The 5 Best Glass Music Plaques of (2024) – (Great as Personalized Gifts)

Glass music plaques are a great gift for your music-loving family and friends. They are also great to buy to decorate your own house. They are quite easy to order and personalize.

My top pick is the Premium acrylic custom Spotify glass plaque from PrintMeIfYouCan. The seller makes unique glass plaques that come in outstanding glass stands. They are great for placing on a desk or making a wall frame out of his pieces.

While my top pick is great value, if you’re looking for something even more affordable, then check out this glass plaque from SOUFEEL.

1. The PrintMeIfYouCan Glass-stand glass music plaques
Top Pick - A very nicely designed glass music plaque from a popular seller.
2. Custom Music Art plaque
Budget Pick - An affordable music plaque with a wooden base and light.
3. PrintYourHeartOutUK glass music Plaque
A super-affordable option from PrintYourHeartOutUK.
4. VEELU Custom Spotify Art Plaque Night Light-Lamp
Similar to the second option, but with harder edges on the tops.
5. PrintMeIfYouCan Wooden-Stand Glass Music Plaque
Another PrintMeIfYouCan option, but with a nice square-shaped wooden base and a slightly tilted glass plaque.

Let’s compare these in more detail.

1. The PrintMeIfYouCan Glass-stand glass music plaques

A really nice personalized Spotify glass plaque.

When you're putting in this order from Etsy, you simply choose what song you would like added. You can also add a custom photo and you can even put in the suggested song time that you would like the song scroller design to be set at.

It’s made from good quality materials and the writing comes up clearly. The seller uses information from Spotify to make your item, but you can also request custom photos and text. You can select a personalized photo to be included in the glass plaque.

Image credit: Etsy seller | PrintMeIfYouCan

2. Custom Music Art plaque

An art plaque with a light and a wooden stand.

This can be great for use as a nightlight or just as a decoration that you can have anywhere around the house. It's a great gift and looks well made for its price.

The brand lets you upload your favorite photo, and they engrave it with your Spotify music code for a personalized gift. This item serves as an amazing decoration or gift to your friends and loved ones.

If you need to share some perfect memories and music with a loved one, this glass music plaque night lamp will let you do that. The light included in this makes this piece pretty unique.

3. PrintYourHeartOutUK glass music Plaque

An incredibly affordable personalized song plaque.

Whether black or white print, A4-A6 wooden or glass sized, this shop has some great options. If you have a tight budget and still want a great gift, this item might be the way to go.

The acrylic and UV prints make this item a great decoration and gift. The Spotify-style design comes out very nicely. All the products get customized and personalized according to your preferences.

Image credit: Etsy seller | PrintYourHeartOutUK

4. VEELU Custom Spotify Art Plaque Night Light-Lamp

A similar option to the second option on the list, but it comes with straight edges on the top instead of rounded edges.

It’s also a light with a wooden base. This device is made of wood, acrylic, wood, and your special photo. The seller merges your photo with the Sptofiy design while using a corded electric power source to provide the lighting.

Similar to the others, to customize your product, you will send your photo, and they will incorporate your chosen music code from Spotify. The light lights without glare provide a warm and soft atmosphere. As a decoration piece, mounting it on your wall will also let you enjoy the lighting in style.

5. PrintMeIfYouCan Wooden-Stand Glass Music Plaque

Nicely-designed, custom music plaque.

This custom music plaque has a very nice design with a nice square-shaped wooden base and a slightly tilted glass plaque. This is another option from PrintMeIfYouCan.

Image credit: Etsy seller | PrintMeIfYouCan

What are glass music plaques?

Glass music plaques are products made to look like digital music apps but with your own personalized photos and messages. These are great for gifts and decorations.

How are music plaques personalized?

To personalize your music plaques, when ordering the product you simply select the song you want either by sending a Spotify link or by manually entering the name of the song and artist. You can also use the album art from the Spotify song, or you can also submit your own image that you would like to use. Optionally, some sellers will allow me to add additional text or replace the song name or something else. 

What are glass music plaques used for?

Glass music plaques get used as great gifts for friends, loved ones, and work colleagues. You can also buy them for yourself to use as decorations for your own house.


Glass music plaques are a great unique and exciting gift that you can give to your friends that love music. They are a nice way to personalize your gifts, by associating an image with a song that you or your friends really love.

If you’re on the lookout for some other options, check out our article on the best music gifts.

You can also just get the song plaque to show the album art by itself if you really want a glass plaque just to include the song that you love.

Featured Image (Left) by Etsy seller | PrintMeIfYouCan
Featured Image (Right) by Etsy seller | PrintYourHeartOutUK

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