The 10 Best Apps For Drummers (2024)

Drumming apps are great tools for beginners as well as professional drummers that enhance your playing experience. Each of them has particular features like the ability to act as a metronome, teach new techniques, or provide you with backing tracks or real songs to play along to.

These drumming apps are great resources for anyone interested in learning to play drums, who wants a practice companion app for their smartphone for backing tracks and songs, or who would like to develop their timekeeping and rhythm skills with a metronome.

1. Drumeo (Free 30-Day Trial)

Get a free 30-day trial of Drumeo

I absolutely love Drumeo and I recommend it as the best app for drummers of all levels.

Drumeo is one of the most popular, biggest, and best online lesson platforms for drummers. It has thousands of drum lessons along with some bonus features like notated songs and different practice tools for your smartphone, which all can be unlocked with a Drumeo subscription.

The Drumeo learning system is one of the most comprehensive online drum lessons out there. It has a step-by-step learning curriculum with more than a thousand lessons, a play-along library, live lessons, live support, and Drumeo Coaches program.

The platform is backed up by iconic drummers and teachers. Overall, it is one of the best drumming apps for drummers of all levels.

If you’d like to give Drumeo a try then you can get a free 30-day trial using this link. Otherwise, normally when signing up for Drumeo via their website they only offer a 7-day trial.

2. Drumtune PRO (Paid)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store

Drumtune Pro is a great drum tuning app that makes the challenging process of tuning quite easy. It can help you tune your drum with the regular or lug pitch tuning function. You can also save your presets for later use. Plus, it has tuning videos to help you with the process.

Another big plus of this app is its clean and straightforward user interface. Though it is quite affordable, Drumtune Pro is a paid app. There is a one-time fee to download it. But, it is worth it as it is one of the best drum tuning apps with up to 0.5 Hz accuracy in drum pitch detection.

The Drumtune Pro is one of the most comprehensive drum tuning apps with its interval calculator, tuning preset storage, the fundamental tuning mode to detect the fundamental tone of your drum, and lug pitch tuning feature for individual tuning frequencies. Additionally, it comes with a basic metronome and recorder.

3. Soundbrenner Metronome (Free & Paid)

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Get in on: Google Play | App Store

The Soundbrenner Metronome is one of the best metronome apps with great features, an intuitive interface, high precision, and handy customization options. You can adjust the time signature, tempo, subdivisions, accents, and song duration for many tracks creating a playlist.

The app comes in handy for rehearsals, practice sessions, and gigs, as it can provide different metronome settings for whole set lists. Plus, it also has classic metronome functions like tap tempo, 3 different sounds for accents, over 20 different metronome sounds, and more.

4. Showroom: Groove Freedom (Free & Paid)

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Get it on: Website (for iPads)

The famous online drum teacher Mike Johnston of the popular online drum lessons website “” has recently released his interactive drum learning app for iPads based on his method book “Groove Freedom”. The app offers 50 “groove freedom” systems and 15 exercises on each system.

There are four main chapters in the method: Drum Freedom, World Groove Ostinatos, Snare Drum Freedom, and 32nd Note Grooves. You can listen to the exercise audio, the metronome, or both and adjust the tempo, volume, and pan as you like while practicing.

Plus, there is the practice history feature to keep track of your progress, with statistics and graphs helping you analyze your practice sessions. The app also has handy features like Repeat Measure and Auto Tempo Increase to help you stay focused while practicing. You get access to three full lessons with the free download, but if you want to access all courses, you will need a monthly subscription.

5. Drumeo Kids

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store

This is another great resource from Drumeo. As the name suggests, Drumeo Kids is an app for kids to start learning and practicing their drum skills with unique tutorials created for kids. The lessons are quite entertaining and designed to keep the attention of kids as high as possible.

The Drumeo Kids learning curriculum features various playing styles and genres, which is great for kids to find out which one they like the best. From reggae to hip hop and jazz, funk to rock and Latin music, Drumeo Kids cover all the popular genres for your kids to explore.

6. Drumate (Paid)

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Get in on: Google Play

Drumate is a great app for drummers looking to enhance their knowledge of different drum patterns. It features many different drum rudiments players can practice and play along with. The app allows you to adjust the tempo, practice in different modes, and mark rudiments for later use.

With the constant mode, you can set a tempo and play the rudiment with the same tempo. The steps mode allows you to play sets of steps with different tempos. Finally, there is the up-and-down mode which sets an initial tempo and goes up or down from there with each bar. You can also add rests to intervals in each mode.

The app is great for developing speed, ability, and creativity for beginners as well as experienced drummers.

7. Drummit (Free & Paid)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store

Drummit is a unique app for creating or generating drum beats for practicing and teaching. It helps to improve overall drumming skills by creating different beats manually or automatically to challenge drummers playing skills.

So, you can tap or write a drum pattern, listen to it, and play it with different tempo choices. Or you can use the Spin It functions to create a random pattern from millions of possibilities to play and challenge yourself. The app also has a click, sticking tips, note flash, and some extra handy features to help you on the way.

This is a free-to-download app but features some in-app purchases that unlock some additional features.

8. Drum School (Paid)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store

Drum School is a rich drum learning app for beginners that can teach you the fundamentals of drumming. It features video lessons, tips, exercises, different playing styles and drum grooves, guides for general drum techniques, and more. 

The app has five main sections Grooves, Practice, Technique, Hits, and Favorites, as well as various exercises and tips for Basic Rudiments, Rolls, Flams, Drags, Hand Exercises, and Coordination. Plus, it has 12 video lessons as guides for fundamental techniques.

9. Beatronome (Free)

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Get it on: Google Play

Beatronome is a free and feature-packed metronome with an interactive rhythm trainer app. It can act as a metronome with adjustable tempo, subdivisions, accents, and time signature, or you can save your rhythmic pattern up to 16 beats to study, edit, preview, and practice it.

The app can set repetitions and tempo steps, save your practice sets in sessions, preview every rhythm in real music notation, and edit and customize them as you like. Overall, it is a great tool for practicing and getting better with musical notation as well as overall drumming skills. 

10. Songsterr Tabs & Chords (Free & Paid)

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Get it on: Google Play | App Store

If you are a musician, you have probably heard of Songsterr, a rich platform of tabs and chords for guitar, bass, and drums. It features more than 800.000 tabs with a realistic playback feature to learn to play different songs.

While the app is free, you will need a monthly subscription to unlock all the features like Speed Control, Loop, Solo, Mute, Pitch Shifting, and more. You can download the app from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Many drumming apps can be great companions for drummers, helping them practice and play, learn new skills and songs, and keep their instruments in tune. They come quite handy on many occasions making the drumming life easier and more fun. Almost all of these apps are available for both Android and iOS devices.

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