The 7 Best Patch Cables for Guitar – Our Round-Up (2022)

Patch Cables are essential when setting up a pedalboard or even connecting a few pedals together. A humble patch cable is essentially a short ¼” guitar cable.

There are so many different patch cables to buy online. Our round-up contains some of the best options to suit any budget.

The 7 Best Patch Cables for Guitar – Our Round-Up

1. D’Addario PW-CGTP-305 Classic
Editor's Choice - Very Popular, Quality Cables from a Great Brand
2. Luvay 6-Pack Guitar Patch Cables
Affordable Standard Patch Cables
5. Custom Made By 'Worlds Best Cables'
Mogami 2319 Cables With Custom Plugs On Top
7. Audioblast HQ-1
Affordable Cables with Good Protection

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1. D’Addario PW-CGTP-305 Classic Series Patch Cable

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If you’ve ever bought anything guitar related, you’re familiar with the name of D’Addario company.

They are makers of all kinds of guitar accessories. It’s no wonder they also produce patch cables. If you’re looking for a quality, mid-range, reliable product, then the PW-CGTP-305 is a good option to consider.

Made out of rubber and with oxygen-free copper conductors, they transfer the audio signal without interference or signal loss in the process.

The plugs on these cables are molded from plastic, so that the joints are well protected. These cables are light, sturdy, quality and very flexible.

2. Luvay 6-Pack Guitar Patch Cables

We start this list with a standard, affordable item. Luvay patch cables come in a pack of six. They are 6 inches long, have right-angle jacks to fit easily into the pedals in pedalboard, and have standard ¼” jacks.

They are not excellent in any way, but what they are is just all-round good. And if you’re not someone to look for perfection but want a simple, cheap cable that will get the job done, look no further.

3. Guitar Patch Cables by The Three Musiceteers

If you’re looking for high-quality products, you should consider these babies. 6-inch patch cables from The Three Musiceteers (kudos for the name!) are a showcase of what a high-end product in this field should look like.

In the package, you’ll get six cables, which have gold-plated finish and rubber wire isolation. Instantly, you’ll notice that they have a bit of a shield behind the jack, which is banana-shaped.

This shield protects the cables and guards them against damage. It also prevents breaking of the wire on the seam where the cables are most often turned.

If you’re looking for the great sound quality, then these patch cables are a great option.

4. Neewer 3 Pack 1 Foot Guitar Patch Cable

Sometimes, you need patch cables that are a bit longer than 6 inches and another industry standard is 1 foot. Neweer 1 foot patch cables are a perfect buy for anyone looking to get good quality products for a small price.

These cables have right-angle shape and are protected not by rubber but by woven tweed, giving them a funky looking design. Also, they work on an ultra-low capacitance, so that the sound quality remains intact and without any interference.

5. Custom Made By ‘Worlds Best Cables’

These cables are well made out of the famous Mogami 2319 cables and Eminence Premium gold plated ¼” right angle jacks.

They are sturdy and give out a great sound, as they are made out of premium materials. The jacks have shielding with a nicely designed black plastic back.

6. Ernie Ball Stage And Studio Patch Cable P06051

Another famous guitar accessories maker, it’s no surprise to see Ernie Ball on this list. Ernie Ball Stage And Studio Patch Cable P06051 is great, 6-inch cable with ¼” jacks, right-angled.

They come in packs of three, and you can choose between black and white versions. You can also get a flat version as well as 1-foot versions of this cable.

The main thing about these cables is that they are made with dual conductors and have a full metal plug casing.

This way, they are fully protected from any noise pickup or interferences they might be subjected to.

7. Audioblast HQ-1

We finish off this list with the Ausdioblast HQ-1. If you’re looking for a cheap, affordable package of quality cables, these might just be the right ones for you.

A bit longer than the other on this list, with 1.5 foot of space, these ¼” right angle cables will give you high-quality sound for less money.

Even though they are a budget item, they are extremely flexible and sturdy. They also come with screw-on guards that only high-end items used to have so that you get that full protection for a lot less money.

Sound-wise, they are good and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about the sound interference when you’re using them.

Buying Guide – Guitar Patch Cables

Even though you might think that all of the cables are the same and that there’s nothing to separate them, there are some things you should be aware of when you’re buying them.

Get the Shortest Cable Required

You should always go for the shortest cable length possible. One patch cable won’t make a difference whether it’s 0.5 feet or 1 foot. But when you take into consideration your whole pedalboard and multiply that number by, let’s say 10, you’ll get 10 feet of difference in cable length.

If you didn’t know this before, the longer the total cable length between your source (in this instance the guitar) and the amp, the bigger are the chances to have something go wrong or the signal to get weaker.

Shielding Quality

If you’re looking for the best sound possible, go for cables with quality shielding. Quality shileding guards against interference, as well as enabling the cable to have a longer life, and protect the wires from twisting and breaking.

Jack Connector Type

Guitar patch cables generally use right-angled jack connectors because they make better use of space compared to straight connectors. You can also buy small cables with straight connectors, but they might be awkward to use when you’ve got a few pedals to work with.


Even though patch cables might seem like an irrelevant piece of equipment, they can turn out to be crucial for the sound quality of your performance.

This guitar patch cable round-up should have something for everyone. There are affordable cables that are good for home players, to the pro cables that are made out of the best materials.

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