The 9 Best Wind Chimes for Great Vibes in Your House and Garden

Wind chimes have been around for a very long time and for a very good reason. They provide people with beautiful, soothing tunes. They can really brighten anyone’s day.

Because they are relatively cheap and easy to make, there are tons of different chimes on the market today. So, to help you make a decision, we’re going to present you with 9 of the best wind chimes that you can buy online.

Wind Chimes – Our Round-Up

1. Woodstock Chimes

Woodstock Chimes are very popular and well known for a good reason!

This chime is made out of six high-polish silver aluminum tubes, that are professionally pitched to match the notes of the Amazing Grace.

The top of this chime is made out of ash wood as well as the windcatcher on the bottom. The windcatcher itself is detachable and also plain, so you can engrave it or modify it any way you want. This chime is 24 inches tall from top to bottom.

2. Corinthian Bells 27-inch Windchime

These Corinthian Bells are quite special wind chime.

It’s made out of aluminum from top to bottom and is 27” inches long. The chime itself consists out of 6 tubes, which are all tuned to the C scale. The sound of it is really high-quality, gentle and soothing just as you would imagine.

The great thing about this wind chime is its design. You can choose from eight different looks and colors, all of which are exceptionally beautiful and well designed. Even though the price is on the upper level, it’s not ridiculously expensive, so there’s really no need to skip it over if you want to buy a quality item.

3. Epartswide Wind Chimes Outdoor

Epartswide’s wind chime is the only wind chime on this list that comes in a special S-shape.

The whole point of this design is that there is no wind catcher as usual, but the tubes themselves are shaped in a spiral-like design. The sound creates essentially from tubes hitting one another.

This wind chime is 36” long and consists out of 18 tubes of different sizes. They come in a beautiful copper color. Also, this is a low-cost item, so if you’re looking for some cheap yet interesting solution, you should definitely take this into consideration.

4. ASTARIN Large Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone

ASTARIN wind chime is a big, quality item made for outdoor use primarily.

It’s 45 inches long and is made completely out of aluminum. It consists out of 6 large tubes that have a rich, bass tone to them, almost sounding of church bells. It also has a clip on the windcatcher which can be used to muffle the sound if you don’t want your chime to make noise for any reason.

The great thing about this chime is that it can be customized by the manufacturer. Apart from choosing a color, you can also inscribe anything to the windcatcher, making it a perfect gift.

5. Arabesque 44-inch Windchime

Arabesque wind chime is one of the most elegant on this list.

Even though the price is high, you will get a top-quality product with a heavenly sound and gorgeous design. This wind chime is 44” long and has 6 aluminum tubes, the longest of which is 23”. They are tuned to the C scale.

From the design point of view, this chime comes in several different colors and designs. This is a high-end product with a matching price, but if you’re looking to spend money on the best item out there, then this one should enter your consideration.

6. ASHLEYRIVER Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone

A very affordable option.

Ashelyriver’s wind chime is a great, low-end, cheap product that will do its job as marketed. It’s a 29-inch long wind chime, with a wooden top and windcatcher and consists out of 6 aluminum tubes that make the noise.

This is a simple looking wind chime that will provide you with a nice quality of sound for a fraction of money you would need to spend on the high-end items.

7. Famiry Wind Chimes

Famiry wind chimes excel in their beautiful, natural design.

If you’re looking to buy something that will also look great, apart from the nice sound, and not spend a ton of money, you’re in the right place.

This wind chime is 36” long and consists of 5 aluminum tubes. The top and the windcatcher are made out of wood, with beautiful engravings. Sound that this thing makes is rich and soothing, just as it should be.

8. Wind chimes for people who like their neighbors!

A well-named wind chime!

Coming at 29 inches long, it’s made from 6 aluminum tubes and a bamboo top and windcatcher. You can choose from a variety of colors, even though the design itself is a bit basic. Also, it’s tuned to the major G scale, which sets it apart from most of the other windcatchers which are tuned to the C scale.

9. Grace Note Chimes 3M

3M wind chime from Grace Note is a top-end, high-quality item.

It’s completely made out of aluminum, consisting of 6 tubes and standing at 36” long. It’s tuned to B minor scale, providing to somewhat different sounds than the rest of the pack on this list.

If you’re looking for a long-lasting wind chime, you should really take this into consideration.


Where did Wind Chimes Come From?

Wind chimes have been around for thousands of years. Ancient Romans used them in the form we think of them today, but in ancient India and China, wind chimes have also been used for several millennia in different forms.

What is Wind Chimes Good For?

They are usually used to be hung around on the porch of the house or in the garden, providing the owner with gentle, calming music whenever the breeze hits the chime. They have also been used in music, in different genres.

How Many Rods Does a Wind Chime Have?

Depending on the model of build, wind chimes have a different number of rods. But, usually, they come with 6 tubes, circled around the windcatcher which hits them when it catches the wind and makes the sound in that way.

What Materials are Used in Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes are mostly made out of wood and metal. Today, most of the tubes are made out of aluminum, as it’s light and durable, but in the materials of the old age such as bronze were heavily used. Also, plenty of other materials can be used such as glass, depending on the design of the wood chime.

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