The 8 Best Miniature Drum Sets (Desk Drum Sets, Replicas, and Novelty Finger Drum Sets)

If you want a miniature drum set for display, playing, or gifting purposes, then this is the list for you!

Music enthusiasts and those that are passionate about drums always want to express their love for their instrument. These are a great gift for others that play drums (or as a gift for yourself!).

1. FanMerch Drum Kit Led Zeppelin, John Bonham

A great mini replica John Bonham drum set (for display purposes only).
The unique aspect of this particular drum set is its transparent body and specific attention to aesthetic details. The replica set consists of one large drum, four smaller drums, four cymbals, a black seat, and drumsticks.

The transparent, hollow bodies of the drums are orange with black and silver details.

Please note: You can only use these miniature replicas for display purposes and not for playing.

2. Liberty Imports Electronic Mini Finger Drum Desktop

A fun novelty set that you can play.

This particular novelty drum set offers both sounds, feel, and as well as lights. With every touch and beat, the drums light up to create a party atmosphere. The set features five touch-sensitive drums and three playing modes, including demo, freestyle, and record.

You can utilize the record button to save your musical masterpieces and share them with your friends and family later. This set features Tom toms, snare drum, bass drum, and cymbals.

You can mix and match different beats and create a unique musical piece. It weighs only 12 ounces, which ensures easy portability. The durable and aesthetic construction makes it a suitable gift for children interested in drums and music.

3. Red Drum Set Music Instrument Miniature Replica on Stand

Another great drum set for those who live for aesthetics comes on a red velvet stand with glossy red drum bodies and gold metal details. You will find that the manufacturer put his attention to the tiniest details, adding to its overall beauty.

The set consists of one large and three smaller drums, three cymbals, a mic, and a little black seat with a detailed miniature replica composed of polyresin.

The set weighs only 12 ounces, which makes it very lightweight. The large, sturdy stand ensures that all the pieces remain intact and in place, so you don't lose anything. The small size makes it a perfect tabletop for drum enthusiasts.

4. Miniature Drum Musical Instrument

Some great mini replicas of popular drum sets on Etsy.

If you're looking for a specific type of miniature drum set, then be sure to check out this product from Etsy.

Image Credit: Etsy Seller - komo1957

5. The Beatles Fab Four Miniature Guitar and Drums Set of 4

Note! This is only meant for display purposes!

The miniature sets are composed of solid mahogany wood, making them aesthetically pleasing and durable. The finish is glossy and shiny, looking as realistic as possible.

Plus, the stains and airbrushed look adds to the beauty of the whole set. The guitars are made from solid wood and have tuning keys made of metal. Each of them is about 10 inches long and comes with an adjustable A-frame stand of high quality.

The set is easy to assemble and only takes a few minutes to set up. All the elements of the set are high-quality and resistant to easy damage. The set's size makes them small enough for easy display but large enough to capture the audience's attention.

6. Srenta Kids Desktop Drum Set

A nice kid's desktop set.

For children who are beginners but passionate about drum sets, this musical instrument toy would be a perfect gift. It comes with three drums and a cymbal, all with silver steel tops and red glittery bodies. The set is of durable and of lightweight material.

The drum set is lightweight, which makes it easily portable and perfect for young children to play, or adults that want a mini set at their desk.

Of course, it's not for any serious drumming, it's very small and just a bit of fun!

7. Fascinations Metal Earth Drum Set 3D Metal Model Kit

This hobbyist model kit comes with a clear set of instructions to set it up yourself and enjoy the process. It is a two-sheet model that has a slight to moderate difficulty level.

Pop the pieces out, connect them using holes and tabs, and turn the steel sheets into a 3D drum set. You don't need any glue or solder. You can easily clip the parts from metal sheets. Simply bend and twist the connection tabs using the tweezers present in the package.

You can find detailed illustrations and steps in the instruction manual.

The assembling process is a fun challenge and activity. The instruction manual makes assembly very easy. The item is lightweight and easy to display anywhere.

8. Charlie Watts The Rolling Stones Miniature Drum Set Collectible

If you are a fan of aesthetics when it comes to drums and other musical instruments, this particular drum set will make you fall in love at first sight.

Its gold metal, wooden body, and silver and black details are a classy addition to any display space; however, the quality is never compromised despite its high aesthetic. The set includes four drums and four cymbals, along with a tiny, black seat and drumsticks.

The set's color palette is adaptable for a variety of surrounding color schemes and goes with pretty much any interior set-up.


Whether you want to buy a miniature drum set for your collection, for display, for playing, or for gifting purposes, one of the drum sets mentioned above will fit your requirements.

Each of the drum sets has its pros and cons, so go through them thoroughly.

Figure out your criteria of perfect miniature drum and dwell where you are ready to compromise. Make the final decision accordingly. Happy drumming and displaying!

Featured Image Credit: Etsy Seller – komo1957

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