100 Topics to Write Songs About

There are many different ways to go about writing a song, but, the most important thing is that you have to start with a topic. A Topic can be something as innocent as love to something as dark as hate.

The topic should inspire and motivate you in order for the piece of music to come out correctly. This is a list of 100 topics that you can write songs about.

As humans, we experience a wide range of emotions on a daily basis. One of the most powerful and prevalent emotions is love. Love can make us feel happy, sad, elated, anxious, and a whole host of other emotions.

  • Unrequited love – Love that is not reciprocated.
  • Loving your job – You have a passion for what you do.
  • Self-love  – Loving yourself, taking care of yourself.
  • Love for parents – Loving your parents, appreciating them.
  • Secretly in love with your best friend – In love with your best friend without them realizing it.
  • Forbidden love – Someone you can’t have or should not have.
  • Love for animals – Your love for animals or a particular animal.
  • Puppy love/crush – A crush you have on someone, innocent love.
  • Celebrity crush – Having a huge crush on a public figure/celebrity.
  • Love at first sight – Falling in love when first meeting someone (seeing someone).
  • Frustrated in love – Unresolved issues in the relationship.
  • Love triangle loser – Not being chosen, losing to someone else for someone’s affection.
  • Finding your purpose – Finding what you love, love doing, passion.
  • What you stand for – Standing for what you believe in.
  • Being true to who you are – Being yourself, not being fake.
  • Alone and loving it – Wanting and enjoying being alone.

Topics About A Personal Relationship Or Person

You can also try telling a story, a personal relationship you have with someone or towards something. You can even talk about a certain person in your life or someone you admire/aspire to.

  • Father/Son relationship – A relationship between father and son, does not have to be positive.
  • Painful breakup – Breaking up with someone in a bad way, parting on bad terms.
  • About your partner – Talk about your partner and the relationship you have with them.
  • About God – You believe/disbelieve in god, relationship with god.
  • About your pet dog – About your pet dog and what your relationship is like, what you like about your pet.
  • Past romantic partner – About a past fling/relationship, memories.
  • Dead lover  – Deceased lover, what they were like.
  • Secret lover – A secret love/lover, what kind of relationship you have with them.
  • Someone you lost – Losing an important person and what that meant to you.
  • Someone you’re afraid to lose – Being afraid of losing someone close to you.
  • Toxic relationships – A bad relationship that is hurting both people.
  • Fake friends – About fake friends, what you don’t like about them.

Topics About Hate, Dislike, Problems

Songs are not always sunshine and rainbows, sometimes they are dark, hateful, about problems in your life. This is generally a fuel for many songwriters and usually results in a compelling story.

  • Hating your job – Despising your work, not doing it properly because you hate it.
  • Problematic Life – Problems in your life, adversities you might face.
  • Jealousy – Being jealous of someone, not having something that someone else has.
  • Going to rehab – Facing hard times (rock bottom), going to rehab to get your life together.
  • Being sober – Being disciplined and not falling back on past issues.
  • Broken dreams – Not achieving your dreams and feeling crushed.
  • Hunger – It can be the fuel for motivation (hunger for success) or physical hunger, not having money.
  • Losing grip on reality – Slowly slipping into ‘madness’ and can’t get a grip on reality.
  • The difficulty of balancing responsibilities -Not having enough time/free time, frustrations.
  • Being alone – Not having anyone/someone.
  • Inability to sleep – Trouble falling asleep and what that leads to.
  • Being stabbed in the back by a friend – Betrayed by someone close.
  • Teenage angst – Being worried at a young age, teenage problems.
  • Hollow happiness – Being happy on the outside as opposed to truly being happy.
  • School sucks – Hating school, not wanting to attend.
  • Too afraid to try – Letting fear control your actions and stop you from doing something you want.
  • Self-sabotage – Not taking care of yourself (physically, mentally).
  • Always being judged – An awful feeling, being judged right off the bat.
  • Complications & Conflicts – Everyday problems, major complications, or conflicts with someone.

Topics About Travel, Having Fun, and Weather

Songs don’t always have to be about something incredibly meaningful, in fact, they can be a simple feeling, having fun, traveling, or about the weather. Sometimes, the melody outshines the lyrics.

