The 5 Best Power Conditioners for Your Music Gear (2021)

A power conditioner improves the quality of the electricity supply going into your music gear. It can help to reduce electrical noise by regulating the voltage and frequency of the supply, and they can also protect your gear against electrical surges.

When buying a power conditioner for your musical setup, keep in mind that their sole purpose is to provide your equipment with efficient and proper power. Surges and fluctuations are a normal part of local power flow. However, their disadvantage is that the power fluctuations create noise interference and affect the sound’s quality coming from your instruments.

A power conditioner offers protection from this interruption and creates a safe space between your music system and the outlet.

To help you find the right product for your setting, here is a list of the best power conditioners you should look at.

The 5 Best Power Conditioners – Our Round-Up

1. Furman M-8x2 8 Outlet Power Conditioner
Editor's Choice - Great quality, compact and Efficient
2. PDU Power Strip Surge Protector
Affordable Option - Affordable and well-performing power conditioner
3. Tripp Lite Line Conditioner
Compact option with 4 AC outlets
4. Furman PST-8 8 Outlet Power Station
8 AC outputs with 1 power input
5. Furman M-8Dx 8+1 Outlet Power Conditioner
8 outlet power conditioner and surge protector

1. Furman M-8×2 8 Outlet Power Conditioner

Best known for how affordable and compact it is, the M-8×2 8 outlet power conditioner is an excellent option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on these devices and still enjoy lots of features.

Apart from effectively freeing up the wall outlets, this 15-Amperes power conditioner also filters out the unnecessary noise from your power source and helps enhance the quality of your musical system’s sound. Moreover, the Furman M-8×2 comes in a durable, strong, and resistant metal case that you can rack mount very easily. The design has a depth of 3.7 inches and is, thus, easily portable.

The device comes with Vital Power Filtering, a technology that removes unnecessary, unwanted, and unattractive noises from your musical projects.

Plus, the high-quality components and structure make sure that this conditioner stays intact and functional for a long while.

Moreover, the “Protection OK” feature assurance that your equipment is safe and protected.

2. PDU Power Strip Surge Protector

This 9-outlet power conditioner has a capacity of 1200 amperes and effectively protects all of your musical equipment from voltage fluctuations, swells, and spikes. The master switch on the protector allows a complete shutdown of the electronics when you do not use power or save energy.

Furthermore, the PDU protector comes with a built-in AC noise filter which removes all unwanted radio frequencies as well as electromagnetic interference and improves the overall stability and service life of your equipment and electronics. The surge protector comes in a durable, sturdy steel housing with a front panel of aluminum and a power cord measuring 6 feet in length.

The device has a rack-mountable design and it gives an overall neat and mess-free look. Plus, the all-black body and simple design are easy to style, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. To top it off, nine outlets provide a large capacity for plugging lots of electronics. Overall, this device does a better job as a power conditioner than a surge protector.

3. Tripp Lite Line Conditioner

If you are in the search for effective and efficient protection against power-related damage for sensitive electronics, home theatre equipment, and computer accessories, consider this Line conditioner and surge protector by Tripp. It comes with 4 AC outlets and an advanced-level automatic regulation of voltage. This particular feature helps control and correct overvoltage and brownouts prevent performance problems.

It has a 1200W capacity and a surge protection rating of 1200 joules. Plus, it has the power to correct overvoltage more than 147 volts and under voltages as minimum as 89 volts. For this solid reason, it is particularly ideal for printers, modems, home theatre equipment, sales equipment, computers, and routers. Moreover, this protector’s design is less than 8 inches high, which makes it compact, easy to move, and very storage friendly.

The seven-feet cord is a bonus feature that allows free movement of the device. Also, you can get this model in three different sizes, including 1200W, 1800W, and 2400W and you get a 2-year warranty with this product. Overall, it is an excellent buy in terms of quality and performance in its price range.

4. Furman PST-8 8 Outlet Power Station

With its Advanced Linear Filtering System, this particular power station considerably reduces the noise, particularly from the AC line, and the chances of contamination. The overall result is dramatically improved quality and clarity of audios and videos. Another essential feature of this power conditioner is the SMP+ (Series Multistage Protection Plus), which provides the maximum level of suppression in AC surge and the Automatic Voltage Shutdown that protects all of your equipment valuable stuff from wiring faults and damage.

Apart from improving the output quality, circuitry for zero ground contamination also provides efficient delivery of AC power in its purest form. Thus, it protects your important, sensitive, and critical components for audios and videos. Moreover, the Telco connectors and Cable satellite help provide further advanced protection for all of your connected equipment.

The device is perfect for instrument rigs, DJ equipment, home recording, home entertainment systems, and Pro audio rigs. The brand Furman has a good market reputation in terms of quality products in affordable price ranges.  The design of the power conditioner is unique and relatively compact.

Plus, the aluminum housing is sturdy and reliable, and it has a maximum output current of 15 amperes, which is quite a lot. It weighs approximately 4 to 5 pounds, which can be relatively heavy compared to other models.

5. Furman M-8Dx 8+1 Outlet Power Conditioner

First and foremost, this one can take up a load of 15 Amperes without a hassle. Plus, it comes in a nice black exterior with an LED voltmeter and two slide-out light fixtures. The display shows three-digit readings and is very easy to read in lowlight conditions.

This Furman masterpiece is great for Pro audio, DJ equipment, recordings, and instrument rigs. The standard levels of spike and surge protection in Furman power conditioners remain the same in this device as well. Plus, it filters out all the EMI and RFI to make the output tone quieter and high-quality.

Product specifications and features include a peak impulse current of 12000 amperes and an energy dissipation of 170 joules. The operating requirements are 120 volts AC and 60 Hertz, while the voltage for Maximum Continuous Operation is 130 volts AC RMS. The Let Through Voltage is 400 volts at 125 Amperes.

Dimensions include 7.5 inches after depth and 1.75 inches height. Overall, this power conditioner is stylish, usable, and convenient. You can carry it around without much problem, and it is straightforward to navigate even in lowlight conditions. Thus, even if it does cost a few extra bucks, most consumers find it worth the investment.

Eight robust and functional outlets are quite sufficient for a professional setup, and this one is by far the most modern and digital power conditioner on the list. It offers 15 Amperes of load capacity and the LED three-digit voltmeter is an added cherry on top!

It comes with a 6 feet line cord and a 3-conductor Edison plug.

Common Questions about Power Conditioners

What does a power conditioner do?

A power conditioner smoothes any voltage fluctuations like electrical noise, transients, and spikes, and protects your equipment from sensitive loads. Overall, it significantly improves the quality of your music and your recording. It does so by controlling the flow of power to your equipment and avoiding any noise interferences.

Do I need a power conditioner for my home studio?

Depending on the kind of musical set up in your house and the type of content you’re hoping to create, owning a power conditioner for your electrical instruments is always a good idea.

The device controls the electricity supply in your home studio and reduces electrical interference and the noise it generates.

Do power conditioners reduce noise?

High-quality power conditioners can greatly help to reduce electrical noise on your recordings.


Power conditioners are essential parts of many professional music setups these days, and they can positively improve your sound quality.

Use this list of power conditioners as a good guide, and make sure to keep your needs in mind and how you plan to use them in your setup.

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