Best Apps for Bass Players (2022) – Free and Paid Options

Trying to learn bass guitar but cannot find the motivation or resources to do it? We have got a list of the best apps for you to learn the bass guitar.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, these apps can help you learn to play the bass guitar to your full potential.

Let’s check out which one is the best for you.

1. Yousician

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Our top pick and perhaps one of the most interactive options is Yousician. It is a paid service which provides the best experience in my opinion. It also has a 7-day free trial period for you to try it out before you buy. The free version of the app lets you play for about 15 minutes per day but is a good starting point if you are just exploring your interests.

This app is available both on android and iOS. With the premium plans, you get a wide range of benefits which make this app a very good option to choose from. You can get unlimited access to lessons from experienced music teachers and bass players. This means the quality of content you are getting is top quality and will help you in progress much faster.

Next, it does not limit you to just bass guitar, you can learn other instruments like guitar and piano, among other instruments as well, which makes it a good option if you are looking to do more with your musical ideas.

You can get instant feedback from the app which listens to your playing and suggests improvements that make you learn even faster. It also includes songs which makes learning songs a fun experience. You can slow down the tempo of the song or lesson you are learning which makes it a great tool for learning.

For those who wish to challenge themselves you get an option to increase the tempo as well, which makes it challenging and helps you develop speed.


  • Good feedback system
  • Great user interface
  • No need for any other devices like an interface
  • Can be used to learn more than one instrument
  • An impressive list of songs to choose from and learn


  • Paid, which needs some investment
  • 7 day trial period only

Overall this is probably the best option to consider in my opinion and you will get great value from your investment.

2. Fender Play – Learn Guitar

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Fender is a well-known guitar manufacturer. They are well known for all kinds of guitar from acoustic to bass and ukulele. Fender Play is an app by fender that can help you learn bass guitar, ukulele and guitar. It comes in both android and iOS. You can also use it on the web browser to learn.

Fender Play app consists of high-quality video lessons which are great for learning any instrument. They, perhaps, have the best video-based learning resources in the market. With tablature, chord diagrams, and a huge list of lessons. It is a great place to learn.

The user interface of the app is great which helps beginners with a planned lesson path to guide them properly and help them to learn faster. There are also backing tracks available which makes it a great app to play along with and learn. All these features make this app a great resource to use.


  • Great video content with multiple camera angles
  • The backing track to play along
  • Good user interface
  • Easy and fun song-based lessons


  • Paid, which needs some investment
  • 7-day trial period only

In conclusion, this is a great app like the manufacturer fender and it is a good investment.

3. Talking Bass

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Want to learn scales or brush up on your theory knowledge?

Talking Bass is a great app to learn and practice scales. It helps you to learn scales along the whole fretboard of your guitar which can be very useful for people who are looking to learn more than just their favorite songs. This app is built specifically to provide simple methods to visualize any scale in all positions on the fretboard. This will eventually help you a lot if you are trying to improvise and solo with your friends while jamming.

The app also lets you switch between notes, intervals, and fingering for the scale you are learning. It lets you choose the tablature mode or fretboard mode, which lets you learn and visualize both at your speed. It also has tempo, scale root, and scale info features to help you learn about the scale in depth.


  • Tempo, scale root, and scale info features
  • You can learn scales from a wide list of selection
  • Helps  you learn to scale in all positions
  • Great for improvising and soloing


  • Paid app only
  • No trial period

Overall this app is a great resource for people looking to learn scales specifically. If you are a beginner looking to just learn songs and don’t want to go into detail about music theory and scales this app is not for you.

4. iReal Pro

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Our next app on the list is one for people who are more Jazz based musicians. iReal Pro is an app that is great for musicians looking to learn in-depth about their instruments.

This app comes with a lot of features that are very useful for a better learning experience. It has a feature like a smart chord chart that lets you write, share or collect chord charts and jam along with them. It also has a great tool to use for teaching music so it is a must for any teacher looking to teach. You can easily stream and create exercises and playlists for your students to learn.

It also comes loaded with a lot of backing tracks to jam and learn along with. This makes learning more fun. You can edit these backing tracks according to your needs as well which makes it a great and very flexible tool for learning all kinds of music.


  • Write share and edit according to your taste
  • Great tool for teachers and educators
  • Learn guitar, piano, and ukulele all in the same app
  • Mix match and edit the chart according to your taste and creativity


  • Paid app only
  • No trial period
  • May not be good for beginners who are completely new to music theory
  • Not available on windows

Overall this is a great app to learn music but again this one is focused more on professional musicians and may not be a good starting point for people that are completely new to music theory.

5. Tuner App

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One of the essential apps for any musician is a Tuner App. A tuner app does not need any introduction or explanation. It is one of the essential apps for anyone beginner or professional musician.

A tuner app can help you save money by not investing in a clip-on tuner or a tuner pedal. A proper tuner will be better than an app but if you are on a tight budget then a tuner app can help you save a couple of bucks which can be invested in something useful like one of the apps listed above.

There are several apps available for you to use but the one I mentioned below is the one I found to be very reliable so you can give it a try as well.

6. Metronome App

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Another app that is a must for any musician is a Metronome App. Being on time while playing music is one of the most important things a musician needs to learn and if you don’t want your teacher to keep telling you to be on time you need a metronome app.

I would recommend you to learn and practice your instrument with a metronome at all times because it will help you be a better musician and will help you progress faster as well. That said I have included the app I use personally which I find to be good so I would insist you give it a try.

Benefits Of Apps

Using an app can have a lot of benefits. It makes the learning process less stressful as you can get everything on your phone or iPad which makes it easy and quick to access and start learning. It also makes it very handy and quick since you don’t have to set up everything every time you want to learn.

Since everything is available at your fingertips and you can access it anytime you want you can go according to your own pace and you don’t have to rush into it. This also means you can learn anywhere and anytime you want or get time instead of sticking to a fixed schedule if you are a working individual.

Compared to more expensive options like a guitar tutor or an institute, an app is a cheap and easy alternative to learn the instrument. It is also very helpful for individuals that are new or those who aren’t sure about diving into it. They can use the app to try out and can invest more if they feel like they want to continue with it.

Apps are very compatible as well so no matter if you use a phone or tablet, the app would be compatible with a wide selection of devices which makes it easier for people to access and learn from it.


In the end, all these apps can be very helpful for anyone looking to learn bass guitar. They are helpful for both beginners and advanced players. No matter what your level is, these apps will help you improve your skills and will make you a better bass player.

At the end of the day whatever makes you a better bass player is a good enough resource to use. It does not matter if you learn from a free app or a paid app or a youtube video, learning and improving your playing is the most important thing and should always be the priority.

Have fun learning and making music.

Dhruv Patel is a guitarist, producer, engineer, composer, arranger, and writer. He has been playing and making music for over 8 years. He also has an Engineering background and understands the technical aspects of music gear and audio plugins. He also works as a music engineer on his own projects as well as for other artists.

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