The 10 Best Patch Cables for Guitar (2024)

Patch Cables are essential when setting up a pedalboard or even connecting a few pedals together. A humble patch cable is essentially a short ¼” guitar cable.

There are so many different patch cables to buy online. This round-up contains some of the best options to suit any budget.

My top recommended patch cables are the D’Addario PW-CGTP-305 Classic. These are quality, light, and mid-range patch cables from e respectable company.

My second recommended patch cables are the Luvay 6-Pack Guitar Patch Cables. This is a 6-pack with an affordable price tag for those on a budget.

Check out our guide on how to set up a guitar pedalboard.

The Best Patch Cables for Guitar (2024) – At A Glance

And now onto the full list:

1. D’Addario PW-CGTP-305 Classic

Top Pick
Very Popular, Quality Cables from a Great Brand.
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If you’ve ever bought anything guitar-related, you’re familiar with the name of the D’Addario company. They are makers of all kinds of guitar accessories. It’s no wonder they also produce patch cables. If you’re looking for a quality, mid-range, reliable product, then the PW-CGTP-305 is a good option to consider.

Made out of rubber and with oxygen-free copper conductors, they transfer the audio signal without interference or signal loss in the process.

The plugs on these cables are molded from plastic so that the joints are well protected. This Planet Waves set is light, sturdy, quality, and offers flexibility.

2. GLS Audio 6 Inch Patch Cable Cords (3 pack)

Budget Pick
Classic, affordable cables with no frills.
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The GLS Audio 6-inch patch cables come in a pack of 3. These extremely affordable cables are right-angled and are great for the standard pedalboard. 6 inches is the optimal length for patch cables in order to have everything organized.

The 21 AWG high-quality cables come with a very affordable price tag. Additionally, their design is quite classic and will suit any display with a natural black color.

If you’re looking for something affordable with a no-frills design, then I suggest you consider this budget-friendly option for a well-organized pedalboard setup.

3. Hosa CFS-606 Patch Cables (6 Pack)

Budget-friendly, molded, right-angled set.
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The Hosa CFS-606 guitar patch cable set comes in a 6-pack for a very affordable price. These 6-inch cables are very simplistic, with a standard black design that is excellent for your pedalboard.

Each cable is molded and right-angled so space preservation is guaranteed. You can easily fit each cable between pedals and you don’t have to worry about messy tangles.

Even if you damage one cable, there’s always the option to purchase a single one to replace it, at a very good price.

4. Donner 6 Inch Guitar Patch Cables (6 pack)

Solid patch cable set of 6.
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The Donner 6-inch guitar patch cables sport an affordable price tag but offer so much for the given price. This pack of 6 is a solid and durable kit with a high-fidelity signal and good transmission.

The cable jacket on these molded TS 1/4″ plugs is quite remarkable and is great at handling noise integrity for good and quiet operation. Additionally, the oxygen-free copper conductors deliver a great sound with clarity.

If you want a good, solid pack of patch cables, it hardly gets better than this affordable set.

5. Custom Made By 'Worlds Best Cables'

Mogami 2319 Cables With Custom Plugs On Top.
View Price at Amazon

These ‘World’s Best Cables’ are well made out of the famous Mogami 2319 cables and Eminence Premium gold plated ¼” right angle jacks.

They are sturdy and give out a great sound, as they are made out of premium materials. The jacks have shielding with a nicely designed black plastic back. These Mogami cables are a quality mid-range set if you’re after something better that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

6. Ernie Ball Stage And Studio Patch Cable P06051

Good Quality
Mid-Range Cables With Metal Plugs.
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Another famous guitar accessories maker, it’s no surprise to see Ernie Ball on this list. Ernie Ball Stage And Studio Patch Cable P06051 is a great, 6-inch cable with ¼” jacks, right-angled.

They come in packs of three, and you can choose between black and white versions. You can also get a flat version as well as the 1-foot version of this cable.

The main thing about these cables is that they are made with dual conductors (dual-shielding) and have a full metal plug casing. This way, they are fully protected from any noise pickup or interferences they might be subjected to.

7. Audioblast HQ-1

Affordable Cables with Good Protection.
View Price at Amazon

Next is the Audioblast HQ-1. If you’re looking for a cheap, affordable package of quality cables, these might just be the right ones for you. A bit longer than the others on this list, with 1.5 feet of space, these ¼” right-angle cables will give you high-quality sound for less money.

