab Dingbat Medium Pedalboard

Lightweight Pedalboard
Great Pedalboard For On-The-Go Guitarists.
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Voodoo Lab is a well-known pedalboard power supply company that also offers pedalboards mounted with their great power supplies. Dingbat Medium is the standard model that can be paired with various power supply options for different budgets. My pick is the medium-sized one which can take and power up to 8 pedals.


  • Quality construction and elegant look
  • The power supply is one of the best in isolating power
  • Highly portable


  • The cable holes are a bit small

The pedalboard is made of high-quality aluminum, and it looks quite elegant with its black chassis. The power supply is also great as it isolates the power to each pedal successfully. Plus, the pedalboard is highly portable, thanks to its lightweight. Finally, it comes with a padded gig bag and high-quality zippers.

Although I do not fully agree, some users reported that the cable holes are too small for convenient use. Another negative aspect is that there is not enough space to store accessories and cables in the bag.

CaseSoft case
PoweredYes, up to 8 pedals

The Voodoo Lab Dingbat is a premium portable pedalboard with an optional power supply that keeps your head clear of your pedal setup.

5. Boss BCB-60

All-In-One Solution
Deluxe Pick - All-in-one solution for your pedal setup.
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When thinking about effect pedals, Boss is the first brand that comes to mind. But, the company also offers excellent powered pedalboards called the BCB series. BCB-90X is a medium-sized model with the capacity of 8 standard-sized pedals.


  • Sturdy molded resin case
  • Customizable interior design
  • Lightweight


  • Interior space designed for Boss pedals

The pedalboard itself is a hard case with a customizable padded interior design. As it is made of molded resin, the pedalboard is highly durable and lightweight at the same time. Furthermore, the pedalboard has a small space for accessories on top. Another significant aspect is that it comes with cables.

There is not much to say against BCB-90X, the power supply is isolated and built-in into the pedalboard, which means no unwanted interactions between pedals can occur. A minor letdown is that the interior space is designed for Boss pedals. That is why more oversized pedals may not fit.

MaterialMoulded Resin
PoweredYes, up to 8 pedals

Overall, Boss BCB-90X is a reliable all-in-one solution for medium-sized pedal setups.

6. Temple Audio Duo 17

Customizable Pedalboard
Modular Lightweight Pedalboard For Every Need.
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Temple Audio Duo 17 is an affordable pedalboard that shines with its modular system. It is the ideal choice for guitarists who want to keep things tidy and clean all the time. It can take up to 8 pedals and features the Quick Release Pedal Mounting System, which fastens the pedals to board with a quick screw system.


  • Great value for the price
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Quick Release Pedal Mounting System
  • Different color options


  • No case included

The pedalboard is ultra-lightweight, thanks to its perforated top panel and aluminum chassis. It features holes on the board for cable runs and power supplies. Plus, Temple offers different color options to your liking, and all of these features come for a highly affordable price.

The only letdown of Duo 17 is that you will need to buy extra stuff with the pedalboard, such as a case, a power supply, and cables.


Temple Audio 17 is a great choice for guitarists who want a lightweight and affordable pedalboard to keep things tidy.

7. Outlaw Effects Nomad M128 Rechargeable

Rechargeable Pedalboard
A Battery-Powered Pedalboard To Use Everywhere.
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Outlaw Effects NOMAD-ISO Rechargeable is one of the most innovative pedalboards on the market today. Its shining feature is its integrated rechargeable battery allowing you to play without electric sockets around.


  • Onboard battery
  • Can power up to 8 pedals
  • Comes with all the accessories, plug and play


  • Rather small, needs right-angled to right-angled connector cables
  • Middle gap could be wider

It can power up to 8 pedals for around 10 hours with 3 hours of charging time. But of course, the battery life heavily depends on the pedals and the voltages they use.

The pedalboard is made from aluminum and is considerably light. It comes with DC connector cables, cable ties, and hook-and-loop fasteners, along with a high-quality soft case with a pouch for your accessories.

PoweredYes, up to 8 pedals 8 x 9V DC2 x 12V DC1 switchable 18V/24V DC

All in all, Outlaw Effects NOMAD-ISO Rechargeable would be an ideal choice for on-the-go musicians like buskers who like to play whenever and wherever they want.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pedalboard

Getting the right pedalboard for you means considering a few crucial things you’d need in a pedalboard. Also, you might want to check out this guide on How to Setup A Guitar Pedalboard for more info.


The first thing you have to consider is the size of the pedalboard you need. A standard-sized pedal has dimensions around 3” x 5”. But if you have different-sized pedals like Wahs or Expression pedals, then you have to make some calculations to find the suitable pedalboard for you.

A medium-sized pedalboard that can take up to 8 to 10 pedals would be enough for most guitarists. But, it also depends on how much you want to carry it around as the pedalboards get considerably heavy with the pedals set inside.

Power Supply

Next, you will have to decide if you want a pedalboard with a power supply or without one. Some pedalboards have an integrated power supply in the pedalboard, while others feature a dedicated power supply mounted on the board.

The standard pedals require a 9V adapter, but some others use 12V or 18V adapters. So, you need to check your pedals and buy according to them. 


Another important feature is the material of the pedalboard. The material of the case protects the pedals from crashes or accidents that may happen. A more protective case is better, but it also adds to the weight you will have to carry around.

The first option is aluminum which is pretty standard nowadays as it is protective and lightweight. The former favorite of the guitarists was plywood which is simple and practical, as you can customize them by drilling holes or adding parts. But they are heavier and less protective.

The last option is hard plastic or similar material cases for extra protection and portability for an affordable price. Depending on your needs, you can choose any of them without hesitation.


Most of the pedalboards come with a case, or they feature integrated cases. The options are hard cases or soft cases, as you might imagine. If you are going to tour with your pedalboard, you definitely need a hard case, but if you are not going to carry it around often, a soft case can get the job done and leave some money in your pocket.

Velcro, Cables, And Accessories

The last thing you may consider is the accessories that the pedalboard includes. Most of them have some type of fasteners like Velcro or a screw system to stabilize the pedals on the pedalboard to avoid chaos.

Some pedalboards, especially the powered ones, come with cables, and zip ties for better cable positioning. And other accessories that make things easier for you with your pedalboard. Having these in the package can be a good bonus but remember to check the quality of the included accessories.


Pedal setups do not have to be a problem that guitarists lose time and energy organizing. With a good pedalboard, you can easily have your pedal setup ready to use whenever you want. You can get any of these products on the list depending on your needs, the number of pedals, and the level of protection you want.

My top pick, Gator G-Tour Large, is the ideal heavy-duty touring pedalboard that has exceptionally high protection along with a large board to set up your pedals.

If you want to go with a budget option for a small pedal setup, Pedaltrain Nano Plus is the way to go, as it is light, compact, and has all the essential features.

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