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TikTok Is Taking on Spotify and Apple Music With Its Own Music Streaming Service

TikTok users in Brazil, Indonesia, Australia, Mexico, and Singapore were the first to be given a chance to beta-test TikTok Music, the world's newest ...

Phone Latency in Music-Making Apps (Causes and Solutions)

Phone latency in music-making apps is most commonly caused by Bluetooth- and performance-related issues. While it's not possible to get rid of phone latency ...

The 20 Best Music Producers of All Time

A music producer is someone who assists musicians in creating songs, delivering quality studio performances, and arranging tracks (among other technical ...

Sped-up Versions of Songs – Why Are There So Many of Them?

Sped-up versions of songs are so popular at the moment because they’re one of the most popular categories of music on TikTok. Artists and record labels are ...

Music-Making Anxiety – Do You Have a Bad Relationship With Making Music?

Music-making anxiety is a real thing. For many, what once was a joyful hobby can turn into a source of stress and uncertainty. Let’s get to the bottom of why ...

We Need To Get Real About Mental Health in the Music Industry

Research shows that musicians are three times more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression than people in other jobs. Sadly, mental health issues have ...

What is Trap Music?

Trap music is a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in Atlanta in the late 1980s and became popular worldwide in the 2010s. It's characterized by its minimal ...

The 10 Best Plugin Bundles for a Pro Sound

Plugin bundles are commercially available collections of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) customarily comprised of several virtual instruments and audio ...

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