Even though they are budget items, they are extremely flexible and sturdy. They also come with screw-on guards that only high-end items used to have so that you get that full protection for a lot less money.

Sound-wise, they are good and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about sound interference when you’re using them.

8. Fender Professional Series 6-inch 2 Pack

A quality set from e reliable manufacturer.
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It’s no surprise to see the ever-so-famous Fender brand on this list. As one of the biggest guitar companies, they are also great cable manufacturers. This particular set comes in a pack of 2, all-black angled cables.

The quality of this pack is what sets it apart from the rest. The 95% OFC spiral shielding and nickel-plated connectors add that much more value to the already-affordable patch cable set.

What can be more reliable than having a Fender patch cable? You can also choose between 8 different sizes of cables and get it in a straight or angled model.

9. Pig Hog PHLSK6BK 4 Pack

Great Performance
Great low-profile set of 4 with excellent performance.
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The Pig Hog PHLSK6BK Lil’ Pigs patch cables come in a pack of 4 and sport a somewhat affordable price tag. This high-performance set is a low-profile, low-capacitance one with solid components overall.

The flat, high-quality rubber outer covering ensures long life while also keeping everything compact and space-friendly. Your pedal board will certainly benefit from these black or white patch cables. Naturally, the main selling point is the price, which is excellent, even if you’re on a tight budget.

10. Amazon Basics 1/4 Inch Guitar Patch Cables (6 pack)

Good overall quality and a solid set for any pedalboard.
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Amazon Basics is known for producing quality, mid-range, yet affordable items, and the 6-inch pack of 6 is no exception. This set includes compact cables with a no-frills design that are perfect for any pedal rig. The oxygen-free copper spiral shield and conductive PVC insulation shield are great for blocking interference.

They also sport a full-metal casing which adds to the durability of these instrument cables. Their design is particularly useful due to their close-placement nature. Nobody wants to stretch out their cables any longer than they need to be.

With a somewhat moderate price tag, this pack of 6 might be the ideal solution for your guitar or bass pedalboard.

What to look for in a Patch Cable set when buying?

Even though you might think that all of the cables are the same and that there’s nothing to separate them, there are some things you should be aware of when you’re buying them.

Get the Shortest Cable Required

You should always go for the shortest cable length possible. One patch cable won’t make a difference whether it’s 0.5 feet or 1 foot. But when you take into consideration your whole pedalboard and multiply that number by, let’s say 10, you’ll get 10 feet of difference in cable length.

If you didn’t know this before, the longer the total cable length between your source (in this instance the guitar) and the amp, the bigger the chances to have something go wrong or the signal get weaker. The shorter the cable, the better the signal transparency.

Shielding Quality

If you’re looking for the best sound possible, go for cables with quality shielding. Quality shielding guards against interference, as well as enabling the cable to have a longer life, and protect the wires from twisting and breaking.

Jack Connector Type

Guitar patch cables generally use right-angled jack connectors (the input) because they make better use of space compared to straight connectors. You can also buy small cables with straight connectors, but they might be awkward to use when you’ve got a few pedals to work with.

Does the Patch Cable Brand matter?

In all fairness, it does. However, considering all the above options, there is little to no difference between them in terms of signal quality, durability, and reliability.

Patch cables are all the same, at least their use and functionality are the same, but there can be a slight difference between brands. One set might have a better signal or the cables might be more durable, however, the difference is going to be so minor that most musicians will hardly notice.

Overall, it doesn’t matter THAT much which brand of patch cables you get because you’ll end up experimenting and changing cables from time to time anyway. Eventually, you’ll land on a set that is good for you and that will be your go-to.


Even though patch cables might seem like an irrelevant piece of equipment, they can turn out to be crucial for the sound quality of your performance. This guitar patch cable round-up should have something for everyone. There are affordable cables that are good for home players to pro cables that are made out of the best materials.

My top patch cable set is the D’Addario PW-CGTP-305 Classic, a good quality, light, and mid-range set from e respectable company.

My budget patch cable set is the Luvay 6-Pack Guitar Patch Cables, a 6-pack with an affordable price tag for those on a budget.

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