10 Great Songs to Help You Sleep

If you’re finding it difficult to get to sleep, music might be the answer, though make sure to choose your style of music wisely. Not every style or genre is suitable to get you relaxed and ready to drift off into a dream.

Music has many known characteristics, one of which is that it can affect your mood and overall feeling. Whatever your mood, music can help you overcome it, whether it’s cheering you up, or helping you cope with your pain.

Many people have trouble getting to sleep, especially in today’s frantic day and age. And music can help with that too. Listening to soothing music is scientifically proven to help lower your blood pressure, increase sleep quality, and help you fall asleep faster.

Here are 10 great songs to help you sleep.

1. Svefn-g-englar by Sigur Rós

The song’s title is roughly a translation of “Sleep-Talkers.” This ambient and ethereal song in the Icelandic language transports you to another sphere of consciousness. Sigur Rós is known for producing many transcendental songs like this one.

This song provides comfort and makes you want to fall into a deep slumber. The soft and rhythmic beats are perfect for lulling you into a dreamy state.

2. Only Time by Enya

A pioneering singer in Celtic music, Enya has infused Celtic, Classical, Church, and Irish folk music into her music. The music is about the uncertainty of the future, containing a mystical quality that makes you feel at ease.

The vibration and vocals of the song are incredibly calming and will lull you to sleep in no time. You’ve most likely heard this tune in a movie or TV show before.

3. The Moon Song by Karen O & Ezra Koenig

With guitar and vocals, this relaxing love song is from the movie “Her.” Karen O with Vampire Weekend’s frontrunner Ezra Koenig has produced an Oscar-nominated lullaby.

This song is perfect if you want to be serenaded to sleep with a romantic lullaby about the moon’s eternal light. The mellow and dreamy tune reflects the feeling of falling asleep in your lover’s arms.

4. Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby by Cigarettes After Sex

Cigarettes After Sex is a dream-pop band that is popular for its seductive, calming, and ethereal beat and lyrics. Everything from Cigarettes After Sex will make you feel special and warm inside.

The song is about the feeling of safety, being cocooned in love, and wanting that feeling to never leave. The lyrics “Nothing’s gonna hurt you baby” are repeated throughout the song like a mantra, providing a sense of security and leading you into a deep sleep.

5. Varúð by Sigur Rós

This Icelandic post-rock band’s song provides an aesthetic serenity, accompanied by the nostalgic piano chords that provide images of transcending somewhere – to the mountains or somewhere out of the world full of noise. This song is perfect for people who are troubled but want to find peace and quiet.

The ethereal and angelic tune is one of the most beautiful songs that Sigur Rós has produced. The song makes you feel as if you are lost in nature, providing a deep sense of calm.

6. Clair de Lune by Debussy

Delicate piano pieces by the great French composer Claude Debussy are perfect for lulling you into a deep sleep. With a mix of melancholic and happy emotions, “Clair de Lune” is one of his most well-known piano pieces that has a nocturnal feel to it. 

If you’re into sad but hopeful songs, this is for you. The slow and methodical tune creates an atmosphere of tranquility.

7. The Dress Looks Nice On You by Sufjan Stevens

Sufjan Stevens is known to be a multi-instrumentalist singer. This track contains his calming banjo riffs and his melodic whispers of “I can see a lot of life in you, I can see a lot of bright in you, and I think that dress looks nice on you” which makes you feel loved, reassured, and at ease.

His banjo strums start haltingly but soon even out into a gentle and smooth beat, making the listener feel as if they are swaying in a hammock on a lazy summer day. The soft and reassuring words will lull you into a deep sleep.

8. Holocene by Bon Iver

Bon Iver is an indie folk band that is known for its soft songs and ethereal voice that tugs at your heartstrings. This particular song, “Holocene”, is one of his most beautiful tracks. A nostalgic and wistful song, this was created as a result of Justin Vernon’s epiphany.

The hushed vocals and lyrics are hard to decipher that put you into a reverie. This song will give you a sense of peace with a touch of surrealism, perfect for falling asleep.

9. The Gardener by Alma

VLMV (pronounced Alma) is an ambient post-rock ensemble that employs loop stations, delay pedals, pianos, and strings to create vast, lush songs. They are an underrated band, however, their song “The Gardener” is a musical masterpiece.

With a mix of organic and electronic sounds, this song lulls you into a sense of security with its gentle piano melody and soothing vocals. The lyrics are hard to decipher but the feeling of hope and warmth will stay with you long after the song ends.

10. River Flows In You by Yiruma

A sentimental and emotive piano piece, “River Flows In You” by Yiruma is a beautiful song that is perfect for those who need to calm their mind before sleep. The repetitive pattern of the tune is hypnotic and provides a feeling of security.

The slow melody and serene lyrics create an atmosphere of relaxation, making it the perfect song to fall asleep to.


Music is proven to improve sleep, relax our body and mind, and provide us with many other benefits. If you’re looking to improve your sleep, the right type of music can help. Whether it’s an instrumental song like “River Flows In You” or a reassuring song like “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby”, these 10 songs are sure to help you sleep better.

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