  • Traveling on a plane – Love for travel in general, traveling on a plane.
  • Traveling on a train – Train ride across the country and what that can be like.
  • Traveling on a boat – A boat ride or a long cruise, vacation.
  • Traveling on a bicycle – Riding a bicycle and traveling longer distances, exploring.
  • About winter – About winter, maybe feeling sad or happy about it.
  • About spring – Spring time and what that feels like.
  • About summer – Summertime fun and the joy of the sun.
  • About fall – Settling down in the fall, a quiet and peaceful season.
  • A good time – Having a good time with friends/family.
  • Party time – Having a party, having a good time at a party.
  • Living your best life – Having the time of your life and doing everything you enjoy/relish in.
  • A story about an intoxicated night out – Having a drunken night out with friends.
  • Not a care in the world – Living a carefree life.
  • Enjoy the simple things – Finding joy in the simplest of things.
  • What makes you feel good – Doing something you enjoy/love and what makes you feel good.
  • Following your passion – Following your dreams, whatever it is, traveling, having fun, a fulfilling job.

Other Topics for Songs

There are countless topics to write songs about. Sometimes it can be from something as simple as sleeping to something as big as world peace. Whatever your fuel, desire, love, passion, hate, songs can be about anything.

  • Who you are – Writing about yourself, who you are, what you aspire to.
  • Getting old – Growing old and not being able to do certain things.
  • Growing up – Becoming more mature or not wanting to grow up just yet.
  • Breaking barriers – Proving people wrong and achieving something ‘impossible’ for you.
  • Coming out – Accepting your sexuality and desires, telling people about it.
  • About sleeping – The need for sleep or the love for napping/sleeping.
  • About smoking – About smoking cigarettes, an unhealthy habit.
  • Dreams – Dreams in general, or dreams about life.
  • World peace – Striving for world peace or making a difference in the world.
  • Being a millionaire – Becoming successful in a particular field and being well compensated.
  • Spending money – The joy of spending money and buying what you want
  • Having a lot of money – Having money and being able to afford anything you want/need.
  • Pretending to be someone else – Not being true to yourself (fake), pretending to be something you are not.
  • About your hometown – The love for your hometown or your dislike of it.
  • Getting lost in a daydream – Daydreaming about something and losing yourself in that process.
  • A famous person from history – Writing about a famous historical figure.
  • Trying to impress others – Trying to prove something to someone and impress them.
  • Forgiving your enemy – Being able to forgive some or not being able to.
  • A song that makes you laugh when you perform it – A happy/witty song that makes you happy or makes you laugh.
  • Feeling of empowerment – Being empowered, standing up for something/someone.
  • First date – The stress, happiness, and anticipation of a first date.
  • Planning your hopes and dreams – Planning out your goals in life.
  • Questioning where your future will take you – The uncertainties of the future or what it might hold for you.
  • Pet peeve – An annoying trait or something you find generally annoying.
  • Nostalgia – The sentimental feeling of returning somewhere or about a past time in your life.
  • Fame and fortune – Aspiring for fame and fortune, the life of fame and fortune.
  • Vanity – Excessive pride of someone/something or admiration (appearance, achievements).
  • Searching & Singlehood – Searching for that special someone, not married and single life.
  • Songs of reconciliation & forgiveness – Forgiving tales or reconciling with a friend/partner.
  • Feeling of relief about moving on – The ability to move on and the feeling of relief of doing so.
  • School days – Reminiscing about or living your school days.
  • Empowering the Youth – Motivating and inspiring the youth.
  • Eating or drinking – About the general need for eating, drinking, relishing in it.
  • To hype up the crowd – To give the crowd something to cheer for and hype them up.
  • Rocking out – Rocking out on stage, studio, performing live, and having a good time.


There are countless topics to write songs about. As a musician, it’s important to be passionate and have something to fuel your desire for writing music. Whether it’s about personal struggles or world peace, songs can be about anything. Sometimes, the best songs are those that are written from the heart. Write about what you know and what you’re feeling, and the songs will come naturally.

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