10 Great Songs to Help You Sleep

Finding it difficult to get to sleep? Music might just be the answer, though make sure to choose your style of music wisely. This list is a good place to start!

Music has many known characteristics, one of which is that it can affect your mood and overall feeling overwhelmingly. From getting you to different highs with cheerful and upwards songs to collecting you from the bottom when you’re hurting, music is always there and you can count on it to help you get through anything.

Many people have trouble getting to sleep, especially in today’s frantic day and age. And music can help with that too. Listening to soothing and calming music is scientifically proven to help lower your blood pressure and help you get to sleep faster and sleep better. So, we rolled up our sleeves and made this list of 10 songs that help us get to sleep.

1. Sufjan Stevens – The Dress Looks Nice On You

We start off this list with this nice, acoustic, and calming song from Sufjan Stevens. To be honest, his whole music range is similar to this song, so you will not go much wrong if you play a whole album (this applies to all of his albums, to be honest).

This is a classic, acoustic guitar & voice song, but it has a surprisingly calming effect on anyone, no matter if you normally listen to this kind of music or not. The great song coming from a great author.

2. The xx – Night Time

The xx are one of the best British bands in recent years and their album XX from 2009 is a masterpiece. You probably heard their best-known songs, but if you’re looking for something to help you calm yourself and even go through a difficult period, this whole album with its raw sounds and whispering vocals will help you get through it, guaranteed.

The sounds coming from this band really prove to be a great help in getting yourself to relax and in touch with your mind.

3. The Doors – ‘Riders On The Storm’

Moving on to the all-time rock and roll classics. The Doors were the pioneers of psychedelic rock and one of their best known and acclaimed songs had to come on this list. With soothing rainfall sounds all through the song, clam melody and soothing voice of Jim Morrison, you’ll be getting to sleep in no time when listening to this.

Also, if you didn’t, you should check out at least their greatest songs, as you can find some more that you could like.

4. I Monster – Daydream in Blue

And for something completely different! I Monster are not the best-known artists on this list, but they still are the makers of this electronic music masterpiece.

If you’re into that kind of music, Daydream in Blue is a perfect song to get you calm and help you fall asleep. This British electronic duo has been active for more than 20 years, so you should check their other stuff out if you like this song.

5. Nick Drake – Day is Done

Back to the old, acoustic rock and roll classics. Nick Drake is an incredibly famous early acoustic musician and author. Even though he did not have much success while alive, after his death his songs were rediscovered and admired all over the world.

He himself was suffering from depression, anxiety, and insomnia his whole life, so it’s no wonder that all of his songs are calming and kind of sad. But this one is by far the most calming and soothing for sleep.

6. Air – All I Need

A French electronic duo was all the rage in the ’90s with their debut album Moon Safari. Since its release, it has become an evergreen album and all of the songs on there define the era in which it was conceived.

All I Need is one of their best-known songs and you’ll probably recognize it once you play it. Yet, this gentle electronic keyboard sounds are still very calming and will help you get to sleep in no time.

7. Thievery Corporation – Décollage

Thievery Corporation is a band consisting of several different musicians that go and come back, but it’s always consisted of a band and a female singer as a lead.

Even though they changed their sound on their albums, going to several different genres, Decollage remains one of the prettiest acoustic songs in the world. With a gentle bossa nova vibe, you will go to the Brazilian beaches the second you close your eyes.

8. Claude Debussy – Claire De Lune

We’re not going to go over classical music and just list the modern pop hits. There are thousands of different classical songs and you can search all over YouTube for different playlists that consist of classical pieces for sleep.

For this list, however, we chose Claire De Lune from Claude Debussy, one of the best-known composers. The soothing piano sounds perfectly depict the moonlight (translation of the name) and might just help you fall asleep!

9. Morphine – You Look Like Rain

Coming from a famous jazz/rock band, You Look Like Rain is an epitome of the Morphine sound and message they were getting through. With an odd band lineup, with drums, saxophone, and bass played by band leader Mark Sandman, with his deep, bass voice and brilliant lyrics, Morphine made a truly unique sound.

You Look Like Rain is one of their best-known songs and it really carries the atmosphere of pure love and all of the calming effects that come with it. While getting to sleep listening to this song, you will more than probably also dream of the person you love, which is not that bad after all, right?

10. Radiohead – Lotus Flower

One of the biggest bands of our times, Radiohead is a household name all over the world. Their music evolved from pure rock to alternative indie sounds during the 30 years of their career.

Lotus Flower is a much-acclaimed single from their 2011 studio album The King Of Limbs. Experimenting with the sounds and mixing electronic and rock music, this sound is simply unexplainable.

Yet, these reduced melodies, with odd rhythms and angel-like vocals coming from the infamous Thom Yorke, this song might against all odds help you get to sleep and get you into the meditative state, which is something we all strive for if we’re looking to rest.


Of course, this is not the final list of songs that can help you sleep, as different people have different tastes and feel different music in different ways. But we tried to keep it as spread out as we could, trying to include different genres and some less known musicians and songs, to help you expand your listening options.

We hope that at least something from this list will make it into your “getting to bed” playlist and help you get to sleep easier and sleep better. We know that we almost fell asleep writing this article and listening to all of these songs one after another!

Brian Clark is a multi-instrumentalist and music producer. He is passionate about practically all areas of music and he particularly enjoys writing about the music industry.

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