The 5 Best Confetti Launchers (Pro and Single-Use Options) (2023)

Everybody loves confetti! If you want to release confetti for stage performances and parties then getting a good confetti launcher is a must.

The use of confetti launchers can be used to great effect for any event. Unleashing confetti bursts is always an exciting prospect.

Let’s get onto our list of the best confetti launchers. We have included pro options, as well as single-use options that would be suited to more casual use.

The 5 Best Confetti Launchers – Our Round-Up

1. Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot Confetti Launcher
Editor's Choice - A great professional option from a well-known brand.
2. Confetti Cannons Air Compressed Party Poppers (6 Pack)
Affordable Option - Perfect for small events!
3. VEVOR 1200W Confetti Launcher Machine Cannon
Multipurpose features, portable & compact sized, Durable
5. Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons
Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, looks great

1. Chauvet DJ Funfetti Shot Confetti Launcher

The Chauvet DJ funfetti shot confetti launcher is an extremely professional device used for performances and events. This confetti launcher is just what you need to amp your performances and brings an overall element of glamour.

Easy to setup, the confetti launcher does not require any compressed air or CO2. The Chauvet confetti launcher shoots a storm of glittering confetti that mesmerizes the audience. The confetti can be easily released with a remote or use a 3 pin DMX.

All you have to do is just load the confetti of your liking into the blower and activate the blizzard. The shooting range of this particular confetti launcher is approximately 20 ft.

Whether you want a continuous confetti shower, or it is short duration confetti bursts you’re after, then the chauvet DJ funfetti shot confetti launcher is your best bet.

2. (6 Pack) Large (12 Inch) Confetti Cannons Air Compressed Party Poppers

While the previous option in this article is an automatic confetti launcher which is a pricier option. This next confetti launcher option is quite affordable and suitable for small scale events and small venues.

This is a manual confetti launcher that activates with a twist mechanism. This confetti canon is a disposable option for one-time use that comes in a pack of 6.
The 12-inch-long confetti in this cannon shoots up to a range of 10 ft. The disposable confetti launcher is safe to use indoors and outdoors.

Just twist the bottom of the party popper and out comes the array of colorful confetti. If you have a small gig at a local club or an event this disposable confetti launcher is a great option.

3. VEVOR 1200W Confetti Launcher Machine Cannon

The VEVOR 1200W is a dual mechanism automatic and manual confetti launcher that also comes fitted with a LED light. At the edge of the cannon, the VEVOR 1200W features LED lights that add to the ambiance of your event with different lighting effects.

The robust confetti launcher allows a 25-second long confetti bursts that shoots at a height of 30 ft. The unique feature of VEVOR 1200W cannon machine is that the steel built has an angle adjustment.

This feature allows you to launch confetti bursts in different locations. This confetti launcher gives you various control options such as through DMX, a wireless remote control, and a manual switch as well. The launcher on the rear also has an LCD display screen.

Additionally, the confetti launcher has a larger launching space that gives off significant confetti showers. It’s great for all kinds of events.

The VEVOR 1200W confetti launcher is a great investment if you have larger-scale events and performances.

4. TUR Party Supplies Confetti Cannons Party Poppers

This product is a one-time-use confetti launcher that comes in a pack of 12 party poppers.

It’s a 12-inch confetti launcher. As you twist the bottom of the canister, the confetti burst shoots up to 25 ft.

However, the confetti shower is not a long-lasting one, rather it’s just one whole colorful burst. So, for a substantial effect on a small-scale event launch a couple of confetti poppers together.

This particular disposable confetti launcher has compressed air in the tube that pops off with a loud sound.

While the TUR party supplies confetti cannons are not entirely environmentally friendly, but they provide 2x slow falling confetti effect.

For the small-scale events, this kind of party popper is an extremely affordable option.

5. Legend & Co. Large Confetti Cannons

If you want something that’s eco-friendly then this last confetti launcher is a great solution.

The Legend & Co large confetti cannons are extremely environmentally friendly and contains biodegradable material.

This confetti launcher comes in 5 cannons with a high aesthetic value. The disposable, manual confetti cannon is offered in sleek and black colored cannister.

The Legend & Co confetti launcher is an air-powered mechanism that shoots up to 25 ft with a simple twist on the bottom.

Confetti Launchers – Common Questions

What Type of Confetti Launcher should you get?

Nowadays, you will find a huge variety of confetti launchers for your performance and gigs that includes professional confetti launchers to the disposable ones suited for one time use only.

This article will explore some of the best automatic and professional confetti launchers as well as the manual, disposable confetti launchers.

Now that its established that confetti launchers are essential to bring an interesting dimension to your performances, you must determine the features that interest you.

When choosing the right confetti launchers, you must take into consideration its pricing, the kind of confetti burst you are looking for, the scale of your event and the launch mechanism of the device.

For instance, when you are selecting a confetti launcher, the size of the venue and canon range of the confetti launcher should complement each other.

In a spacious venue, a confetti launcher that has a shooting range of 12 meters is suitable, whereas, in smaller spaces you can for canons that are 25 cm long with a shooting range of 6-8 meters.

Without further ado, let’s look into some of the best professional and disposable confetti launchers.

Are confetti launchers too loud?

The manual confetti launchers may be a bit loud since they are air powered and the confetti releases with a pop. However, the sound is not too loud to be alarming.

Are confetti launchers harmful for the environment?

If you are using biodegradable confetti, then it poses not much harm to the environment. However, the shiny confetti material is plastic therefore, it isn’t too environment friendly.

Even automatic confetti launchers are environment friendly as well since they generally don’t require CO2 or compressed air.

Do all the confetti launchers burst off at the same distance?

No, the type of confetti launchers determine the shooting range of the burst.

Automatic confetti launchers are effective in covering larger spaces and heights whereas, the disposable ones shoot at a relatively lower range.


The confetti launchers are an essential part of jazzing up the performance and stage experience. Therefore, when it comes to investing in this device it totally depends on the kind of event scale.

If you are someone who has huge events in large spaces lined up, then you should invest in professional and automatic confetti launcher as they are easy to set up and convenient to use with an amazing yet dramatic effect.

Whereas, the one time use confetti launchers are an affordable option for small scale events.

We hope this article has served you with some of the best confetti launchers to help you make an informed decision.

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