The 5 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers (2021 Round-Up)

Bluetooth speakers have become so popular that they are now the main source of music listening for many people. We take you through the loudest bluetooth speakers that still have great sound quality.

Because of the technology development, they have become ever more powerful and compact, allowing for anyone to get a hold of quality sound for a reasonable price.

Of course, because of that high demand, the market is becoming flooded with different Bluetooth speakers. Some good, many bad, all of them have somewhat different characteristics depending on what they are meant to do.

In this article, we’re concentrating on presenting to you the top 5 loudest Bluetooth speakers. The main characteristic of all of these is their loud sound. Of course, with that, we made sure to include the speakers that also have good sound quality!

The 5 Loudest Bluetooth Speakers – Our Round-Up

1. W-KING Outdoor Portable Waterproof TWS NFC Speaker
Editor's Choice - Boombox-Like 50W Double Speaker
2. OontZ Angle 3
Budget Option - Small But Powerful Bluetooth Speaker
3. JBL Flip 4
Waterproof Portable Stylish Speaker
4. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II
Small Waterproof Speaker from a Fantastic Brand
5. Bugani M83
50W Loud Speaker

1. W-KING Outdoor Portable Waterproof TWS NFC Speaker– Editor’s choice

W-KING outdoor portable speaker is the absolute king of this list – as the name of the company that makes them would suggest. This compact speaker packs 50W of power, meaning you won’t ever need to look for something louder.

The speaker is put in a nice, plastic casing. Even though on the pictures it looks it has the size of a boombox, it’s actually pretty small and compact compared to the power it has. This model works on a builtin 8000mAh power bank that will hold for a full 24 hours of playing time. You can also plug in your phone and use this speaker as a charger if need be. The Bluetooth range on this thing is 100 feet and you can pair up two of them to make a true stereo sound if need be.

The sound of this model is great. Bass is astonishing and for this amount of money, you will be amazed to get the sound of the high-end, professional models that cost several times more. All in all, this is a great buy for anyone, even though the price is not exactly the cheapest on the market. You will get a robust, waterproof, Bluetooth speaker with great sound that will last you for years to come.

2. OontZAngle 3 (3rd Gen) – Budget choice

This small, loudspeaker is the real representative of those small speakers you could fit in your hand easily, but that can pack quite a punch. Weighing at just 9 ounces, OontZ Angle 3 is one of the most loved and sought after speakers in that niche.

Angle 3 generation has a couple of different types of speakers with added abilities, but in this article, we’re focusing on this basic model. With it, you will get two woofers and one bass radiator. The battery has 14 hours playtime and there is an AUXin builtin into the speaker, so you don’t need to use just Bluetooth for connection. Also, there is a microphone so you can use this as a handsfree device while playing music from your phone.

Angle 3 is small and robust. Bluetooth connection reaches for up to 100ft and it connects to almost all of the mobile devices on the market today. For such a low price, this is really a great quality speaker, that is sure to last you for years. Even though it’s small and light, it still endures anything you have to throw at it.

3. JBL Flip 4

When searching for speakers, you can bet on your life that JBL is going to have something to offer in any category. And they sure didn’t disappoint with their Flip 4. This is lightweight, compact, high-end Bluetooth speaker that’s waterproof. What more could you ask?

It’s very stylishly designed and you can get it in several different colors. It has stereo sound and an inbuilt 3000mAh battery that will last you for up to 12 hours of playing time. JBL Connect+ technology that’s built into it means that you can easily connect any other speaker that has this technology, expanding your sound in that way with a flick of a button. You can also connect two different phones to one speaker.

Flip 4 is also waterproof, so it’s perfect for any poolside/beachside action when you want to spice things up with some music. Sound on it is great and for its size, it is really loud. Price is up, but for that money, you know you’re getting a high-quality product that will show it’s worth for every penny you spent on it.

4. BoseSoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker II

Another famous manufacturer to turn up on this list. Bose’s Sound Link II is another great small waterproof speaker that will blow your mind. It comes in a really small package and the outer casing is built out of silicone, so it’s not slippery and is easier to hold.

The built-in lithiumion battery has up to 8 hours of playing time and can be recharged through a USB cable. Also, there is an AUX in so you can connect other devices that don’t have a Bluetooth connection to them. As you would expect, the sound quality on this thing is magnificent – Bose really did a good one on this. Sound is clear and loud, so you shouldn’t worry about any issues in that field. It’s easy to operate and quite stylish, as you can get it several different colors.

This is a great buy for anyone looking to get a small, loud, resistant Bluetooth speaker. As such, it’s perfect for camping and similar situations, but be aware that you will need to open up your wallet to buy this one.

5. BuganiM83

We finish off this list strong, with one of the most famous Bluetooth boom boxes – Bugani M83. This speaker is pretty close to the first one on our list, but mere details prevailed and it’s a strong second one for that title.  

M83 is a Bluetooth speaker with two 20W woofers, one subwoofer, and two 4W tweeters. This combined will give you up to 50W of playing power, enough to fill the whole room with sound, no matter the circumstances. As for the connectivity, you will get a standard micro USB and AuX in, but also a slot for a TF card to act as your library without the need for a second playing device.

Sound on this is magnificent, with clear and pristine tones and no distortion whatsoever. Together with the speaker, you’re going to get a USB and an AUX cable, so there’s no need to worry about acquiring those when you buy the speaker. All in all, this is a great speaker for any occasion you might need it. It’s not too big and still is compact and portable, but at the same time, it will pack a punch and deliver the sound as loud as you want it.


There is a lot of different speakers out there on the market and we hope that this list has helped you make a decision or at least a shortlist of speakers you might want to buy.

Whatever you choose, you will get a good, robust, loudspeaker that is going to fill your life with music where ever you might go.

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