What is an MC in Rap?

An “MC” stands for “Master of Ceremonies”. It refers to a person in charge of an event or performance, who also entertains the audience. It became associated with the rap culture during the 70s, where an MC is defined as someone who raps or speaks rhythmically over a beat.

MC and the Evolution of Rap Music

As rap culture developed and spread across the globe, the term MC came to be more closely associated with the performers themselves rather than the role of Master of Ceremonies.

It was then given other definitions by the mass like “Mic Controller” and “Microphone Checka” in slang. In its current usage, MC generally refers to a rapper or a hip-hop artist. This can include singing or simply spitting rhymes.

Since the term “MC” became an alternative term for rappers, some rap artists made it part of their stage names. Here are a few of them:

  • MC Hammer
  • Young MC
  • MC Ren
  • MC Chris
  • MC Lars

Adding the term “MC” to a rapper’s name is one way to show that they’re part of the rap culture. It’s also a way for rappers to pay homage to the roots of the hip-hop music genre. These artists are continuing the tradition of using MC as a title and its position in the rap community.

Can All Rappers Be Called MC?

The answer is both yes and no. While all rappers can be called MCs, not all of them choose to use the term as part of their stage name. Others might not want to be associated with the term at all. It’s ultimately up to the individual artist to decide whether or not they want to use MC as part of their name or identity.

In essence, the term MC is a complementing feature, granted and used to refer to very powerful and good rap or hip-hop artists. It’s sort of used as a term of endearment, referring to VERY good rappers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the term MC has a long and varied history. It began as a designation for the person in charge of hosting an event but was co-opted by the rap community in the 1970s. There’s so much more to the term than meets the eye. Indeed, rap history is full of stories and legends.

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